Advances in Computer Science and Engineering: 13th International CSI Computer Conference, CSICC 2008 Kish Island, Iran, March 9-11, 2008 Revised Selected Papers / Edition 1

Advances in Computer Science and Engineering: 13th International CSI Computer Conference, CSICC 2008 Kish Island, Iran, March 9-11, 2008 Revised Selected Papers / Edition 1

by Hamid Sarbazi-Azad

ISBN-10: 3540899847

ISBN-13: 9783540899846

Pub. Date: 12/28/2008

Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the proceedings of the 13th International C- puter Society of Iran Computer Conference (CSICC-2008). The conference has been held annually since 1995, except for 1998, when it transitioned from a year-end to first-quarter schedule. It has been moving in the direction of greater selectivity (see Fig.1) and broader international…  See more details below


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the proceedings of the 13th International C- puter Society of Iran Computer Conference (CSICC-2008). The conference has been held annually since 1995, except for 1998, when it transitioned from a year-end to first-quarter schedule. It has been moving in the direction of greater selectivity (see Fig.1) and broader international participation. Holding it in Kish Island this year represents an effort to further facilitate and encourage international contributions. We feel privileged to participate in further advancing this strong technical tradition. 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Dec 23-26 Dec 23-25 Dec 23-25 Jan 26-28 Mar 8-10 Feb 21-23 Feb 28-30 Feb 23-26 Feb 16-19 Feb 15-18 Jan 24-26 Feb 20-22 Mar 9-11 1995 1996 1997 Iran 1999 2000 2001 U of 2002 Iran 2003 2004 2005 Iran 2006 IPM, 2007 2008 Sharif U Amirkabir U of Sharif U Shahid Isfahan, Telecom Ferdowsi Sharif U Telecom Tehran Shahid Sharif U of Tech, U of Tech, Sci/Tech, of Tech, Beheshti Isfahan Res. U, of Tech, Res. Beheshti of Tech, Tehran Tehran Tehran Tehran U, Tehran Center Mashhad Tehran Center U, Tehran Kish Island Dates, Year, Venue

