Advances in the Study of Gas Hydrates / Edition 1

Advances in the Study of Gas Hydrates / Edition 1

by Charles E. Taylor

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ISBN-10: 0306484811

ISBN-13: 9780306484810

Pub. Date: 09/01/2004

Publisher: Springer US

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Preface - Section I Modeling of Hydrates - 1. Towards a full dynamic model of CO2 hydrate formation in aqueous solutions - 2. Statistical Thermodynamic Model of Clathrate Hydrates with Multiple Filling of Cages - 3. Phenomenological Modeling of Hydrate Formation and Dissociation - 4. Effect of Conductive and Convective Heat Flow on Gas Production from Natural Hydrates by Depressurization - 5. An Application Used For Correcting Thermal Gradients Below Permafrost Using an Empirical Diffusion Model: Anadarko's Hot Ice #1 Gas Hydrates Case Study - 6. Gas Production from Class 1 Hydrate Accumulations - Section II Detection of Hydrates - 7. A Project Update of Methane Hydrate Production from Alaskan Permafrost - 8. Seismic Detection and Quantification of Gas Hydrates Using Rock Physics and Inversion - 9. Experiment and Modeling of Hydrate Equilibrium Line in Gas, Gas Condensate, Black Oil and Drilling Completion Fluids - Section III Laboratory Studies of Hydrates - 10. Solubility Measurements for CO2 and Methane Mixture in Water and Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions near Hydrate Conditions - 11. Nucleation Mechanisms of Clathrate Hydrates - 12. The MSU Micellar-Solution Gas Hydrate Storage Process for Natural Gas - 13. Enhancement in the Storage of Methane in Hydrates - 14. Strength and Acoustic Properties of Ottawa Sand Containing Laboratory-Formed Methane Gas Hydrate - 15. Investigating Methane Hydrate in Sediments using X-Ray Computed Tomography - 16. Methane Hydrate Studies: Delineating Properties of Host Sediments to Establish Reproducible Decomposition Kinetics - Keyword Index - Author Index

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