Addicted to Her

Addicted to Her

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by Janet Nichols Lynch

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Obsessive love. Will seventeen-year-old Rafael Montoya be able to choose between a reckless young woman and responsibilities to his family and future?

Monique is as beautiful and unobtainable as an Aztec goddess. Or is she? When Rafa sees Monique burst out of her boyfriend's truck during an explosive fight, he offers to drive her home. However, it is Rafa


Obsessive love. Will seventeen-year-old Rafael Montoya be able to choose between a reckless young woman and responsibilities to his family and future?

Monique is as beautiful and unobtainable as an Aztec goddess. Or is she? When Rafa sees Monique burst out of her boyfriend's truck during an explosive fight, he offers to drive her home. However, it is Rafa who is in for the ride of his life. Soon he is basking in Monique's attentions, but at a cost. To keep her Rafa must quit the wrestling team, blow off family responsibilities, join her in her risky behavior, and worst of all lie. How can Rafa let everyone, including himself, down? But how can he say no to the mesmerizing Monique?

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Publishers Weekly - Publishers Weekly
Set in the San Joaquin Valley, Lynch's (Messed Up) gripping story is told from the candid and heartfelt perspective of Rafael "Rafa" Montoya, who is responsible, hardworking, and hopelessly in love with fellow high school junior Monique. When her vicious boyfriend crosses the line, she is rescued by Rafa and his dream comes true. The only problem is that Monique, while beautiful, is also an unstable egomaniac. "Part of me wants to know the details, yet another part wishes she could remain my perfect fantasy girl forever," he thinks. Rafa's multiple commitments--to the wrestling team, his friends, his grades, and his overburdened family (including his Salvadoran stepfather who's in the country illegally)--slide out of focus as his steamy romance with Monique escalates, as do her demands. As Rafa comes to realize that he and Monique are separated by more than their respective economic realities, his priorities and morals are put to the test. Fast paced and thought-provoking, the book works both as a memorable character study and a powerful account of a consuming teenage relationship. Ages 12–up. (May)
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 9 Up—High school junior Rafa Montoya is infatuated with sexy bad-girl Monique Cardera, whom he compares to an Aztec goddess. After rescuing her from an abusive encounter with her loutish boyfriend, Luke, he enters into a tumultuous relationship with her. However, the relationship changes him for the worse, and he lets his family responsibilities, which include taking care of his younger siblings and helping his stepfather with the family business, fall by the wayside. Also, Rafa abandons his dream of attending college on a wrestling scholarship because Monique ridicules the sport. A more compelling subplot concerning Rafa's stepfather, who is an undocumented immigrant, is unfortunately glossed over in favor of Monique and Rafa's tedious and clichéd romance. Toward the novel's end, a contrived and hastily executed blackmail scheme involving molestation drives an already unconvincing story line over the edge and into the realm of absurdity.—Lalitha Nataraj, Chula Vista Public Library, CA
Kirkus Reviews - Kirkus Reviews
Superior writing propels this engrossing story forward as high-school junior Rafa just can't tear himself way from his no-good, gorgeous girlfriend. Rafa comes from a poor Latino family that is struggling to rise in the world. He has a chance to get a wrestling scholarship for college if he keeps up his practice. Monique captivates Rafa, however, and once he wins her away from an abusive boyfriend, he finds himself abandoning his values of hard work because Monique disapproves. He knows she's not good for him but can't stay away. Although she's not writing suspense, Lynch maintains reader interest with her spot-on, realistic characterizations, and her insight into Rafa's and Monique's different families rounds out the story. Teen readers may spot the irony in the juxtaposition of Monique's seemingly wealthy family against Rafa's, which is rich in love. Who really is poor? Some sexual situations occur, but Rafa's choices and growing control over his life dominate this absorbing, realistic effort. Outstanding for all teens as well as an attractive subject for reluctant readers. (Fiction. YA)

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Addicted to Her 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
A_Good_Addiction More than 1 year ago
A beautiful blend between family ties and teenage hormones, Addicted To Her raises many questions and maybe a few eyebrows while Rafa's story plays out. With a wide range of characters and strong development of his entire family unit, Lynch has built a very realistic portrayal of a teenage boy torn between lust and family. Though the plot premise is simple, the overall manner it plays out goes much deeper than sex. Rafa is a balanced character and though he is often driven by his more southern head, he has a solid head on his shoulders and this comes through strongly throughout the book. His love for his mom, brother and half sister are clear from the start with the only issue coming from his mother's live in boyfriend Jesus. There is a certain level of resentment maintained through much of the book but it's shown in an understandable way, helping to portray Rafa's age. Though in some ways he is mature, his teenage male mentality also crops up often, keeping the reader engaged and connected with him. He grows in a very realistic way without any of the steps happening rapidly or without explanation. Monique is an especially remarkable character as she can be described a number of ways, many of which are not flattering, but she also is sympathetic in a large way. Lynch has done a beautiful job weaving the life and background of this character into the book, pulling them through the same emotions Rafa goes through. She helps build Rafa's character and story in a huge way, grabbing the reader's attention early. Jesus is as noteworthy as Monique, as he is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador. He offers a surprising amount of insight into the culture of his country as well as the realities of some of these people that live in the State, brought here for one reason or another but never gained citizenship. The fear of being caught is always present and the struggles he endures come clear, even if through Rafa's eyes. He, too, helps build Rafa's character and maturity, and will be someone the reader remembers strongly. This character will cause the reader to think and instill a certain level of compassion. Though the premise is basic- boy wants girl, girl might be too good for him and girl is trouble when he gets her- the plot is anything but simple. This is both a study in character development/coming of age story and a realistic look into the kinds of situations teenagers find themselves in. With humor mixed in throughout the more dramatic times, Lynch will keep the reader involved. Strong writing that brings out the male character's mind and several unique elements, Addicted To Her is a book not to be missed.