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Communications in Computer and Information Science Series, #6
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6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Full Papers.- A Novel Piecewise Linear Clustering Technique Based on Hyper Plane Adjustment.- Ant Colony Optimization with a Genetic Restart Approach toward Global Optimization.- Automatic Extraction of IS-A Relations in Taxonomy Learning.- A Bayesian Network Based Approach for Data Classification Using Structural Learning.- A Clustering Method Based on Soft Learning of Model (Prototype) and Dissimilarity Metrics.- An Approximation Algorithm for the k-Level Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem with Penalties.- Optimizing Fixpoint Evaluation of Logic Programs with Uncertainty.- Approximating Component Selection with General Costs.- Online Suffix Tree Construction for Streaming Sequences.- Fuzzy Voronoi Diagram.- A Novel Partitioned Encoding Scheme for Reducing Total Power Consumption of Parallel Bus.- Efficient Parallel Buffer Structure and Its Management Scheme for a Robust Network-on-Chip (NoC) Architecture.- Integration of System-Level IP Cores in Object-Oriented Design Methodologies.- Polymorphism-Aware Common Bus in an Object-Oriented ASIP.- Efficient VLSI Layout of WK-Recursive and WK-Pyramid Interconnection Networks.- Energy Adaptive Cluster-Head Selection for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Center of Energy Mass.- SHRP: A New Routing Protocol to Wireless Sensor Networks.- Improvement of MAC Performance for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Route Optimization Security in Mobile IPv6 Wireless Networks: A Test-Bed Experience.- Adaptive End-to-End QoS for Multimedia over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks.- A Blocking Reduction Scheme for Multiple Slot Cell Scheduling in Multicast Switching Systems.- Object-Based Video Coding for Distance Learning Using Stereo Cameras.- Seabed Image Texture Segmentation and Classification Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform.- Unequal Error Protection for the Scalable Extension of H.264/AVC Using Genetic Algorithm.- An Adaptive Method for Moving Object Blending in Dynamic Mosaicing.- Inferring a Bayesian Network for Content-Based Image Classification.- High Performance Mathematical Quarter-Pixel Motion Estimation with Novel Rate Distortion Metric for H.264/AVC.- A Versatile Reconfigurable Bit-Serial Multiplier Architecture in Finite Fields GF(2m).- A Nonspeculative Maximally Redundant Signed Digit Adder.- System-Level Assertion-Based Performance Verification for Embedded Systems.- The Effect of Core Number and Core Diversity on Power and Performance in Multicore Processors.- Reducing the Computational Complexity of an RLS-Based Adaptive Controller in ANVC Applications.- An Efficient and Extendable Modeling Approach for VLIW DSP Processors.- An Exact Algorithm for the Multiple-Choice Multidimensional Knapsack Based on the Core.- Kinetic Polar Diagram.- A Graph Transformation-Based Approach to Formal Modeling and Verification of Workflows.- Efficient Parallel Routing Algorithms for Cartesian and Composition Networks.- A Naïve Bayes Classifier with Distance Weighting for Hand-Gesture Recognition.- SBUQA Question Answering System.- A New Feedback ANC System Approach.- Benefiting White Noise in Developing Feedforward Active Noise Control Systems.- Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Models for Estimating Brain Deformation Using Finite Element Method.- Context-Dependent Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels Using Hidden Markov Models.- Retinal Vessel Extraction Using Gabor Filters and Support Vector Machines.- A New Segmentation Method for Iris Recognition Using the Complex Inversion Map and Best-Fitting Curve.- A New Algorithm for Combating Free-Riders in Structured P2P Networks.- Clustering Search Engine Log for Query Recommendation.- Reliability Evaluation in Grid Environment.- Formulating Priority Coefficients for Information Quality Criteria on the Blog.- A Distributed Proxy System for High Speed Clients.- New Routing Strategies for RSP Problems with Concave Cost.- Modeling Routing Protocols in Adhoc Networks.- CEBAC: A Decentralized Cooperation Enforcement Based Access Control Framework in MANETs.- A Secure Cross-Layer Design of Clustering–Based Routing Protocol for MANET.- An Approach for Semantic Web Query Approximation Based on Domain Knowledge and User Preferences.- Semantic Web Services for Handling Data Heterogeneity in an E-Business Framework.- Challenges in Using Peer-to-Peer Structures in Order to Design a Large-Scale Web Search Engine.- Sparse Sinusoidal Signal Representation for Speech and Music Signals.- Variant Combination of Multiple Classifiers Methods for Classifying the EEG Signals in Brain-Computer Interface.- Nevisa, a Persian Continuous Speech Recognition System.- Effects of Feature Domain Normalizations on Text Independent Speaker Verification Using Sorted Adapted Gaussian Mixture Models.- A Centrally Managed Dynamic Spectrum Management Algorithm for Digital Subscriber Line Systems.- Methods for Analyzing Information Contained in an Enterprise Email Database.- Early Bug Detection in Deployed Software Using Support Vector Machine.- A New Architecture for Heterogeneous Context Based Routing.- Performance Modeling of a Distributed Web Crawler Using Stochastic Activity Networks.- Performance Comparison of Simple Regular Meshes and Their k-ary n-cube Variants in Optical Networks.- A Robust and Efficient SIP Authentication Scheme.- A Temporal Semantic-Based Access Control Model.- A Review on Concepts, Algorithms and Recognition Based Applications of Artificial Immune System.- Incremental Hybrid Intrusion Detection Using Ensemble of Weak Classifiers.- A Cluster-Based Key Establishment Protocol for Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Time Series Analysis for ARP Anomaly Detection: A Combinatorial Network-Based Approach Using Multivariate and Mean-Variance Algorithms.