Advances in Applied Business Strategy

Advances in Applied Business Strategy

by Lawrence W. Foster

ISBN-10: 155938512X

ISBN-13: 9781559385121

Pub. Date: 06/28/1992

Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books

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Elsevier Science & Technology Books
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Table of Contents

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What We Can Learn from the Past: A Comparison of Historical Manufacturing Systems With Computer-Integrated Manufacturing1
Competitiveness and Global Manufacturing: The Contribution of Information Technology21
Impact of Global Change on International Business Strategy47
The Shifting Playing Field in Global Competition61
Manufacturing Risk and Global Markets103
Implications of Global Manufacturing for Strategy and Organization Design125
Design-Manufacturing Integration and the Global Context167
The Concept of Fit in Manufacturing: Implications for Investments in "CIM" Technologies189
International Manufacturing Strategies and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM): A Review of the Emerging Interactive Effects211
Manufacturing Strategy Research Approaches: Issues and Implications for Global Manufacturing243

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