After Party: A collection of five erotic stories

After Party: A collection of five erotic stories

by Cyanne, Teresa Joseph, January James, Landon Dixon

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed spanking themes.

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed spanking themes.

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The first slap stunned me. My skin was alive and tingling and his hand landed with a big wet smack across my buttocks, the sudden force and the streak of pain a climax in itself. After that the lightest touch would send me over the edge and I physically begged him to touch me, pushing backwards so he could see how ready I was.
He hit me again, one side, then the other, and again, and again, and I heard him groan and knew how much my shiny wet flesh quivering and reddening would be getting to him. It stung, and a million feelings coursed through my body and mind. I wanted another spank, but I was equally afraid of the next blow landing. I wanted him to lick me, to fuck me right now, but I never wanted this to end.
Dan’s fingers were on me gently again, tracing up my thighs towards my soaking pussy, but his touch skimmed past and he instead pushed the tip of his finger into my bum. I melted, and tried to rock backwards to have him penetrate me more but he pulled his hand away and spanked me again.
As if I wasn’t soaking enough, the bottle came back out and he squeezed yet more lube over me. I felt his cock slide up between my legs, deliciously over my clit, and just inside my pussy for a second before he pulled out and pushed into my arse. I screamed out as the feelings overwhelmed me. He thrusted perfectly, just a couple of inches inside me, his body rubbing and exacerbating my reddened bum and legs with every thrust. Dan reached around my waist and found my clit, dripping with lube and juices, and rubbed it with his palm, slowing his thrusts but going deeper and I came hard, jerking violently. My orgasm tipped him over the edge and he came inside me, pulling me close to him and kissing my back.

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