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After Apartheid: The Future of South Africa

After Apartheid: The Future of South Africa

by Sebastian Mallaby
This critically acclaimed book is the first to explore the issues confronting a post-apartheid South Africa.


This critically acclaimed book is the first to explore the issues confronting a post-apartheid South Africa.

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal
Mallaby offers a Western journalist's view of the present situation in South Africa, the factors involved in the transition to a black majority government, and the possibilities of success. Unfortunately, this is too brief a book to give more than a superficial review of some of the seemingly insurmountable problems. Among them, Mallaby discusses the difficulty the African National Congress will face in moving from being a party in revolution to a party in power; he describes failures in the rest of the Sub-Saharan Africa and suggests that South Korea is the model that South Africans should follow. Summarizing his conclusions in a brief afterword, he is optimistic that a pragmatic workable democracy will emerge. While Mallaby's book is thought-provoking and readable, it suffers from an arrogant English perspective (as evidenced in this quotation, ``There will not be perfect democracy: this scarcely exists anywhere outside the developed West'') and will anger readers of all persuasions. Hopefully a less superficial account will be published soon.-- Maidel Cason, Univ. of Delaware Lib., Newark
School Library Journal
YA-- ``Perhaps the deadliest legacy of the struggle was the idea that politics, not self-help, held the solution to most things,'' suggests Mallaby. He explores, in some detail, the reasons behind the legacy, and offers some examples that may indicate that such thinking is beginning to wane. Readable text gives students background information for assignments in political science, government, and world studies. It's also useful for investigative reporting, debate, and independent or cooperative proposals for government action. Curious students reading for their own enlightenment will benefit from this cohesive work.-- Barbara Hawkins, Oakton High School, Fairfax, VA

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