Administrative Leadership in the Public Sector / Edition 1

Administrative Leadership in the Public Sector / Edition 1

by Montgomery Van van Wart

ISBN-10: 0765613492

ISBN-13: 9780765613493

Pub. Date: 09/15/2007

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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Taylor & Francis
Publication date:
ASPA Classics Series
Edition description:
New Edition
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6.80(w) x 9.90(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Introduction     3
Leadership and Its Context   James W. Fesler     9
Public-Sector Leadership Theory: An Assessment   Montgomery Van Wart     11
Different Perspectives on the Practice of Leadership   Matthew R. Fairholm     35
Leaders and Leadership   John J. Corson     56
The Preliminary Assessments That Leaders Need to Make     59
Organizing Around the Head of a Large Federal Department   Paul H. Appleby     65
Total Quality Management: An Opportunity for High Performance in Federal Organizations   Rudolph B. Garrity     74
Reevaluating Methods of Establishing Priorities for Governmental Services   Mary M. Hale   Aimee L. Franklin     96
What Are the Proper Goals and Priorities of Administrative Leaders?     111
Administrative Responsibility in Democratic Government   Herman Finer     119
Reconciling Public Entrepreneurship and Democracy   Carl J. Bellone   George Frederick Goerl     131
City Managers: Will They Reject Policy Leadership?   James M. Banovetz     139
Accountability and Entrepreneurial Public Management: The Case of the Orange County Investment Fund   Kevin P. Kearns     150
What Are the Best Traits and Skills for Leaders in the Public Service?     169
Government Bureaucrats Are Different   James F. Guyot     177
A Technique to Capitalize on Human Intelligence in Organizations: Brain Skill Management   Weston H. Agor     188
Creativity   Marshall Dimock     197
Successful Leadership in Local Government Programs: Hillsborough County's Productivity Initiatives   Helen D. Levine     206
Notes on the Governmental Executive: His Role and His Methods   Donald C. Stone     209
What Are the Best Styles for Public-Sector Leaders to Use?     227
Changing Patterns in the Philosophy of Management   Carl F. Stover     233
Administrative Leadership and Use of Social Power   Sven Lundstedt     243
Leadership and Regional Councils: A Mismatch Between Leadership Styles Today and Future Roles   Robert W. Gage     250
Research and Interventions for Stress Reduction in a Hospital Setting   Susan R. Raynis   Margaret A. Cleek     263
What Are the Best Techniques for Administrative Leaders to Use?     271
Gender Differences and Managerial Competencies   Dennis M. Daley   Katherine C. Naff     281
The Cost of Not Listening to Employees: The Case of a Union Movement at Bradford Hospital   R. Wayne Boss   Leslee Boss   James A. Johnson     295
Loose Cannons and Rule Breakers, or Enterprising Leaders? Some Evidence About Innovative Public Managers   Sandford Borins     302
Mixed-Scanning: A "Third" Approach to Decision Making   Amitai Etzioni     319
How Do You Evaluate Leadership in the Public Sector?     329
Defining and Measuring Effectiveness in Public Management   Steven A. Cohen     333
Executive Evaluation: Assessing Probability for Success in the Job   Lawrence S. Buck     346
How Do You Develop Leaders?     355
The Manager's View of Management Education and Training   James K. Conant     361
Succession Management Strategies in Public Sector Organizations   Dahlia Bradshaw Lynn     375
Reflections on "Educating Executives"   Raymond A. Katzell     390
Examples and Exemplars of Public-Sector Leadership     399
The Patriotism of Exit and Voice: The Case of Gloria Flora   H. George Frederickson   Meredith Newman     403
Leaders and Leadership   John J. Corson     419
Branch Rickey as a Public Manager: Fulfilling the Eight Responsibilities of Public Management    Robert D. Behn     421
Index     437
About the Editors     449

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