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Agony Of It All C

Agony Of It All C

by Davidson

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The author, a California psychotherapist, here identifies three types of female drama seekers, all of whom have high sensation-seeking needs: the fighter, who whips up ``episodes'' by causing conflict; the challenger, who is stimulated by striving against steep or inappropriate competition (as the so-called other woman, or by aiming for other long-shot goals); and the rebel, whose ``bad girl'' behavior and risk-taking may take the form of shoplifting, gambling or other harmful behavior. Through therapy-session scenarios, Davidson shows ways that the basic drive for sensation is often thwarted for women in life situations; men, she observes, are granted more opportunities to express aggression and to seek adventure in careers and leisure pastimes. As an example, she offers the model of Lucy Ricardo's husband-defying antics in I Love Lucy to demonstrate that a woman's power can go underground and reemerge as ``melodramatic'' behavior. The book starts out as catchy and flamboyant, but the soap-opera imagery and bold strokes make their points: the guide builds persuasively through an illuminating description of a many-sided problem and toward a six-point program that can provide a handle for positive personal change. 75,000 first printing. (June)

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