Advertising and Marketing Communication Management / Edition 1

Advertising and Marketing Communication Management / Edition 1

by John H. Murphy, Isabella Cunningham, Isabella C. Cunningham

ISBN-10: 0030510694

ISBN-13: 9780030510694

Pub. Date: 06/28/1993

Publisher: Dryden Press FL

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Dryden Press FL
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Dryden Press Series in Marketing
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6.69(w) x 9.45(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Ch. 1The Case Method2
Ch. 2How to Develop and Deliver Effective Advertising Presentations10
Ch. 3The Marketing Context of Advertising and Promotion23
Ch. 4Developing Advertising Objectives86
Ch. 5Determining the Advertising Appropriation and Budgeting128
Ch. 6Developing Creative Strategy167
Ch. 7Developing Media Strategy224
Ch. 8Advertising Research275
Ch. 9Personal Selling333
Ch. 10Sales Promotion380
Ch. 11Public Relations407
Ch. 12Direct Marketing420
Ch. 13Client/Agency Relations458
Ch. 14Ethical Considerations488
Appendix A: Media Costs Data517
Appendix B: Sources of Advertising and Marketing Communication Management Information521

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