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After The Rain

After The Rain

3.7 6
by Mary J. Williams

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Welcome to the NFL.
The Seattle Knights have the hottest players in the game. On and off the field.

Logan Price is getting a second chance.
Claire Thornton is going to make sure it counts.

Logan Price was living his dream. After years of hard work he finally made it. Starting running back for the Knights.
After only a few games, he was a fan favorite.


Welcome to the NFL.
The Seattle Knights have the hottest players in the game. On and off the field.

Logan Price is getting a second chance.
Claire Thornton is going to make sure it counts.

Logan Price was living his dream. After years of hard work he finally made it. Starting running back for the Knights.
After only a few games, he was a fan favorite. There were whispers of a rookie of the year award.
It all ended with a devastating injury to his leg that sent him back to Oklahoma. A failed attempt at a comeback sent him into a deep depression.
His life became about two things. Working at his father's bar, and running. One filled his days. The other made getting through the endless nights a little easier.
When an old friend offers Logan a lifeline, he's reluctant to grab hold. He could live without football--barely. But he didn't think he could survive getting his hopes up only to lose it all again.
Claire Thornton's dreams are just as big as Logan's. She left the small town where she was born to make something of herself. It hasn't been easy. A woman with no money and no connections. Everything she has, she's earned. Helping Logan Price make it back to the NFL will prove to her detractors that she can be a trainer. She is determined to make it in a male-dominated world.
The attraction is instantaneous.
The reasons not to get involved too numerous to list.
It only takes one kiss--one touch--for them to realize it they want their dreams to come true they need more than luck. They need each other.

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Meet the Author

Want to know how to motivate yourself to write a book?
Have your favorite football team lose the Super Bowl.
On the last play.
With an interception.
The next day I was so depressed I tuned out all media. No TV, no internet, no newspapers--nothing. And I started to write. I'm still writing.
As you can see, a little motivation can do wonders.
Football will play a big part in my this series. And since I'm writing the ending? No interceptions. Guaranteed.

