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4.8 6
by L.D. Alford
A fascinating tale of technology, cultures, and ancient magic

An unspeakable evil and an unbelievable power is about to be released into the world....

Lieutenant Paul Bolang, stationed at Fort Saint in Tunisia in the 1920s, discovers a hieroglyph. Suspecting that the fort might have been built beside an ancient Egyptian foundation, he summons an archaeological


A fascinating tale of technology, cultures, and ancient magic

An unspeakable evil and an unbelievable power is about to be released into the world....

Lieutenant Paul Bolang, stationed at Fort Saint in Tunisia in the 1920s, discovers a hieroglyph. Suspecting that the fort might have been built beside an ancient Egyptian foundation, he summons an archaeological party. When a tomb is discovered and opened, death strikes immediately...and reveals a grisly secret.
Lt. Bolang soon uncovers two other tombs: the tombs of the Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Darkness. As the first tomb is opened, a being escapes into the desert...and is pursued by Bolang. What will the next tomb hold? Will opening it unleash a great evil and suffering on mankind, as many believe? Or is all that simply a myth?

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Aegypt 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Old_Goat More than 1 year ago
L.D. Alford is a multifaceted writer. As a historian with military training, he has the credentials to write a good historical swashbuckler. Science and engineering interests extend his range into science fiction. All of this would be wasted, though, if he were not also a gifted writer. That he is. I have read several of his books. He knows where he wants to take his reader, but he may not take them by the expected route. As in travel, the unknown road often is the most interesting. Alford heroes, though bloody at times, have a strong sense of right and wrong. Evil may take the upper hand for a time, but it will not ultimately prevail. Shortly after World War I, Lieutenant Paul Bolang commands a French Foreign Legion post in Tunisia in fact but not in title. He enjoys lopping and slashing in the interest of justice, and he's good at his job. His other interest is archeology. Astounding finds are being made in Egypt, but Tunisia is a thousand miles west. Then Bolang notices a potential Egyptian ruin. An archeological team arrives, but the more they find, the more he feels they should stop the dig. Chapter illustrations are particularly effective in building suspense. A progressively detailed diagram follows the course of the exploration. The unexplored area becomes smaller, more clearly defined, and more threatening. "Aegypt" is a highly satisfying stand-alone novel. However, it opens a larger story. Sequels are in the works. Now I will have to get them too. Mr. Alford did this to me once before with his "Fox" science fiction series, but at least that time I didn't have to wait for the sequels to be published.
RebeccaRandee More than 1 year ago
Mr. Alford has written a novel that takes us back to Tunisia in the period between the two world wars. However, we go back even further when the main character, Paul Bolang, a French legionnaire/archeology expert, discovers the remains of an ancient Egyptian tomb at his fort. Along with Lt. Bolang, we are brought face-to-face with an ancient evil that has only been sleeping, waiting for an opportunity to surface and invade the world once again. A page-turner!
Mike-Klaassen More than 1 year ago
While stationed in Tunisia during the 1920s, Lieutenant Paul Bolang of the French Foreign Legion discovers the foundation of what could be an ancient Egyptian structure. Excavation uncovers a tomb protected by booby traps and filled with secrets. Archeologists hope to discover a wealth of artifacts and treasure. Instead, they unleash a force that threatens their lives and the very existence of mankind. L. D. Alford is a skilled storyteller. Read Aegypt and you'll want to read the entire series.
Victoria_Pitts_Caine More than 1 year ago
When I began reading Aegypt, I was concerned the story of Paul Bolang a lieutenant in the French Foreign Legion wasn't going to hold my interest but Mr. Alford's descriptive prose immediately changed my mind. By page three I was hooked and couldn't put the book aside until I discovered the secret of the tombs. With the onset of World War I, Bolang, a graduate student working toward his Ph.D. translating Egyptian hieroglyphics, reluctantly followed his family's expectations with a military career. After the war, he was eventually stationed in Tunisia. On the first day of his command at Fort Saint, Bolang noticed the almost perfectly flat area in front of the fort. Taking a shovel he uncovered a cornerstone which revealed an unusual glphy. After an archaeological team was formed, the dig began. As the team searched for the hidden tombs, two of the workers are killed as the sealed door moved to open. Bolang realized a strange series of events had started to unfold and he was certain the party was about to unleash a force that would overtake mankind and plummet the world into darkness. Mr. Alford is a powerful writer using skillful techniques to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. This is truly a book about the ever present battle between good and evil. I highly recommend Aegypt and know that a vast audience of readers will find themselves asking is it myth or is it real?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mr. Alford has written a hair-raising tale of intrigue. He masterfully takes us into the world of a Lieutenant in the French Foreign Legion stationed in the Egyptian desert in the 1920's. Lt. Bolang stumbles across an ancient tomb and eagerly invites archaeologists to investigate. He soon wishes he hadn't as he realizes that if they successfully open the tomb, an ancient undead creature will be set loose on an unsuspecting world. Mr Alford builds the suspense and introduces the reader to both the military life of a legionnaire and facts about ancient Egyptian beliefs and culture. Some of the scenes are graphic and violent, which makes this a tale for adults and not the faint-hearted. Bravo, Mr. Alford!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mr. Alford spins a gripping tale of supernatural intrigue that explodes in a clash between early Egyptian mythology and postmodern science. Lying dormant beneath the desert sands for four thousand years, two secrets¿one the antithesis of the other¿await discovery. Meticulously concealed, yet clearly designed to be found, an ancient burial site catches the notice of Paul Bolang, a lieutenant in the French Foreign Legion and astute amateur archeologist. Lt. Bolang studies the ruins and ponders its abnormal construction and curious markings while awaiting the arrival of an international team of professional archeologists. The team arrives, the tomb is breached, and its seals are broken¿but instead of finding the answers to their questions, the lieutenant discovers they¿ve unleashed powerful counterpoised deities heretofore unknown to modern archeology. The soldier must search both his intellect and his faith in deciphering the meaning of these phenomena, while the team of archeologists struggle to deal with what they¿re witnessing through the biases of their own disparate world views. Artfully written and painstakingly researched, Aegypt achieves a delicate balance of enthralling entertainment and solid scholarship. You¿ll taste Lt. Bolang¿s fear coming face to face with the ancient forces, and share his frustrations as he strains mind and heart to perceive their meaning. And you¿ll examine your faith, as he examines his, in reconciling the spirits¿ significance to our age¿an age in which both deities will assume decisive roles in the affairs of man. I highly recommend Aegypt to those who would find it a fascinating prospect to delve into the lore of ancient Egypt and the mind of modern man in a common enterprise. Supernatural conquest and natural adventure, new life and grisly death¿even a startling spark of romance! Mr. Alford delivers it all in Aegypt.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed this book. Keep wrinting Lionel.