by Helen Cothran

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Although Americans want to think positively about adoption, there are often hidden issues within this topic that leave many us with mixed emotions. Can a birth mother give up her child out of love? Can adoptive parents love these children in the same way they love biological offspring? What happens in the family dynamics when an adopted child searches for and finds his/her birth parents? This slim volume presents several viewpoints on a variety of these issues, including international, nontraditional, and open adoptions. Articles are reprinted primarily from news sources such as The Oregonian, The Chicago Tribune, and even Cosmopolitan. For most of the topics the editor has carefully provided two or three viewpoints, giving young readers an opportunity to think interactively about the topic and make an informed decision. The voices of the birth parent, the adopted child, and the adoptive parents are all heard here, giving the reader a rounded view of the emotional process that each member of the adoptive triad goes through. Teens who have been adopted may be interested in reading each article, anxious to find out more about themselves from people who have lived similar experiences. For others, the interest in the book may be for research in one particular aspect of adoption. Whether reading the entire book or simply reading one of the many articles, this will prove to be a valuable resource for students in secondary schools. Part of Greenhaven Press' "Contemporary Issues" series, this is a timely topic, presented in a thorough fashion. 2006, Thomson Gale, Ages 14 to 18.
—Wendy M. Smith-D'Arezzo

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Contemporary Issues Companion Series
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