Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology


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Sumthing (Generic)

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  15. Ma'am...Some Other Sunset (Defeat Theme)
  16. Gary's Reserve
  17. Eat Your Potatoes (Quiet Mix)  - Kevin McMullan

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Simon James   Concert Master
Northwest Sinfonia   Performing Ensemble
Joseph Crnko   Conductor
Kevin McMullan   Dulcimer,Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Percussion,Drums,Electric Guitar,Hand Clapping,E-bow,Guitar (Nylon String),Bul-bul
Chris Rippy   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Electric Guitar
Stephen Rippy   Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Bass,Mandolin,Electric Guitar,Electric Piano,Recorder,Hand Clapping,Pump Organ,Guitar (Nylon String)

Technical Credits

Steve Smith   Engineer
Bob Ludwig   Mastering
Dana Bourke   Engineer
Kevin McMullan   Composer,Programming
Stephen Rippy   Composer,Programming

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