After Glow

After Glow

by Christy Poff
Brock Sanders had a definite goal in life - the Federal Bench sitting in San Diego - though his life suffered in other aspects until he saw a gorgeous blonde. Dominique Ashcroft had always been dominant in everything she did until she met an up and coming judge - one headed to the top. A chance meeting brings them together, both finding the missing link from their


Brock Sanders had a definite goal in life - the Federal Bench sitting in San Diego - though his life suffered in other aspects until he saw a gorgeous blonde. Dominique Ashcroft had always been dominant in everything she did until she met an up and coming judge - one headed to the top. A chance meeting brings them together, both finding the missing link from their lives. Will a pair of evil twins destroy their after glow or bring them closer to what they really want?

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Internet Bonds , #8
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Chapter 1

Dominique Ashcroft got off the plane at San Diego International Airport then took a private limo to the Mansion, the magnificent home of an old friend of hers from Boston. The flight had been turbulent and felt longer than usual. Hitting headwinds didn't help at all, Dominique grateful a limo waited for her at the terminal.

She'd called her old friend, David Vickers, to see if she could spend some time at the Mansion. She loved the place and all it offered figuring it would be the perfect spot to enjoy some downtime. Rumors ran rampant around the city that Boston Vice planned to make a grand scale raid on all sex clubs and, seeing as hers flew significantly under their radar, she wanted it kept that way. Her detective friend had given her a call to warn her, something she appreciated. Giving the staff a paid week's vacation and closing for renovations, she left Boston for some California sun.

Having an informant in Vice came in handy while keeping her out of the limelight. What would Daddy's friends think if they heard I run a extremely high-class club catering to the very things they hide from each other? She knew several of them openly had wife-swap parties while their friends feigned ignorance. While her father had been a silent partner in Club Black and White, his friends had no idea. When asked why she named it that, she replied, "Because nothing ever is."

Sitting in the rear of the limo, she stretched out. Cramped in the first-class seat for over six hours had caused her body to ache from being unable to move. She looked forward to being able to change into something way more comfortable once she got to David's. Glancing out the window, she noticedthe sunset--another perk to the West Coast.

When the driver pulled into the driveway of the sprawling private estate, he drove to the front entrance and waited for someone to come open the limo door for her. Hank, a blond-haired college student came to open it and helped her out.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Mistress," he said, before kissing her hand.

"Thank you, Hank," she said. "You've been working out I see."

"Running a lot for track season."

"It shows. Is he in?"

"Waiting for you in his suite. The house is moderately full tonight."

"Ah," she said as she put her arm through his before they went inside.

A few moments after she stood in the entry to the exclusive mansion, one of the waitresses came over to her.

"Holly, how are you?"

"Fine, thank you, Mistress."

"That's good."

"Mistress, the gentlemen in the rear..."

"The naked one?"

"Yes, Mistress," Holly said. "He asked me to request your presence."

"Is he good looking?"

"In many ways."

"There?" Dominique asked mischievously.

"Yes, Mistress, there, too."

"His story?"

"He comes in on a regular basis, looking for a good time."


"He's a judge who works a lot and has no time for a relationship. He's also a friend of Master David's."

"How good?"

"Good enough but not as close as you are."

"I see," Dominique said. "And he wants me?"

"From the moment you walked in the door. What should I tell him?"

"He intrigues me. I'll go talk to him."

"Are you sure, Mistress? I could make your excuses..."

"I'll be fine and thank you for your concern."

Holly returned to her other customers while Dominique spoke with Hank about her luggage.

"Tell him I'll be up in a few minutes. I can't wait to see him."

"Yes, Mistress."

Dominique entered the main room of the club and went straight to the rear where the man sat, his very impressive shaft waiting for release.

"Do you always sit like this?"

"Saves time."

"I understand you wanted to meet me," she continued, noticing his body redden. Holding her amusement so she wouldn't embarrass him further, she sat down next to him when he moved his leg and motioned to the couch next to him.

"I usually expect my slaves to present themselves to me then wait for me to tell them what to do but considering jet lag, I'll let it slide this once."

She looked down to see his cock even harder, throbbing for attention.

"Impressive," she commented.

Gulping, he nodded, obviously at a loss for words.

She gazed into his brilliantly bright blue eyes, finding they held her from moving or doing anything, for that fact. Never had she seen eyes like his--rare gems and ones she wanted to look at each day for the rest of her life. Where the hell did that come from?

