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Agent with a History

Agent with a History

4.3 8
by Guy Stanton III

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It's been one long day for Lisa and her headache is living proof of it. Most of it she blamed on the full moon outside. Things always got crazy this time of the month, but this month was exceptional. She needed sleep bad and only hoped the nightmares that haunted her would leave her alone for at least one night. They don't. She wakes up as usual screaming only to


It's been one long day for Lisa and her headache is living proof of it. Most of it she blamed on the full moon outside. Things always got crazy this time of the month, but this month was exceptional. She needed sleep bad and only hoped the nightmares that haunted her would leave her alone for at least one night. They don't. She wakes up as usual screaming only to find out that her nightmare has just begun, because she's not alone in her room.

One man has been gruesomely tortured to death in a ritualistic killing. An entire police precinct has been reconstructed down to the smallest detail in an abandoned warehouse and a mysterious stranger known only as Flint seems to be the cause of it all. It's a case that is fast turning into one big headache for Lisa Tauranto a detective for the NYPD, but it gets much worse when her past, that she's tried so hard to bury, rises up to engulf her in its golden grip once again. Lisa is ripped from the existence that she so pain stakingly built for herself into a mixed up world of intrigue, where nothing is as it seems. It's a fight to survive and to protect what she is sworn to, but will love conquer all? Will she betray her oath to be happy? Does she even have a choice anymore or does a several thousand year old mystery hold enough weight in treasure to drag her down with it? Everyone wants her dead, everyone that is but for one man who is the cause of all her upheaval in the first place. He's an agent working for someone, but she doesn't know who. She only hopes he's as good as his kisses make her believe him to be.

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Words of Action
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The Agents for Good , #1
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Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author

I’m a dreamer, a poet, a lover, a husband, a father, and a man of God. I’m inspired by what I’ve seen and what I’ve read, but what I create with my words is where I dream. I pray for inspiration, and I enjoy what I have written just as I hope that others will as well. I’m a quiet man on the outside, but writing has become the playground of my soul to express itself in the grandeur of the created worlds and tales that I have been fortunate enough to dream of. The best way to find out more about me is to read my books. I write from the heart and I express both my shortcomings and my triumphs. I like to think of my writing as 'Reality Fiction'. I tell it like I see it. Life is short and the troubles many, but with faith in Jesus Christ all things have become possible to me. I may write 'make believe', but I strive to live out what I write. I enjoy my work and I hope you do too. Have a blessed time reading my imaginative thoughts.

Sincerely, Guy Stanton III

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Agent with a History 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
One of the best books i have read in a long time and i love that god was included
Anonymous 11 months ago
Great read. Couldnt put it down. This author has been blessed and with his blessing he blesses others!
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
LibraryThing Book Review~ Lisa Tauranto is New York Police Detective that may or may not hold the key to a legendary treasure. She is investigating case of apparent suicides but the evidence lean this way. Mystery man named Flint only wants to protect Lisa from harm and maybe himself. When Lisa is given a leave of absence, she struggles to understand why all of this is happening to her. Lisa finds herself on dangerous path she reaches out to Flint for help. Flint asks for her trust and she readily gives it. Lisa discovers that she enjoys being comforted by Flint. Flint shows Lisa the benefit of finding a Godly man who wants what is best for her now and in the future too. Where is this legendary treasure? Will Lisa accept her own faith in God? Will Lisa ever learn Flint's real name? Your answers await you in Agent with a History. This is the second novel by Mr.Stanton III, that I've read and thoroughly enjoyed. I even enjoyed faith in God aspect as well because it wasn't too preachy nor shoved down my throat either. I appreciate Mr. Stanton III, writing style for it's ease of reading. Both the story and characters are compelling, raw, honest, and down to earth. I look forward to more work by this author.
Archaeolibrarian More than 1 year ago
This book starts off with Lisa (our main female) walking into an exact replica of the police precinct where she works. A man has been tortured before being murdered and this is where the lead takes her. There is a lot of action in this book and you are quickly swept away with it all. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't swept away enough to ignore the questions that weren't answered or the contradictions given. If you are wondering why there is an exact replica of the police precinct, prepare to keep on wondering. This is never answered. Nor is the case ever solved or do you find out anything else about betrayal and corruption as the subject is dropped like a hot potato about halfway through. Lisa is a woman who has perfected half a dozen different forms of unarmed combat according to Rafferty but who is quickly overpowered in her own home with hardly a struggle or fight being put up. Lisa is also someone who was raised in a highly unpredictable, untrustworthy and abusive home from birth until 16 but trusts Flint "instinctively" even though he lies constantly and she is never quite sure what his motives are. But hey, it's okay, it's Flint. She has only spent a very short amount of time with him before declaring her love. I think the ultimate for me though had to be towards the end of the book when they are finally alone and about to act upon their feelings for each other. Lisa says that it's not right to do it before marriage. This is when Flint drops his bombshell that they ARE actually married. He tricked her into signing the forms without her knowledge or consent - AND SHE'S OKAY WITH THIS!!! Then, at around the 50% mark of the book, I felt like I was suddenly sat in church reading the bible. This book turned from being an action/adventure story into a sermon. If I wanted to be preached to I would visit a church of my choosing at my time. The rest of the story is peppered with tales from the bible, biblical references and mentions of faith. If you are looking for a Christian action and adventure book where they won't have sex until after she has a ring on her finger then you will probably enjoy this book.
J_Augustine More than 1 year ago
Explosions, fabulous wealth, psychopathic killers, exotic locations, murder, betrayal, and romance, all make Agent With A History one heck of a wild ride. Non-stop action and adventure that will keep both men and women glued to their e-readers. Guy Stanton III has penned a story that both genders can read and enjoy. I started expecting to work on it over the weekend, I wound up finishing it in one day. In many ways I was reminded of Indiana Jones but with an element of faith added into the adventure. I think one of the better aspects of the story is that it not only reads much like an adventure movie but it also conjured up that reader's mental movie-screen. Page-turning, thrill-a-minute reading without all of the garbage usually slipped into the genre. If you love those over-the-top adventure films, you know the ones, chases, agents and guys you don't know what side they are on, terrorists, bombs in cases, secrets taken the grave, beautiful women and handsome-but-dangerous men, well Agent With A History just might be the story for you. One thing I will note is that there is some adult content, not explicit, but I probably wouldn't suggest it for kids. Action-packed adventure is waiting for you on the digital page . . . (I received an e-book copy from the author in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kind of Supernatural.
sportzmomof5 More than 1 year ago
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I love the story but the form was a little confusing. I had a hard time keeping track of who was narrating since it would go from first person to third. Even though that was a little hard to keep up with the story was captivating. It was a story with twists and turns and fast paced. Would love to read more from this author and more in this series.