Advanced Health Assessment & Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care / Edition 4

Advanced Health Assessment & Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care / Edition 4

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by Joyce E. Dains, Linda Ciofu Baumann, Pamela Scheibel

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ISBN-10: 0323074170

ISBN-13: 9780323074179

Pub. Date: 06/07/2011

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

With this practical resource, you'll take the "next step" in health assessment. It takes you beyond a basic history and physical examination-and helps you master the process of diagnostic reasoning. Rather than beginning a physical exam with a diagnosis of a disease entity, this book offers an approach that centers on common chief concerns encountered in primary care


With this practical resource, you'll take the "next step" in health assessment. It takes you beyond a basic history and physical examination-and helps you master the process of diagnostic reasoning. Rather than beginning a physical exam with a diagnosis of a disease entity, this book offers an approach that centers on common chief concerns encountered in primary care settings. Master the differential diagnoses in this book, and you'll be able to more accurately assess the patients you see in practice.

Inside you'll find features that will help you identify your patient's diagnosis more effectively: A new Mood, Behavior Changes, and Psychosocial Concerns chapter on commonly encountered psychological conditions and psychosocial concerns, helping you to elicit more information, determine suicidal risk, and evaluate for a diagnosable psychological disorder. A new Chest Film chapter on reading and interpreting chest x-rays. Integrated material on symptoms and diagnoses specific to children. Evidence-based practice summaries and recommendations.

Each chapter is organized to include: Diagnostic Reasoning: Focused History on using patient history and the physical examination as part of a problem-based approach to diagnosis. Key Questions to ask the patient and a discussion of common responses. Diagnostic Reasoning: Focused Physical Examination for guidelines in determining which exam components to perform. Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies outlining appropriate laboratory or diagnostic tests for a patient's chief concern or suspected diagnosis. Differential Diagnosis discussions of the findings from the history, physical examination and laboratory and diagnostic studies. DifferentialDiagnosis tables offering an at a glance summary of possible diagnoses.

