Ageing, Social Security and Affordability

Ageing, Social Security and Affordability

by Theodore R. Marmor

ISBN-10: 1840148179

ISBN-13: 9781840148176

Pub. Date: 08/28/1998

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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International Studies on Social Security
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Table of Contents

Introduction and overview
Pt. 1General Issues
1.1Social assistance in the member states of the European Union: Common features and continuing differences3
1.2The relation between social and occupational security28
1.3Legal indexation of social security benefits: An international comparison of systems and their effects61
Pt. 2Pension Reform
2.1The hidden liabilities of public pension plans in twelve EU-countries: What does it mean?79
2.2Pensions in transition in the U.S. and Japan: Parallels and contrasts99
2.3Transitional effects of a change in the Spanish pension system119
2.4Financing old age in Singapore: Are there lessons for the welfare states?152
2.5Pay-as-you-go versus funded system of financing pensions in Central and Eastern Europe178
2.6Pension system reforms in Latin America: How much privatization?203
Pt. 3Health Care Insurance
3.1Equity, cost containment and efficiency in health care: Can they be achieved by regulated competition?225
3.2Health care reform: What is the problem?246
3.3The social and economic consequences of delaying a political decision concerning reform of the health care system in Poland271
3.4Provision and financing of long-term care for the elderly: The role of government287
Pt. 4Healthy Life Expectancy
4.1Impact of the evolution of health expectancy on future public health care expenditures305
4.2Forecasts of future disabled and institutionalized US populations 1995 to 2040327
List of contributors349

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