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by S. L. Viehl

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In her groundbreaking science fiction novels—Bio Rescue, Blade Dancer, and the bestselling Stardoc series—S. L. Viehl has proven time and again that she deserves her reputation as “a terrific world builder” (Midwest Book Review). She continues the story of the Allied League of Worlds and its elite Bio Rescue unit of


In her groundbreaking science fiction novels—Bio Rescue, Blade Dancer, and the bestselling Stardoc series—S. L. Viehl has proven time and again that she deserves her reputation as “a terrific world builder” (Midwest Book Review). She continues the story of the Allied League of Worlds and its elite Bio Rescue unit of military trained SEAL (surgically enhanced/altered lifeform) pilots.
The Hsktskt slavers have been driven out of the Pmoc quadrant. K-2, the home planet of the underwater dwelling ‘Zangians, has been selected to host the resulting peace summit. When an ambassador’s shuttle is attacked en route to the conference, Bio Rescue pilot Sub-Lieutenant Burn mu Znora manages to intercept the vessel and prevent the abduction of the ambassador’s daughter Liana.
Now, with the Bio Rescue unit officially assigned to police the peace negotiations, Burn must stay close to Liana—an assignment he’s happy to accept. But as it becomes clear someone is determined to sabotage the conference, Burn realizes Liana is hiding a deadly secret—a secret that may alter the fate of four worlds...

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Publishers Weekly
Deliciously aquatic, creepy-crawly aliens abound in Viehl's latest Stardoc installment, which centers on a tricky peace conference held on the undersea-dwelling 'Zangians' home planet following the expulsion of the nasty reptilian Hsktskt slavers from Pmoc Quadrant. SEAL biotech augmentation has added lungs to some 'Zangians' gills, and nine-feet-tall ultra-aggressive fighter pilot trainee Burn mu Znora swims gallantly in the flipper strokes of his intrepid cousin and commander, Jadaira, the heroine of Bio Rescue (2004). Burn takes on an assortment of conniving otherworlders and falls desperately in love with the lovely Liana, whose Ylyd ambassador mother wants Burn neutered. Even though Viehl invests her aliens with predictable human passions and prejudices, this interplanetary romp offers wave after wave of surging action and a climactic tsunami of unmaskings and reversals in the name of tolerance and understanding. Agent, Robin Rue at Writers House. (Aug.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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Bio Rescue , #2
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Afterburn 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jadaira 'Dair' now looks different from her species. She is melded with DNA of 'Zangian and Terran. Her pilot mate, Onkar, still considers her to be his entire world though. Dair was one of the main characters in the previous book, 'Bio Rescue'. She has large secondary parts in this novel, but the multiple layered plot has several other main characters this time. ............................ Sublieutenant Byorn 'Burn' mu Znora may be Jadaira's cousin, but she is his superior in rank and cuts him no slack. He wants to pilot Rescue Three of the 'Zangian SEALS, but his wishes must wait. Their planet, Kevarzangia Two 'K-2', is hosting a Peace Summit between the races of Ninrana, Ylydii, and Skartesh. K-2 is home to multiple races of water breathers, as well as, air breathers. A few aquatics have been altered so they can breath air for several hours before needing to submerge back into water. ................................... The Peace Summit is causing Administrator Ana Hansen to guzzle down coffee as if it was water. By luck, her brand new assistant, Emily Kim, is a miracle and helps keep Ana sane and the work flowing smoothly. Emily's best friend is a male Omorr (insect-like race) named Hkyrim. Terran's have a bad reputation (due to the Terrans who spit on people they did not like). Therefore, Emily is shunned by most of the life forms living on K-2. A Terran and Omorr being friends has never happened before. Hkyrim works with the medical examiner, in the morgue. Unknown to Ana, this friendship makes Emily even more valuable to her department, as well as, to K-2. Some recent bodies from Ambassador Carada's ship seem to have died from poison. Hkyrim wishes to study the ship for traces, but the ME refused to approve it. Emily, as the Administer Assistant CAN give the warrant. Good thing too. The 'virus' is special and attacks only certain types of beings. Not only is the Peace Summit in jeopardy, but all aquatic life on K-2. ............................... Meanwhile, the Mogshrikes in the water (they make our sharks look like kittens) are acting oddly. So is a hive of Barax on the land. All Hades is about to break loose. ................................ ***** EXCELLENT! This sequel is very well done. The characters are the same, but readers see them develop and interact. There are some new characters as well. The new ones were inserted smoothly and they have a potential for the author to do things with them in the third book too. I eagerly wait to read the next in this outstanding series. There are also a few other sub-plots going on that I did not mention. There is so much happening in this novel that there is no way I can give a thorough synopsis without giving spoilers. Since I refuse to give spoilers in my reviews, all I can say is that I have told about half of them. The other half intertwine with main plot. Author S.L. Viehl has a die hard fan in me! *****
harstan More than 1 year ago
On the planet K-2, the dominant life form is the `Zangians who live mostly in the air but can exist for brief periods of time on the land. K-2 is part of the Allied League of Worlds, who is at war with the Hskstkt, slavers who objected to the league coming into their territories to establish colonies. The Hsktskt were driven out of K-2 and the SEALs, surgically enhanced altered life species who can live for longer period out of the water than their brethren, patrol the skies to make sure their enemy doesn¿t return................... The species who live in the same sector of space as K-2 are holding a peace summit to iron out problems between their peoples. The Skaresh, who are living on K-2, demand their own place preferably a moon of K-2 while the Ninrana need water, which is running out on the planet. The aquatic Yldii want to expand their empire while the `Zangians desire all the worlds form a peace pact. However not everyone wants the peace summit to succeed and one of the delegates will do whatever is necessary to see it fail............................... S.L. Viehl is a fabulous world-builder who invented a planet where the dominant species isn¿t humanoid and most of the sentient people that live there are not terrans; most species hold terrans in little regard as xenophobic idiots with the exception of a few who work for the betterment of the planet. It is fascinating to watch the different species survive in their environs while also interacting with one another. This is one of the best books the author has written with several characters deserving their own story in future novels................ Harriet Klausner