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Aeon is Zyklon's second album and proves them to be more than a mere all-star, side-project band. (Guitarist Samoth and drummer Trym are better known as ex-members of Emperor, while lead guitarist Destructhor was in Myrkskog.) This album


Aeon is Zyklon's second album and proves them to be more than a mere all-star, side-project band. (Guitarist Samoth and drummer Trym are better known as ex-members of Emperor, while lead guitarist Destructhor was in Myrkskog.) This album refines and builds on the sound laid out on World OV Worms, with futuristic/apocalyptic lyrics and an overall blasting death metal approach that's closer to Morbid Angel or later Behemoth than to Emperor. One improvement on this album is the production. On World OV Worms, it seemed like every instrument (including the vocals) was competing to be the loudest one in the mix, but it was still hard to tell what was going on. Here, the sound is much clearer, though without sacrificing any heaviness, and, thankfully, there are still none of the phony-sounding drums or over-processed guitar tones that marred so many other contemporary death metal CDs. And it's nice to be able to hear them better, because this band can really play -- Trym's drumming is fast and powerful and Destructhor and Samoth's guitar interplay is cruel and surgically precise. Songwriting-wise, there's a lot of Morbid Angel worship going on -- the churning main riff on "Core Solution" is pure Formulas Fatal to the Flesh material -- but Zyklon adds their own slant with cold, black metal-ish guitar harmonies, occasional, (mostly) tasteful keyboard layerings, and electronic accents. This album starts out strong, including highlights such as the title track and "Subtle Manipulation," before trailing off toward the end and closing anti-climactically with "An Eclectic Manner." That song includes attempts at semi-melodic singing similar to that on World OV Worms' closing track, "Transcendental War -- Battle Between Gods," only here they're not as successful. On a peripheral note, the cyber-themed artwork is a nice contrast to death metal's clichés, as are the thoughtful explanations (written by Emperor drummer and convicted murderer Bård "Faust" Eithun) that accompany the lyrics to each song. ("This describes the immorality and vileness of a possible future scenario, where materialism, superficial mind-patterns, and globalized disregard...turn into anarchy and post-civilization," reads the one for "Zyklon Aeon.") On the whole, this album is not a classic, but it's better than average as modern death metal goes.

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Performance Credits

Zyklon   Primary Artist
Trym   Drums,Group Member
Samoth   Guitar,Group Member
Destructhor   Guitar,Group Member
Secthdamon   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Daemon   Vocals,Background Vocals,Guest Appearance
Matt Jarman   Guest Appearance
Olu Kahn   Vocals,Guest Appearance
LRZ   Drones,Guest Appearance

Technical Credits

Fredrik Nordström   Producer
Thorb Jorn Akkerhaugen   Programming,Producer,Synthesizer Arrangements
Zyklon   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Synthesizer Arrangements
Matt Jarman   Arranger
Bård "Faust" Eithun   Liner Notes
LRZ   Programming

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Formed in 1998 by Samoth and Trym of Emperor,Zyklon was merely their side project.However after Emperor's breakup in 2001,Zyklon has become a full-time band.With vocalist Daemon having parted ways after recording "World Ov Worms" the lineup now consists of Samoth on guitars,Trym on drums,Sechtdamon(drummer of Myrkskog) on vocals and bass and Destructhor(vocalist and guitarist of Myrkskog) as the second guitarist.In terms of skill and musicianship Zyklon is equivalent to Emperor.However there is a world of difference between their musical styles.Whereas Emperor's music sounded majestic due to the classical influences,keyboard melodies and semi operatic vocals along with the black metal shrieks,Zyklon's music is more straightforward and in your face.Samoth and Destructhor's aggressive yet melodic guitar playing is complex and sophisticated ranging from fast paced death metal riffs to slower and sometimes heavy metal-like riffs.Trym's drumming is fantastic as usual.Sechtdamon does a great job with the vocals(growls).Apart from the Death Metal influences,Zyklon has also incorporated Electronic and Industrial Metal influences on "Aeon".Hence the best way to describe the music would be Modern Death Metal. "Psyklon Aeon" begins explosively and prepares the listener for some intense,energetic extreme metal."Core Solution" with it's excellent riffs is undoubtedly one of the best tracks of the album."Subtle Manipulation" is one of the heaviest tracks of the album.Former vocalist Daemon contributes additional vocals on "Two Thousand Years".In my opinion "The Prophetic Method" is the best track of the album."Electric Current" sounds futuristic with it's electronic elements."Aeon" ends with the diverse but excellent "An Eclectic Manner".This track is diverse in terms of the riffs and vocals.The clean vocals on this track by Ofu Kahn compliment Sechtdamon's Death Metal growl very well.Stand-out tracks-"The Prophetic Method","An Eclectic Manner" and "Core Solution".To sum it up, Zyklon's music is intense,powerful,energetic,futuristic and original.I have been playing this album over and over again."Aeon" is a must for any Extreme Metal fan.One of the top five releases of the year.