Afloat and Ashore

Afloat and Ashore

4.3 9
by James Fenimore Cooper

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Afloat and Ashore 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Ausonius More than 1 year ago
The hero of AFLOAT AND ASHORE is young Miles Wallingford, born around 1780 in New York. His father had been a sailor. Like generations of Wallingfords, Miles was born on Clawbonny, a 500-acre farm up a creek from the Hudson River. The early deaths of both parents left Miles and younger sister Grace heirs to a prosperous, if modest estate. The youngsters had been left in charge of the local Anglican parish priest, Rev. Hardinge, a poor widower with two children of his own, Rupert and Lucy. The four children grew up as four closely knit loving siblings. AFLOAT AND ASHORE is the well-balanced first part of a two-novel tale (MILES WALLINGFORD is the follow-on). I pass over in this review five important elements of the novel as follows: -- the bad character of young Rupert Hardinge and its destructive impact on the other three children; -- the romantic love that grew between Faith Wallingford and Rupert and between Lucy Hardinge and Miles Wallingford; -- the role of organized Anglican religion among the Hardinges, Wallingfords and the surprisingly numerous black slaves inherited by Miles and Grace; -- life among and attitudes of the slaves of Clawbonny Farm; -- Insights into other important characters such as Miles's young slave Nebuchadnezzar "Neb" Clawbonny (all the Wallingford slaves bore that surname), retired British Major Merton and his beautiful daughter Emily and wealthy young Andrew Drewett (who strenuously woos Lucy Hardinge, to our hero Miles Wallingford's evident dismay). AFLOAT AND ASHORE is a straightforward tale of Miles's years at sea on two trading voyages(1797 - 1798) and 1799 - 1803) and his time back in New York between the first voyage to Canton, China and during decisive weeks just after the second voyage -- one around the world. For the first jaunt, Rupert persuades Miles to run off with him to sea, without informing Rev. Hardinge. Miles proves himself a born sailor and distinguishes himself on the voyage while Rupert shows his lazy side and resolves at voyage's end to become a land-bound New York lawyer. On the second voyage, Miles, third mate of the good ship Crisis, is surprised and captured, the ship's captain being tomahawked, on the Oregon coast by fiendishly clever American Indians ostensibly peaceably trading furs. When surprised, Miles was on deck watch, lost in memories of his home and young Lucy Hardinge. Everyone else is trapped below deck. Miles redeems himself, however, by tricking the Indian leader, and the ship is recovered. Later, deep in the Pacific, the Crisis discovers an apparently uninhabited coral island. Once again, with guard down, the ship is captured -- this time by undetected French sailors who had been wrecked there. How could this have happened to normally alert American seamen? Fortunately, Miles and nearly 40 others shortly sail after the French and recapture by surprise their own vessel -- in a newly built boat left behind for them by the gallant French captain. Much earlier Miles had been part of the surprise capture of a French vessel, the USA and France being briefly at war. Miles's new Captain and earlier First Mate, Moses Marble, philosophize about surprise captures as a recurring element of life at sea. Miles's conclusion is that "Surprisers musn't be surprised." Generalizing from this maxim, we see that the tragedy of this novel is how Miles and others are constantly "surprised" by the evil behavior of Rupert.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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