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Adhocracy: How to Make Innovation a Way of Life

Adhocracy: How to Make Innovation a Way of Life

by Robert H. Waterman Jr., William S. Rukeyser (Editor), Anthony C. Kiser (Editor)

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Mary Carroll
Waterman, coauthor with Tom Peters of "In Search of Excellence" (HarperCollins, 1982) and author of "The Renewal Factor" (Bantam, 1988), argues that American businesses need to learn how to manage two things at once: bureaucracy (which "deals efficiently with everyday problems") and "adhocracy" (forms of organization that "[challenge] the bureaucracy in order to embrace the new"). For Waterman, bureaucracies aren't evil; they're simply ineffective in dealing with change. By contrast, ad hoc forms such as task forces and project teams are designed for participation and change, cutting across bureaucratic lines, establishing new communication flows, and capitalizing on the power of teamwork. Sprinkled with examples from many industries, "Adhocracy"'s brief chapters lay out the basic steps in building a flourishing adhocracy and sketch the corporate context that must be cultivated and maintained to make room for a well-managed ad hoc approach to change. Waterman's concepts are not new, but he presents them persuasively at a time when economic trends may convince business readers to pay attention.

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