Advances in international banking and finance, Volume 1

Advances in international banking and finance, Volume 1

by Sarkis J. Khoury

ISBN-10: 1559383186

ISBN-13: 9781559383189

Pub. Date: 03/01/1995

Publisher: Emerald Group Pub Ltd

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Emerald Group Pub Ltd
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Advances in International Banking and Finance Series

Table of Contents

List of Contributors
Editorial Board
Note on the FRIBF
Overview: The Revolution of the International Financial Markets1
The Impact of the Persian Gulf Crisis on National Equity Markets43
Pricing Options on Foreign Assets When Interest Rates are Stochastic67
Oligopolistic Pricing and Asymmetric Currency Pass-Through: Econometric Evidence from Japanese Exports91
Privatization Under Incomplete Information: An Analysis of Equity Sale Strategies107
Foreign Transmission Effects in Sweden: Do PPP and UIP Hold in the Long Run?129
ECU as the Future Financing Currency151
To Hedge or Not to Hedge Currency Risk: A Unified Framework181
Universal Banks Internationalization: Contradictory Lessons from Theoretical Research - the Need for a New Integrated Approach205

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