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Table of Contents

Clinical Reasoning, Differential Diagnosis, and Evidence-Based Practice     3
Diagnostic Reasoning     3
The Diagnostic Process     3
Expert Versus Novice Clinicians     4
Developing Clinical Judgment     5
Negotiating Goals and Expectations of a Patient Encounter     5
Evidence-Based Practice     6
Common Problems of the Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat
Earache     11
Focused History     11
Focused Physical Examination     15
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     17
Differential Diagnosis     18
Differential Diagnosis Table     20
Sore Throat     22
Focused History     22
Focused Physical Examination     25
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     27
Differential Diagnosis     28
Differential Diagnosis Table     30
Nasal Symptoms and Sinus Congestion     33
Focused History     33
Focused Physical Examination     37
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     38
Differential Diagnosis     39
Differential Diagnosis Table     41
Hoarseness     43
FocusedHistory     43
Focused Physical Examination     46
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     47
Differential Diagnosis     48
Differential Diagnosis Table     49
Red Eye     52
Focused History     52
Focused Physical Examination     56
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     59
Differential Diagnosis     60
Differential Diagnosis Table     62
Vision Loss     65
Focused History     65
Focused Physical Examination     70
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     72
Differential Diagnosis     73
Differential Diagnosis Table     75
Common Problems of the Skin
Rashes and Skin Lesions     81
Initial Focused Physical Examination     81
Focused History     85
Focused Physical Examination     90
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     91
Differential Diagnosis     92
Differential Diagnosis Table     95
Common Problems of the Cardiovascular System
Chest Pain     103
Focused History     103
Focused Physical Examination     109
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies      112
Differential Diagnosis     114
Differential Diagnosis Tables     119
Syncope     123
Focused History     123
Focused Physical Examination     126
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     127
Differential Diagnosis     128
Differential Diagnosis Table     129
Common Problems of the Respiratory System
Dyspnea     133
Focused History     133
Focused Physical Examination     138
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     143
Differential Diagnosis     144
Emergent Conditions Manifested by Dyspnea     144
Nonemergent Conditions Manifested by Dyspnea     145
Differential Diagnosis Tables     147
Cough     150
Focused History     150
Focused Physical Examination     155
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     157
Differential Diagnosis     158
Differential Diagnosis Tables     162
Common Problems of the Abdomen and Gastrointestinal System
Abdominal Pain     169
Focused History     170
Focused Physical Examination     177
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies      180
Differential Diagnosis     182
Acute Conditions That Cause Abdominal Pain     183
Chronic Conditions That Cause Lower Abdominal Pain     186
Chronic Conditions That Cause Upper Abdominal Pain     187
Differential Diagnosis Tables     188
Diarrhea     194
Focused History     194
Focused Physical Examination     200
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     202
Differential Diagnosis     204
Differential Diagnosis Tables     207
Constipation     211
Focused History     211
Focused Physical Examination     215
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     215
Differential Diagnosis     217
Differential Diagnosis Table     218
Rectal Pain, Itching, and Bleeding     220
Focused History     220
Focused Physical Examination     225
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     226
Differential Diagnosis     227
Differential Diagnosis Table     231
Common Problems of the Genitourinary System
Urinary Incontinence     235
Focused History     236
Focused Physical Examination     239
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     240
Differential Diagnosis     241
Differential Diagnosis Table     244
Urinary Problems in Females and Children     246
Focused History     246
Focused Physical Examination     250
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     251
Differential Diagnosis     253
Differential Diagnosis Table     255
Genitourinary Problems in Males     257
Focused History     257
Focused Physical Examination     261
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     263
Differential Diagnosis     266
Differential Diagnosis Table     268
Penile Discharge     271
Focused History     271
Focused Physical Examination     273
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     275
Differential Diagnosis     276
Differential Diagnosis Table     277
Common Gynecological Problems
Vaginal Discharge and Itching     281
Focused History     281
Focused Physical Examination     286
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     287
Differential Diagnosis     289
Differential Diagnosis Table     292
Vaginal Bleeding     294
Focused History     294
Focused Physical Examination     300
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     302
Differential Diagnosis     304
Differential Diagnosis Table     307
Amenorrhea     310
Focused History     310
Focused Physical Examination     318
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     320
Differential Diagnosis     321
Differential Diagnosis Table     323
Common Problems of the Breasts
Breast Lumps and Nipple Discharge     327
Focused History for Breast Lumps     327
Focused History for Nipple Discharge     330
Focused Physical Examination     332
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     335
Differential Diagnosis     337
Differential Diagnosis Table     339
Breast Pain     342
Focused History     342
Focused Physical Examination     344
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     344
Differential Diagnosis     346
Differential Diagnosis Table     347
Common Problems of the Musculoskeletal System
Limb Pain     351
Focused History      351
Focused Physical Examination     357
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     362
Differential Diagnosis     363
Differential Diagnosis Table     372
Acute Low Back Pain     376
Focused History     376
Focused Physical Examination     381
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     383
Differential Diagnosis     384
Differential Diagnosis Table     387
Common Problems of the Neurological System
Headache     393
Focused History     395
Focused Physical Examination     400
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     402
Differential Diagnosis     402
Differential Diagnosis Table     406
Dizziness     409
Focused History     409
Focused Physical Examination     412
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     415
Differential Diagnosis     415
Differential Diagnosis Table     418
Common Problems in Mental Status
Confusion in Older Adults     423
Focused History     423
Focused Physical Examination     427
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     430
Differential Diagnosis      431
Differential Diagnosis Table     436
Sleep Problems     438
Focused History     438
Focused Physical Examination     444
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     444
Differential Diagnosis     444
Differential Diagnosis Table     448
Mood Changes, Behavior Changes and Psychosocial Concerns     450
Focused History     450
Focused Physical Examination     458
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     459
Differential Diagnosis     460
Differential Diagnosis Table     462
Common Systemic Problems
Fever     471
Focused History     471
Focused Physical Examination     476
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     480
Differential Diagnosis     482
Differential Diagnosis Table     484
Fatigue     486
Focused History     486
Focused Physical Examination     489
Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies     490
Differential Diagnosis     491
Differential Diagnosis Table     494
The Chest Film     496
Viewing the Chest Film     496
Systematic Examination      500
Diagnostic Reasoning: Systematic Examination     503
Differential Diagnosis Table     506
Conversion Tables     509
Temperature Equivalents     510
Body Mass Index Chart     511
Bibliography     512

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This is a great resource for nurses and those who need to update their assessment skills with evidenced based data. This book also expands skills needed to derive at differential diagnosis and provides information on assessment tools designed to explain and add validity to findings.
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