Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 38 / Edition 1

Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 38 / Edition 1

by D.K. Bowen

ISBN-10: 0306450453

ISBN-13: 9780306450457

Pub. Date: 09/30/1995

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
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Table of Contents

Accurate Modeling of Size and Strain Broadening in the Rietveld Refinement: The 'DoubleVoigt' Approach (D. Balzar). In vivo Xray Fluorescence of Lead and Other Toxic Trace Elements (D.R. Chettle). Xray Diffraction Analysis of PM10 Aerosols Extracted by Ultrasound (B.L. Davis, H. Chen). Total Electron Yield (TEY): A New Approach for Quantitative Xray Analysis (H. Ebel). Manufacture and Use of Setting Up Samples (F.R. Feret). Applied Crystallography in the Scanning Electron Microscope Using a CCD Detector (R.P. Goehner, J.R. Michael). Trace Analysis by TXRF (R.S. Hockett). An in situ XRD Technique for Annealing Investigations (D.E. Hoylman, S.C. Axtell). Adaptation of the EGS4 Monte Carlo Code for the Design of a Polarized Source for Xray Fluorescence Analysis of Platinum and Other Heavy Metals in vivo (D.G. Lewis). 3D Graphing of XRF Matrix Correction Equations (A.J. Klimasara). Environmental Factors Contributing to the Body Burden of Lead as Determined by in vivo Xray Fluorescence (S.J.S. Ryde). Investigation of Residual Stresses in a Sleeve Coldworked Lug Specimen by Neutron and Xray Diffraction (R. Lin). Picosecond Xray Diffraction: System and Applications (P.M. Rentzepis). The Characterization of Microtexture by Orientation Mapping (R.A. Schwarzer). 79 additional articles. Index.

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