Adobe PageMaker 7 (Against the Clock) / Edition 1

Adobe PageMaker 7 (Against the Clock) / Edition 1

by ATC Against The Clock, Against the Clock Staff, Erika Kendra, Against the Clock, Inc. Staff

ISBN-10: 0130487015

ISBN-13: 9780130487018

Pub. Date: 03/22/2002

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Prentice Hall
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Against the Clock
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8.30(w) x 11.08(h) x 0.94(d)

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Table of Contents

Getting Started.

Platform. Naming Conventions. Key Commands. The CD-ROM and Initial Setup Considerations.


1. The Process of Document Production.

A History of Publishing. Understanding the Design Process. Multipurpose Documents. Components of an Electronic Document. Managing a Variety of Files. Intellectual Property.

2. Getting Started with PageMaker.

The PageMaker Work Environment. Preferences. Font Mapping Preferences. Menus. The Toolbox. Palettes.

3. Working with Documents.

Converting Documents from Other Programs. Saving and Closing a Document. Document Pages. Master Pages. Templates.

4. Working with Text.

Using Text in PageMaker. Importing Text. Text Frames. The Story Editor.

5. Formatting Text.

Typography Basics. Fonts in Brief. Character Formatting. Paragraph Formatting. Type Utilities.

6. Streamlining Text Production.

Working with Styles. Creating a New Style. Importing Styles. Applying Styles. Editing Existing Styles. Review of Styles. Building a Table of Contents. Creating an Index.

Free-Form Project #1.

Review #1.

7. Working with Objects.

Rectangles and Ellipses. Polygons. Manipulating Objects. Filling and Stroking Objects. Streamlining Production: Libraries.

8. Working with Color.

Color Management. The Colors Palette. Defining Colors. Adding a New Color. Editing and Deleting Colors. Checking Color for Printing. Trapping.

9. Working with Images.

Graphics File Formats. File Resolution. Placing Images. Modifying Images and Graphics. Working with Frames. Text Wrap. Image Masks. Linking and Embedding Files. Image Color Space.

10. Special Document Considerations.

Adobe Table. Layers. Streamlining Production: Data Merge. Combining Multiple Documents.

11. Printing and Packaging.

Introduction to PostScript. Setting up Printer Parameters. Collect for Output. The Laser Proof. Printing the Job. Streamlining Production: Defining Printer Styles. The Output Request Form.

12. Exporting HTML and PDF Files.

Creating HTML Pages. Creating Hyperlinks. Export Options. Exporting Pages. Exporting PDF Files.

Free-Form Project #2.

Review #2.


Project A: Central Market Newspaper Ad. Project B: Henry VIII Menu. Project C: Central Market Catalog. Project D: Good Choices Newsletter.



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