"Your beauty drives me insane with desire," he croaked finally.

"Are you always this nervous?"

"No, this is a first for me."

"You sit here in all your glory waiting for the right woman to come by then lose it when she sits with you?"

"Yeah," he said. "Look, I've made a mistake. You're very beautiful but I don't think..."

"You're lucky I'm suffering jet lag because I should shackle you then flog you as punishment for wasting my time."

She noticed his cock harden more, wanting it filling her. This man would definitely be interesting to either train as a sub or submit to.

"If you'll excuse me, I've had a long trip and I'm exhausted. It's been a pleasure."

The man stood up, towering over her petite height with his hot body while still at a loss for words.

Dominique walked out of the room and turned to her left and the stairs. Knowing he could no longer see her, she caught Holly's attention and asked her to prepare the judge for blind ecstasy.


"You will tell him one of the mistresses wants him in her room, restrained and blindfolded. You will then escort him to my usual room and restrain him--totally. I want no chances of him trying anything until I know him a little better. You will then blindfold him and act like you're leaving the room."

"Will I be speaking for you in order to throw him off?"

"Yes," Dominique said, remembering the fun they'd had in the past.

Quickly, she went over what she wanted Holly to say and the two split, Dominique heading to see David Vickers before she visited with the judge.

"Dom, how are you?" David Vickers asked, hugging her then giving her a kiss.

"Tired, the flight took it out of me."

"Sorry to hear that. Hopefully, you'll feel better once you've relaxed."

"What's the story on the naked judge?"

"Judge Brock Sanders is rumored to be up for the Federal bench here in San Diego. He has few friends, doesn't do the social scene and comes here when he needs to..."

"Is he usually at a loss for words?"

"Not that I know of--why?"

Dominique told him what had happened a few minutes before, David snickering.

"Don't you dare say a word," she scolded.

"I won't," he assured her. "I just can't picture Brock speechless."

"I'll be borrowing Holly for a little while in a few minutes."

"Have mercy, lover, he is a judge."

"I've no intension of being merciful," she said, smiling devilishly.

"God, help him."

* * * *

"Where the fuck is my mind?" Brock muttered, berating himself and sitting upright while he watched Mistress Domino walk away. Am I that out of practice or that starved?

Rubbing his temples to chase away the impending headache before it struck, he saw a pair of black stilettos standing in front of him.

"My mistress requests your presence in her room."

"Who is your mistress?"

"I cannot say. You know the rules."

"Damn it! I'm screwing up big time this evening."

"If you'll follow me?"

Nodding, Brock stood feeling very self-conscious all of a sudden. Usually very secure with himself and his sexuality, he now felt like everyone looked at him though not one person cared about anything going on around them.

The waitress led him upstairs to one of the suites, opening the door for him to enter.

"I'm to prepare you for your evening," she said, taking his hand and leading him to where handcuffs hung from the wall. She gently pushed him back, shackling his hands over his head then his feet to the wall, spread apart. "I'm to blindfold you."


"It's what she wants. She wants an air of mystery."

"I guess I deserve what I'm about to get, don't I?"

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean."

Moments later, Brock could not see a thing, the blindfold expertly put on him. He heard the crack of a match being lit then smelled scented candles burning. Lavender, or is it lilac?

"She'll be with you momentarily."

Brock nodded, emotionally preparing himself for whatever lay in store for him. His actions had to be punished, she'd been right about that.

His wait began.

* * * *

From the opposite side of a two-way mirror, Dominique watched His Honor Brock Sanders in all his glory. She could tell he'd been blaming himself for being an idiot but to her, his trouble went deeper than that. Whatever bothered him needed to be healed or he'd never be right--not after tonight.

Holly joined her, both gazing at a fine specimen of a man.

"You did a good job," she complimented, Holly smiling.

"He's an amazing man but he's got so much bottled up inside him."

"I noticed that," Dominique said. "Do you know anything about him?"

"I know he speaks several languages fluently from his time in the Navy but what they are, I'm not sure."

"Fine, I'll fracture Latin on this one. Tell him Mistress Domino has sent him a gift. Hopefully, he'll be so far gone, he won't understand me."

"How long should I stay?"

"A few minutes then I'll call you back to release him."

"Yes, Mistress."

Dominique's hand went to her face, pulling Holly into a kiss.

"You're a very good slave, love."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Together they went into the room where Judge Sanders waited. Dominique nodded and Holly went into her act.