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After The Rain 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
After The Rain by Mary J. Williams is entertainment at it's finest. Ms Williams' well written book sucked me in with the prologue and didn't turn me loose until the epilogue was done. While being a football fan, I'm not a huge fan of sports books, but I loved this one. The characters in After The Rain are well developed and kept me engaged in the story from cover to cover. Logan and Claire's story is fast paced and a fun read. There's plenty of drama, humor, action and sizzle to round out the story. I enjoyed reading After The Rain and look forward to my next book by Mary J. Williams. After The Rain is book 1 in the One Pass Away Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
When I requested After the Rain from the publisher from Netgalley.com I expected a sports centered romance, but unfortunately while this is pretty good novel about a sports figure healing, it has very little sports in it. Logan is the injured NFL star who returns home to Oklahoma broken by his injury. His former teammate introduces him to Claire a trainer who is looking to prove herself by helping heal. They work and Logan begins to heal. Both are attracted to the other, but are reluctant to act on them because of consequences for both of their careers. This is a pretty ok romance, but I didn't really feel a connection between either lead in the book. The writing style was choppy and overall it wasn't my cup of tea.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Logan Price was walking on cloud nine, he was finally achieving his dream of being a running back in the NFL, and was doing quite well at it too, well enough to possibly earn himself a rookie of the year award. But everything in his life came to a screeching halt when he suffered a sidelining knee injury and it took him out of the game for a while, requiring him to have surgery and hours of physical therapy. He hoped to be able to return after he was healed, but that plan didn't pan out so well, so he heads back home to Denville, Oklahoma to run his father's bar. He spends his days trying to muddle through his depression, and finds some relief in running and trying to keep himself in shape, but as much as he tries to hide it, his friends see the disappointment, and want to help. A former teammate encourages him to take another crack at his football dream, and lines him up with a trainer to get him back into prime shape, and hopefully back onto the field. The minute he meets Claire, his trainer, he falls hard for her, but he knows it's a line he just can't afford to cross... Claire Thornton left her small town life behind, for a chance at her dream job in the big leagues, but so far nothing seems to be panning out. That is until she gets the chance of a lifetime helping former NFL star Logan Price get back into playing shape. If she can accomplish this task, and help him get a starting spot with the team again, then it could open a lot of doors for her, doors that could get her that much closer to her dream! But the minute she meets Logan she finds herself smitten with him, but she knows acting on her attraction for him would completely derail her dream, so she tries her best to deny the lingering attraction that is between them... This was my first time reading a book by this author and I have to say that it turned out to be quite a memorable first read. This story pulled me in almost instantly and had me flying right through pages to see if Claire and Logan would find the happily ever after that they both deserved, and I am happy to report I found that and so much more!! Both characters had a deep appreciation for one another, and I think that coupled with the ineventive story line really drew me in, and helped maintain my interest the whole way through! I highly recommend you add this one to your reading list, it is sure to leave you with a happy heart and wanting to come back for more!! ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Brooks Publications in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.
starznstripes24 More than 1 year ago
3 1/2 stars I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It had the athlete in me coming out. Logan was dealt both a good and bad set of cards in his life. A good childhood despite the circumstances provided him with the drive and determination he needed to succeed as an adult. Life threw him a few curveballs, and he managed to persevere until...the dreaded "I" word for any athlete - injury. One that appeared to be career ending. He goes back to his small home town to get on with life as the cards have dealt him and work in his dad's bar. One night his former QB and Claire walk into the bar at closing time with a proposition. Logan takes little time to accept and begins the road (and the fight) back to the NFL. Claire is his ace in the hole. In laymen's terms, she's a therapist/trainer. Their attraction is instant, and they take little time to act on it. I could really relate to Logan's story - all the stumbling blocks that life threw his way to get him to where he was before his comeback training. The small town aspect of the story was also warming to the heart in many ways. It also proved that some rivalries never fade and the fact that some men never grow up while others thrive as adult men. I never really felt the chemistry between Logan and Claire, but they were "right" as a couple. They complemented each other very well and despite their working with each other to attain their individual career goals, they completed each other as a couple beautifully. While the ending didn't grant both of their wishes and dreams, it showed how sometimes you need the bigger picture (and someone to stand there for you) to alter the original dream and be just as successful. There are several lessons to be learned in this book if you take the time to look for them. This is the first book that I have read by Mary and look forward to reading more. I received a NetGalley copy for review and would recommend this book.
TheBunny1 More than 1 year ago
***ARC Provided by the Publisher/Promoter and NetGalley*** It was ok really covers this book and how I felt about it. It is hard to write a review when you feel that you didn't like something but don't have one really good reason for feeling that way. I liked Logan and Claire, but the supporting characters felt very one dimensional and many of them didn't even need to be present. I thought the rivalry back to childhood subplot was unnecessary and, with the fact that the author drug out the "will Logan make it back on the team" tension through the entire book, it was not necessary for the other tension. It is almost like the author was aware that the "will Logan make the NFL team" tension was old news and had lost its emotional pull and she needed something additional. I didn't like the way the book would just jump into a flashback, when telling of the story would work and both methods were used inconsistently. It was set as a sport romance in the NFL, but football wasn't the focus. I was expecting him to have a lot more time as a player, instead it is in the roughly last chapter and epilogue where football is actually where Logan's focus is...and not healing to play the game. It was set in a small town in Oklahoma, so not even like he was surrounded by the sport and his team as he tried to recover. That was another miss for me. The dialog wasn't smooth and the writing style was also a little choppy and jerky, which also made it difficult to fully engage with the book. Overall, this book had potential and left me feeling like it was one good edit away from being really well done.
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
I was surprised at how drama free this one actually was. We spent the majority of the book getting to know the characters and their friends & family, plus a little of their history – the highlights of what made them the people they are today. And it was an extremely fast read for me, I think because of that. We were there with Claire and Logan as they met, worked to get him back in the NFL & prove her worth as a trainer, and watched them as they develop a relationship. We didn’t really get them falling in love, more the realization that they had. They had this instant attraction to each other & danced around that a little at the beginning, but once they gave in to it we jumped forward a few months, towards the end of their time in Oklahoma before Logan headed back for training camp. Williams did a great job of giving us interesting secondary characters as well and I can’t wait for the next book because I’m hoping we get Gaige’s story. And more of the Knights because I will warn you that if you are looking for a sports romance you won’t really get it here. Most of the story could have been about any couple because other than Logan’s stress over getting back into the NFL very little time is spent around football. Not that I’m complaining because it’s a good story but some may be looking for that in particular. Over all, I was surprised at how quickly I made my way through it. It shows on Amazon as almost 200 pages but it sure seemed shorter … and not in a bad way. I really enjoyed the characters – they are fun and interesting and entertaining, both the main and the secondary. The plot wasn’t full of drama, just some small town trouble here & there, and they both had a good head on their shoulders about their relationship so that wasn’t too angsty. I’m going to blame good writing for why it went by so fast while still managing to keep me interested and ending then with a very satisfied feeling :) (Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)