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Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany

by Earle Rice

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The rise of Adolf Hitler to power in Germany remains a chilling story. From his modest beginnings as the son of a low-level government worker and a timid, yet loving, mother, Hitler became the evil genius behind the creation of a totalitarian state that competed for world domination. In the end, Hitler's "1000 Year Reich" came crashing down around him in flames. Hitler and his lover, Eva Braun, committed suicide in a bunker beneath the city streets of Berlin as Red Army soldiers destroyed the Nazi capital. If it were not so macabre in nature, the career of Hitler would make for a fascinating psychological study. Unfortunately, the ambition and warped talents of this man led to horrific crimes against humanity most typified by the tragic Holocaust. Earle Rice, Jr., an experienced writer of history, dedicates his insightful research and writing skills to telling the story of Adolf Hitler in this capably-developed biography. In this fine work he traces Hitler's life from his birth in Austria, through his troubled childhood, to Hitler's service in World War I, and on to his political development in Germany. Throughout the book Rice does an excellent job of bringing Hitler to life through his own words and those of contemporaries. In the end, Hitler was destroyed but his life can still serve as a lesson to modern youth regarding the danger of allowing freedom to fall by the wayside. 2006, Morgan Reynolds, Ages 12 up.
—Greg M. Romaneck
School Library Journal
Gr 6-9-Clear, concise writing coupled with impressive illustrations that include black-and-white and color photos of cityscapes and individuals make this book a useful resource. Rice discusses the political parties and leaders who most influenced Hitler and the economic changes in Germany before and after World War I. He documents Hitler's failures in school and lack of direction as a young adult after failing to be accepted into art school, and describes the impact of his army service on his politics. The growth of the Nazi Party and Hitler's increasing involvement and influence on it is adequately covered, including a detailed account of how he achieved legitimacy after the failed Beer Hall Putsch. His seizure of power and repeated violations of the World War I settlement are discussed, as is how he staged and planned the outbreak of World War II. Quotes from Mein Kampf and other sources are effectively intertwined into the text. The only weaknesses in this otherwise excellent biography is that the author fails to provide an in-depth discussion of the Holocaust and the devastation that Hitler caused Europe.-Rachel Kamin, Temple Israel Libraries & Media Center, West Bloomfield, MI Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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