"Mistress Domino has been called away unexpectedly. She has sent you a gift."

Dominique took a deep breath then spoke in Latin to him.

"You please me," she started.


"She said you please her," Holly went on, knowing what Dominique would say from previous experiences.

"Thank you."

"Thank you what?" Dominique scolded.

"She said..."

"I got the drift," Brock snapped. "Thank you, Mistress. My apologies for my ignorance."

Dominique waved Holly away, her slave silently leaving them alone. She went to him, running her fingernail over his skin, feeling him tremble. When she traced his lips, he went to take her finger in his mouth, Dominique pulling away.

"Not yet," she said.

She saw his frustration, the man needing release though her real desire went to training him. She knew increasing the man's stamina alone would be sexually rewarding for them both. But they had to get past his attitude. No slave snapped the way he did and got away with it--he needed to be punished.

Making him wait for her next move, she silently went over to a wooden box sitting on a cabinet. Opening it, she withdrew a small flogger--one that would get her message across while he remained tight against the wall. She saw him trying to figure out where in the room she might be, Dominique smiling. Interesting...

A loud crack broke the silence of her playroom, her slave trying his best not to react. Followed by several more, he proved he could submit to her will even though he seemed to prefer the role of Dominant. One more thing caught her attention--his cock constantly stood at attention. Well I'll be damned--he gets off on this.

Careful not to touch him with her body, she carefully teased him with just the tip of her long polished fingernail. He trembled more under her slow torture, the only reaction in the one place that intrigued her. She'd seen good-looking cocks before but never one as gorgeous as the judge's. How the hell do I claim him?

Knowing what she planned to do could spell possible disaster, she knelt before him, blowing her breath over his shaft. Shooting out as if trying to find heaven, it fell in front of her lips. Glorious temptation ... Without touching him, she took his cock deep in her throat, his groan arousing her more.

"Mistress, please..."

The crack of the flogger on his hip told him she wanted him to be quiet. She drew back then took him again while she watched his reactions. He held his breath but the more she worked his cock, the more his body tried to fail him. His hands clenching into fists before taking hold of the chain on the shackles spoke volumes. Her pace quickened, her own body wanting his cock inside her but she would go without that divine pleasure--at least for now.

Somehow, he began thrusting his cock into her mouth, matching the pace she set. Moments later, his hot seed filled her, his release explosive. Once she'd taken him and licked the last remnants of his cum from his cock, she quietly stood up and left him. Hating herself for being harsh, she ran to her suite of rooms in the rear of the house where none of the customers ever went--the private area David lived in.

Never had she experienced an afterglow like she did now and she wanted more of it and him. He shot not only his essence into her but the most amazing heat she'd ever felt. She'd been a Dominant for several years and no slave ever affected her like this--or even came close--until Judge Brock Sanders.

"Good God, I want him."

Her Blackberry rang, startling her out of the sexual arousal the judge had stirred in her.


* * * *

Brock shivered, unsure if it came from being in a chilly room or the most amazing blow job he'd ever had. Once the sensation left him, he waited, praying for more of her glorious torture. An eternity seemed to pass before he called out to her.


No answer and no punishment--both told him she'd left him.

He heard the faint sound of someone coming into the room.


"I'm sorry, but she's been called away for another client. I've been told to release you. Your clothes are on the chair in the corner. Once I release you, wait several minutes before removing the blindfold."

Brock slowly nodded. How the hell did she do it? He could not figure out how his mistress had disappeared into thin air but she had.

As soon as he'd been freed, he fell to his knees and removed the blindfold. Several shocks coursed through him--something he'd never experienced before. Once he felt he could stand, he slowly dressed then made his way out of the Mansion and to his Audi. He started it, revved the engine and pulled away.

Driving for several hours, he tried to put everything into context and for once in his life, he could not. The Honorable Brockton Prescott Sanders the Fourth couldn't come up with any reasonable explanation. What the hell is going on?

* * * *

"David, could you do me two favors?"

"What, sweetheart?"

"May I borrow your private jet to fly back to Boston?"

"Why? You just got here."

"I have to sell the club. One of the councilors has all of a sudden found his so-called conscience. He called for the raid that sent me out here after I closed the club down for a week."

"But why do you have to sell out?"

"Evidently, it's retribution of some sort. His wife found out what he'd been doing and where he'd been doing it. Now, he wants someone to pay so he can placate his wife and ease his conscience to hold onto her family's money."

