The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World
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The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World

by Alan Greenspan

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Alan Greenspan conveys the education of a lifetime. See more details below


Alan Greenspan conveys the education of a lifetime.

Editorial Reviews

Sebastian Mallaby
Greenspan's political memoir, which occupies the first half of the book, is readable, lucid and sometimes a bit thin on the dilemmas of monetary policy. In the book's second half, Greenspan the charmer makes way for Greenspan the technician, and the result is a 250-page essay on globalization. His overviews of Russia, India and China say little that is not familiar to attentive readers of the news. But the last chapter makes a powerful and remarkably self-deprecating point. Readers who persevere will feel rewarded.
—The Washington Post
Michael Kinsley
Not only can Greenspan discourse lucidly on economic matters, but he has also written the most unexpectedly charming Washington insider memoir since Katharine Graham's a decade ago. The books are very different. The charm of Graham's was its frankness. The publisher of The Washington Post dished and dissed, starting with her mother. Greenspan is the soul of tact. Far too many people are labeled as his "friend." Even the mildest criticism is prefaced by a statement of high regard and/or followed by an expression of regret. He doesn't lay a glove on his mother. The charm of Greenspan's book is its self-portrait.
—The New York Times
Michael Mandel
Most people will read Greenspan's book for the shock value of his attack on Republicans. But they also will find that Greenspan's well-informed musings offer much more food for thought than the usual government official memoir.

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