Addicted To Bass 2010

Addicted To Bass 2010

by The Wideboys
Addicted to Bass 2010 is another entry in the annual series of Ministry of Sound compilations mixed by the Wideboys. It features a range of bass-heavy contemporary dance music styles (electro, drum'n'bass, dubstep, fidget, garage, bassline, urban) and some of the biggest names in the U.K. dance scene circa 2010. The first disc is oriented toward recent club hits, many


Addicted to Bass 2010 is another entry in the annual series of Ministry of Sound compilations mixed by the Wideboys. It features a range of bass-heavy contemporary dance music styles (electro, drum'n'bass, dubstep, fidget, garage, bassline, urban) and some of the biggest names in the U.K. dance scene circa 2010. The first disc is oriented toward recent club hits, many of them produced in an electro style. It gets off to a great start with Steve Aoki's "I'm in the House," Example's "Won't Go Quietly," and Sidney Samson's "Riverside (Let's Go)." Other highlights of the first disc include tracks by Deadmau5, Crookers, and Laidback Luke. The second disc is primarily oriented toward drum'n'bass and dubstep. Consequently there are fewer club hits, but for fans of drum'n'bass and dubsep, there are lots of big-name producers, including Sub Focus, Chase & Status, Adam F, Dillinja, Joker, and Joy Orbison. Many of the best tracks on this disc are remixes, including new takes on Dizzee Rascal, the Prodigy, MJ Cole, and Simian Mobile Disco. The third disc is primarily oriented toward garage and urban. There aren't many club hits here either, but once again, there are lots of big names that should delight fans of garage and urban, including Chipmunk, Ms. Dynamite, Wiley, H "Two" O, Kano, Vandalism, and Agent X. There's a bit of something for anyone who likes bass-heavy dance music on Addicted to Bass 2010, which should please anyone who enjoyed the past couple volumes, which proved highly popular and made the Wideboys something of a household name in the United Kingdom.

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Disc 1

  1. I'm In the House
  2. Won't Got Quietly
  3. Riverside (Let's Go!)
  4. Let the Bass Kick In Miami Bitch
  5. Could This Be Real
  6. Hi Friend
  7. Satur8
  8. Remedy
  9. Blau!
  10. Wardance
  11. Mars
  12. Rawkuss
  13. Ripgroove
  14. This Kiss
  15. Boogers
  16. Dub My Disco
  17. Homesick Angel
  18. Dodgems, Part 2
  19. Bangkok
  20. Rock This Place
  21. Doo Whot
  22. Strange Things

Disc 2

  1. Sweet Harmony
  2. Dirtee Cash
  3. Invaders Must Die
  4. Let the Story Begin
  5. Everyday
  6. Turn the Lights Out
  7. Do You Wanna
  8. Hypercaine
  9. Masochist
  10. Shut the Lights Off
  11. Twist 'Em Out
  12. Deception
  13. Ruffneck Sound
  14. On a Ragga Tip
  15. Only Man
  16. Sincere
  17. Where's My Money
  18. Art of Revolution
  19. Cruel Intentions
  20. Paper Romance
  21. The 12th Step
  22. Hyph Mngo

Disc 3

  1. We Love Bass (Dubplate Intro)
  2. Oopsy Daisy
  3. Wile Out
  4. Wot Do U Call It?
  5. Lush
  6. Corrected
  7. Blackberry Hype
  8. Hard
  9. Number 1
  10. Rock N Roller
  11. Supafly
  12. Cut That Bush
  13. Since You Went Away
  14. Migraine Skank
  15. Party Hard
  16. Move It Down
  17. Take Me Away
  18. Ao
  19. Mind Reader
  20. Break Me Down
  21. Why Did You
  22. Bass That'll Blow Your Speakers

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Wideboys   Primary Artist
MJ Cole   Keyboards
Sevi G   Vocals
MC Flipside   Vocals
Beth Ditto   Vocals
Richie Dan   Vocals
Sam James   Vocals
Elliot Gleave   Vocals
Dayo Olatunji   Vocals
Wizard Sleeve   Vocals
Harry Byart   Vocals
Sebastien Ziane   Vocals
Majestic   Vocals
Linden Reeves   Vocals
Alex Smith   Vocals
Yolanda Querry   Vocals

