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After Hours the Collection: Northern Soul Masters

After Hours the Collection: Northern Soul Masters


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Disc 1

  1. You Hit Me (Right Where It Hurt Me)
  2. Somebody (Somewhere) Needs Me
  3. I Love Her So Much It Hurts Me
  4. Think It Over
  5. Angel Baby (Don't You Ever Leave Me)
  6. Go for Yourself
  7. I Remember the Feeling
  8. Satisfied
  9. That's when the Tears Start
  10. Good Love Gone Bad
  11. My Heart Needs a Break
  12. Ooh Baby
  13. Crazy Baby
  14. In the Twilight Zone
  15. I'm Gonna Run Away from You
  16. Get Ready
  17. Since You Said You'd Be Mine
  18. Call on Me
  19. How Can You Say That Ain't Love
  20. Find Me Somebody
  21. This Is the Thanks I Get
  22. Feels Good
  23. Sufferin' City
  24. Just Say Goodbye
  25. After Closing Time

Disc 2

  1. Mr. Creator
  2. Afternoon of the Rhino
  3. I Can't Break the News to Myself
  4. Just Can't Live My Life
  5. Something's Burnin'
  6. Don't Pity Me
  7. Here I Go Again
  8. Stirrin' Up Some Soul
  9. Fireman
  10. Baby Help Me
  11. Catch Me I'm Falling
  12. The Joker (On a Trip Thru the Jungle)
  13. Thank You Baby for Loving Me
  14. I Got My Baby Back
  15. Man with the Golden Touch
  16. Take Your Love and Run
  17. Where Did I Go Wrong?
  18. Yes to the Lord
  19. Bar-B-Q
  20. Don't You Even Care
  21. Keep Me in Suspense
  22. King of the Horse
  23. You Forgot how to Love
  24. Something New to Do
  25. West 4th Street

Disc 3

  1. Mean It Baby
  2. Send Him Back
  3. You Got to Pay Your Dues
  4. A Last Minute Miracle
  5. Please Operator
  6. Too Late to Say You're Sorry
  7. Got to Find a Way
  8. Bright Lights
  9. Slippin' Around with You
  10. Love Don't Go Through No Changes on Me
  11. My Love Is Getting Stronger
  12. Happiest Girl in the World
  13. A Thousand Wonders
  14. Can't You See (You're Losing Me)
  15. I'll Be Loving You
  16. Contact
  17. Tell Me Why
  18. We Need to Be Loved
  19. Frantic Escape
  20. Ain't That Terrible
  21. I Want It Back (Your Love)
  22. Hang My Head and Cry
  23. I Want Somebody (To Show Me the Way Back Home)
  24. Nothing Is Impossible
  25. You're Losing Me

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