- Polyhedral GPU Accelerated Shape from Silhouette.- Discrimination of Bony Structures in Cephalograms for Automatic Landmark Detection.- Grid Based Registration of Diffusion Tensor Images Using Least Square Support Vector Machines.- Detection of Outer Layer of the Vessel Wall and Characterization of Calcified Plaques in IVUS Images.- Object Modeling for Multicamera Correspondence Using Fuzzy Region Color Adjacency Graphs.- Secure Digital Image Watermarking Based on SVD-DCT.- A Novel Delay Fault Testing Methodology for Resistive Faults in Deep Sub-micron Technologies.- On the Importance of the Number of Fanouts to Prevent the Glitches in DPA-Resistant Devices.- Performance Enhancement of Asynchronous Circuits.- A Low Power SRAM Based on Five Transistors Cell.- Evaluating the Metro-on-Chip Methodology to Improve the Congestion and Routability.- Sequential Equivalence Checking Using a Hybrid Boolean-Word Level Decision Diagram.- A Circuit Model for Fault Tolerance in the Reliable Assembly of Nano-systems.- Short Papers.- An Operator for Removal of Subsumed Clauses.- Low Power and Storage Efficient Parallel Lookup Engine Architecture for IP Packets.- Assignment of OVSF Codes in Wideband CDMA.- Toward Descriptive Performance Model for OpenMosix Cluster.- Analysis of the Growth Process of Neural Cells in Culture Environment Using Image Processing Techniques.- Bandwidth-Delay Constrained Least Cost Multicast Routing for Multimedia Communication.- Cellular Probabilistic Evolutionary Algorithms for Real-Coded Function Optimization.- A New Approach for Scoring Relevant Documents by Applying a Farsi Stemming Method in Persian Web Search Engines.- FRGA Matching Algorithm in High-Speed Packet Switches.- A New Class of Data Dissemination Algorithms for Multicast Protocols.- Dynamic Point Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Learning Automata Approach.- A Novel Approach in Adaptive Traffic Prediction in Self-sizing Networks Using Wavelets.- Simulative Study of Two Fusion Methods for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks.- The Advantage of Implementing Martin’s Noise Reduction Algorithm in Critical Bands Using Wavelet Packet Decomposition and Hilbert Transform.- Real-Time Analysis Process Patterns.- Selecting Informative Genes from Microarray Dataset Using Fuzzy Relational Clustering.- GMTM: A Grid Transaction Management Model.- Design of a Custom Packet Switching Engine for Network Applications.- Multiple Robots Tasks Allocation: An Auction-Based Approach Using Dynamic-Domain RRT.- Efficient Computation of N-S Equation with Free Surface Flow Around an ACV on ShirazUCFD Grid.- Enhancing Accuracy of Source Localization in High Reverberation Environment with Microphone Array.- Class Dependent LDA Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm for Robust MFCC Extraction.- TACtic- A Multi Behavioral Agent for Trading Agent Competition.- Software Reliability Prediction Based on a Formal Requirements Specification.- ID-Based Blind Signature and Proxy Blind Signature without Trusted PKG.- The Combination of CMS with PMC for Improving Robustness of Speech Recognition Systems.- A Dynamic Multi Agent-Based Approach to Parallelizing Genetic Algorithm.- Fuzzy Neighborhood Allocation (FNA): A Fuzzy Approach to Improve Near Neighborhood Allocation in DDB.- OPWUMP: An Architecture for Online Predicting in WUM-Based Personalization System.- Artificial Intelligent Controller for a DC Motor.- A Multi-Gb/s Parallel String Matching Engine for Intrusion Detection Systems.- A Modified Version of Sugeno-Yasukawa Modeler.- Directing the Search in the Fast Forward Planning.- A Dynamic Mandatory Access Control Model.- Inferring Trust Using Relation Extraction in Heterogeneous Social Networks.- Sorting on OTIS-Networks.- A Novel Semi-supervised Clustering Algorithm for Finding Clusters of Arbitrary Shapes.- Improving Quality of Voice Conversion Systems.- Feature Selection SDA Method in Ensemble Nearest Neighbor Classifier.- A Novel Hybrid Structure for Clustering.- 6R Robots; How to Guide and Test Them by Vision?.- Hierarchical Diagnosis of Vocal Fold Disorders.- A Voronoi-Based Reactive Approach for Mobile Robot Navigation.- Evaluation of PersianCAT Agent’s Accepting Policy in Continuous Double Auction, Participant in CAT 2007 Competition.- A Framework for Implementing Virtual Collaborative Networks – Case Study on Automobile Components Production Industry.- Virtual Collaboration Readiness Measurement a Case Study in the Automobile Industry.- Facilitating XML Query Processing Via Execution Plan.- The Impact of Hidden Terminal on WMNet Performance.- Design and Implementation of a Fuzzy Accident Detector.- Approximation Algorithms for Edge-Covering Problem.- A Novel Crosstalk Estimator after Placement.- A New Operator for Multi-addition Calculations.- Quantum Differential Evolution Algorithm for Variable Ordering Problem of Binary Decision Diagram.- A Joint Source-Channel Rate-Distortion Optimization Algorithm for H.264 Codec in Wireless Networks.- Pre-synthesis Optimization for Asynchronous Circuits Using Compiler Techniques.- Absolute Priority for a Vehicle in VANET.- An Ontology Based Routing Index in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks.- Two Architectural Practices for Extreme Programming.- Adaptive Target Detection in Sensor Networks.- Linear Temporal Logic of Constraint Automata.- Using Social Annotations for Search Results Clustering.- Event Detection from News Articles.- Architectural Styles as a Guide for Software Architecture Reconstruction.- Best Effort Flow Control in Network-on-Chip.- Prevention of Tunneling Attack in endairA.- Digital Social Network Mining for Topic Discovery.- Towards Dynamic Assignment of Rights and Responsibilities to Agents (Short Version).- Finding Correlation between Protein Protein Interaction Modules Using Semantic Web Techniques.

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