"If you go back right now, he could very well throw you in jail on trumped up charges."

"Shit! I never..."

"I'll buy the club."


"I'll buy it--lock, stock and licenses. I've always wanted a club on the East Coast. How much do you want?"

"I planned to talk to the realtor and my father..."

"Your father?"

"Silent partner."

"Call them, get me a figure and the check is yours. I won't mind working with your father. He's a good man."

"David, I can't..."

"Yes, you can, you will and if I were you, I'd talk to a lawyer out here, maybe even an understanding judge. You'll need representation who'll stand his or her ground against the city and old money."

Dominique considered what he said, ruing what she'd just done.

"Can you find someone, please?"


"I just went down on the only legal council I know of out here. Somehow, the words conflict of interest come to mind."

"Why? Sanders is a good man."

"But I don't want him to think I used this..."

"He won't after I explain things to him."

"He only knows me as Mistress Domino. Please, don't tell him who I really am."

"He'll need to know sooner or later."

"When I feel I'm ready to trust him."

"Okay," he said hesitantly. "What's the second favor?"

"Tell me about Brock Sanders."

* * * *

Brock drove out of the city and headed to one of his favorite places besides San Diego--Coronado. When a case bothered him or he needed to clear his head in a hurry, he went there. All he wanted now--space.

Walking along the beach, he gazed out at the incoming breakers. In the distance, he could see ships lit up for the evening. He passed a couple old-timers night fishing and smiled--life at its simplest. Where did mine go?

A strange woman shook his confidence, took charge of him and left him. He knew he got more from her than he deserved, his conduct when she arrived despicable. Feeling like an idiot and a fool, he wanted to make things right but could not begin to figure out where or how.

He pulled out his Blackberry and pressed a number in his speed dial.

"Can you meet me at my place? I need your help."

* * * *

Brock walked into his house overlooking the marina and threw his keys on the table near the door. He slid out of his jacket, dropping it on a chair as he passed by on the way to his bar. He enjoyed casual drinking and very seldom felt the need to have one but right now, he needed a good, strong Bourbon--maybe several.

"I used the extra key, I hope you don't mind."

"I'm glad you did," Brock said, shaking hands with his best friend, Trevor Grant--tall, lanky and ruggedly good-looking.

"What's up?"

"How much time do you have?"

"A case?"


"Talk to me," Grant said.

Brock explained what had happened earlier and how he needed to get hold of the woman in order to, not only apologize, but investigate the feelings he'd been experiencing.

"Do you realize this could hurt the appointment?"

"I'm not worried about that right now. I've gone to the Mansion for years and met the same men who sit on the panel getting off on worse than I do. I could burn several of them without a thought though, at the moment, I don't care to. I want to find Domino and..."

"What about the owner?"

"I thought I'd try using your methods. Right now, I'm so emotionally fucked up, I can't see straight. I can't afford to screw this up or any more for that matter."

"I hope she's worth it. I don't want to see you losing everything you've worked for because of..."

Brock's eyes felt the tears trying to push through. He rubbed them, then squeezed the bridge of his nose, trying to relieve the tension.

"I learned one thing tonight."


"I've got everything I want but the right woman to share it with. I'm not whole, yet for a few moments tonight, I felt complete. I need to know for my sanity."

"I've never seen you like this before--not in the service, in a court of law--anywhere."

"I know," Brock said quietly. "I'm terrified of it, too."

* * * *

Meet the Author

Christy Poff lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids - her teenage daughter and her son who serves in the Air Force. Stationed in Minot, North Dakota – he is thankfully only a cell phone call away. Previously, she wrote news articles for local newspapers and regional firefighting publications. With her articles, she added photography to her pieces. Writing for several years, she has a deep respect for the Civil War and has done extensive research into the times. This love and research have resulted in several Civil war novels including CHASE FOR AN ANGEL which was born from this love and released in March, 2006. Others will follow. She loves old cities with and history like Charleston and New Orleans, the wide-open spaces of Wyoming and the Dakotas plus seeing the rest of the U.S. and western Canada. A volunteer firefighter for over twenty-five years, she’s been able to use her experience in several published works for others and even in some of her own work. People wonder what she writes to – Brooks and Dunn, Gary Allan, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Harry Connick or whoever strikes her mood at the time. She loves to watch Iron Chef on the Food Network, CSI:Miami and reruns of Nash Bridges, Miami Vice, Night Court and JAG.

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