Technical Credits

John Holt   Composer
Ellie Greenwich   Composer
Double 99   Producer
Matt Coleman   Composer,Producer
Stefan Kendal Gordy   Composer
Marshall Jefferson   Composer
Darryl McDaniels   Composer
Marilyn McLeod   Composer
Liam Howlett   Composer
T-Power   Producer
Richard Searle   Composer,Producer,Remixing,Additional Production
Todd Edwards   Remixing,Additional Production
Shy FX   Producer
Slipmatt   Composer,Producer
Sub Zero   Remixing,Additional Production
Boris Dlugosch   Composer,Producer
H Two O   Remixing,Additional Production
Adam Fenton   Composer,Producer,Remixing,Additional Production
Nick Halkes   Composer,Producer
Groove Armada   Producer
Laidback Luke   Producer
Sigma   Remixing,Additional Production
Van Der Zwan   Composer
Jose Nunez   Composer,Producer
Chuckie   Producer
Silvio Ecomo   Producer
Agent   Producer
Lee Austin   Instrumentation
A. Codrington   Composer
MJ Cole   Remixing,Additional Production
Harry "Choo Choo" Romero   Producer
Wideboys   Producer,Remixing,Additional Production
Twoface   Remixing,Additional Production
Tom Dinsdale   Composer
Tim Berg   Remixing,Additional Production
Danny Byrd   Arranger,Producer
Christian Hoff   Remixing,Additional Production
John Midwinte   Composer,Producer
Omar Adimora   Composer
MC Flipside   Composer,Lyricist
Ms. Dynamite   Composer
G. Bonnick   Composer
Dean Marriott   Composer,Producer
Mark Brown   Composer,Remixing,Additional Production
Simon Franks   Composer
Lorin Ashton   Composer,Producer
Beth Ditto   Composer
Chris White   Artwork
Richard Cowie   Composer
S. Hanbali   Composer,Producer
Steve Aoki   Composer,Producer
James Ford   Composer,Producer
Donae'o   Producer
C. Karlsson   Composer
Alex Wheeler   Engineer
Sub Focus   Remixing,Additional Production
Lee Mortimer   Producer
Noisia   Composer,Producer
Skepta   Composer,Producer,Remixing,Additional Production
Para Beats   Producer,Remixing,Additional Production
Benga   Composer
Sinden   Producer
Hadouken!   Composer
Crookers   Producer
Atari Era   Producer
Denzee   Composer
Kissy Sell Out   Composer,Producer
James Shaw   Composer,Producer
Sidney Samson   Composer,Producer
Harry Romero   Composer
Nick Carrelli   Remixing,Additional Production
Phil Faversham   Additional Production
Nick Correlli   Composer
Count & Sinden   Remixing,Additional Production
Dave Heels   Remixing,Additional Production
Joel Zimmerman   Composer,Producer
Andy George   Remixing,Additional Production
Control-S   Remixing,Additional Production
Fake Blood   Composer,Producer
Justin Bates   Engineer
M.Y.N.C.   Producer
Project Bassline   Producer
Jack Beats   Remixing,Additional Production
Joy Orbison   Producer
Jerome Thompson   Composer,Producer
Joshua Harvey   Composer
Daniel Stevens   Composer
S. Mazzacani   Composer
Kye Gibbon   Composer
E. Rubin   Composer
C. Berrier   Composer
I. Chronis   Composer
Lloyd Perrin   Producer
Lance Agyepong   Composer
Jordan Crisp   Producer
Jahmaal Fyffe   Composer
Wez Clarke   Programming,Vocal Producer
Raik Krause   Composer,Producer
Dean Rigg   Remixing,Additional Production
Elliot Gleave   Composer
Loick Essien   Composer
Graeme Sinden   Composer
Daniel Stein   Composer,Producer
Rob Thomas   Composer
Dick Johnson   Remixing,Additional Production
Mark Orabiyi   Composer
Peter Ighile Peters   Composer
Michael "Mikey J" Asante   Producer
Gordy Skyler Husten   Composer
Joseph Ray   Composer
Alan Parley   Producer
Harry Murfet   Producer
Pamela Joan Sawyer   Composer
Nathan Lee Austin   Producer
Harry Byart   Composer
Sebastien Ziane   Composer
R3hab   Producer
Phonetix   Producer
Kingdom   Producer
Alessio Bramat   Composer,Producer
Adam Sugar   Composer
Jermaine Scott   Composer
Jakwob   Remixing,Additional Production
Jamal Holder   Remixing,Additional Production
Jam Sutton   Artwork
Ian M. Greenidge   Composer
Gianluca Attoli   Composer,Producer
Flavas Funky   Remixing,Additional Production
Emily Phillips   Composer
Eamon Downes   Composer
Daniel Murtha   Composer
Timothy Liken   Composer
Steve McGregor   Composer
Shane Henegan   Composer
Paolo Jones   Artwork
Nilesh Paramar   Remixing,Additional Production
Lucien Marvin Johnson   Composer,Producer
Linden Reeves   Producer
Alex Smith   Composer
Yolanda Querry   Producer
Unmanageable Artists   Producer
Kyle James Abrahams   Composer
Nero   Producer,Remixing,Additional Production
Nick Douwma   Composer,Producer

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