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Ain'T Nothing Like Being Married To An Old, Elderly Man

Ain'T Nothing Like Being Married To An Old, Elderly Man

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by Melody Davidson

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Ain't nothing like being married to an elderly man. Written for single and married women. Mental and physical abused women. Women of all races and background. It is a resource for knowledge of the Do and Dont's of a relationship and or marriage.
Used as a reference book, it offers my readers facts and information. This book is a hard core, no hold barred.


Ain't nothing like being married to an elderly man. Written for single and married women. Mental and physical abused women. Women of all races and background. It is a resource for knowledge of the Do and Dont's of a relationship and or marriage.
Used as a reference book, it offers my readers facts and information. This book is a hard core, no hold barred. Although this women's book can be enjoyed by anyone, including single and married men, it was specifically written for adult woman that seeks a relationship with elderly men.
As you probably know, more than 50 million women in and out of the United States have dealt with a marriage for all the wrong reasons. These women too often accept the abuse simply because of a lack of knowledge.
Having low self-esteem, women fail to realize they are Queens. Women deserve to be respected. Although other books, such as, Women Beatings through the Eyes of the Abuser, have tried to provide information, the book usually lack a woman's point of view.
(What abuse woman really wants to get information from the abuser himself?) And none of the books uses the hard core approach - an approach that has revolutionized the way I see women as part of my own family.

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Ain't Nothing Like Being Married to an Old, Elderly Man

By Melody Davidson


Copyright © 2011 Melody Davidson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-0914-2

Chapter One

What you doing talking to young girls?

Damn, be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it. Well, I used to ask GOD to please send me a good man. I needed a man who could settle my hot ass down. I was so tired of being with different guys. I could never run across that perfect match for me. When I asked GOD to send me someone, I didn't go into details of the perfect man. I didn't specifically say he should be dark or white or what have you. Tall, short, old, young, rich, or poor. So, I believe I got just what I asked for. Please be very careful when talking to GOD. Make sure you go into exact details. Stop, think, meditate, be sure, then ask.

My kids father and I, we all moved from Minnesota to Kansas. We were not married, but we lived together. Anyway, we lived in the ghetto. Driving ghetto Benzez and BMWs. Even though we lived in a section eight house, we lived ghetto fuckin fabulous. That man kept money in my pocket. I just didn't love him the right way. I did it all wrong. You see, when you go into something the wrong way, nine times out of ten, you will come out the same. We only lived together for the sake of our children. We lived a fraudulent life, did a lot of nigga shit.

One day, I was driving my kids to school and I would always see this same old looking Cadillac behind me. This went on for two weeks. I finally got tired and a little scared. I pulled over to see if the Cadillac would pass me. Little did I know, the Cadillac pulled right behind me and stopped. So I yelled at him saying, why are you stalking me? All of a sudden, I see this old ass short man get out of his car, approaching my Mercedes Benz. Now mind you, its about 7:00 a.m. This old ass man was talking big pimpin shit. Yeah baby you going to be mine. I want you. I want to get to know you. Can I buy you dinner sometimes?

You know how some of us black folks still kinda sleep while we are dropping off our bad ass kids to school. Anyway, I thought I was having a damn nightmare. Half sleep and half tipsy. I looked up at this mother fucker. I said what, who, ha, who in the fuck is you? And tell me why in the fuck should I do anything with your ass. Wait a minute, how old are you? He says, oh I am 61 years old. I said, see I am 31 years old. Sweetheart, hell to the no. You old enough to be my daddy.

Chapter Two

The sex is like no other

One night my girlfriend called me on the phone. Well, people in the hood would always ask me for money. I guess they thought I was a baller. Anyway, on this particular night, my girlfriend wanted me to buy her a beer. For some reason I thought about the old man. I told my girlfriend that I knew this old man up the hill. She said what about him? I said, he be stalking me. Lets go to his house. He probably have lots of beer. So she was like, cool. Lets do the damn thing.

To make a long story short. We get to the old man house, and he calls me in the bedroom. I was like, look I told you before, you too old for me. Ok, I tell you what. Can I be honest? Well, your penis is too-small. I only play with the big boys. He was like. Yeah, yeah baby I understand. I was like. I am sorry to have hurt you baby, but I am just keeping it real. Ok, whatever. Let me see what you working with. Go ahead and pull your pants down. At this time, my girlfriend had enough to drink. She knocked on the door. I opened it.

My girlfriend was like oh I am sorry. I said, its ok girl. You can see this too. Well she liked white boys so this shit was too heavy for her. Anyway, the old man pulled down his pants and I be damn. This big black mandingo was hung. A week later, I had to hit that shit. Yes, I finally met my match. I had my first orgasm with a old ass man. What the fuck is going on. No man has ever given me a orgasm. I kid you not, it was love at first fuck. The sex was so good. I remember giving him my 60 inch television. This old man gave me a feeling like no other man has ever given to me.

Every time we seen each other, all we did was have sex. We would both be spontaneous. This man looked old. But he was young in the sheets. He said I felt like gold. I told him he felt like diamonds. This old man became my everything. He was everything I was looking for. Mentally, Spiritually, and sexually. this man was like a king. I felt like a queen. I had money. I began to wine and dine this man. I would dress him. Love him, feed him, showering him with roses. Our sex was off the chain. I was so sucked in by the sex. I couldn't really see the full picture yet.

I was living two different lives. This old man was a father figure to my kids. He would come over to my house and pay our rent. Take out our trash. And wash our dishes. Now mind you, I am still living with my kids father. My kids father was like damn, where you find that sugar daddy? the both of us not knowing that it was Pimp game. Well, I didn't give a damn. I just wanted to be loved by him. I didn't realize he had a real bad crack habit. I remember taking his crack pipe and flushed it. So basically, I helped him get off crack and stop smoking. He would get on his knees and beg me for one more hit. I would say, hell no. You hanging with me now. I am not down with that shit.

I asked him to marry me. It was all for the wrong reasons. I was so into this man. I gave up my lifestyle just to be with him everyday. I left my cars. My kids, and my kids father. I didn't want nothing but to have sex all the time. I was a damn fool. In chapter one I talked about the man of my dreams. My perfect match. The perfect fit. This old ass man was all of that and some. I could see no wrong in him. I would always say, who ever give me an orgasm, he will be my husband. that's crazy, but it was real.

Sex in the car. Sex in the park. Sex on the table. Sex on the floor. Sex in every room at his house. Sex was so good. I didn't travel for about four years. We never argued. We didn't have time for that. We would have sex up to 6 times a day. That's how badd this old ass man was. It was a beautiful thing.

Chapter Three

Who is this old man?

I thought who ever this old man is, he is knocking me off my feet. He would do just all kinds of sweet things. Well, in my young mind, I was always in awe. He must of came from heaven. I remember riding with him in the car. he would pull over and get out, walking to someones yard. Stealing all kinds of roses for me. To be honest, no man has ever done that for me. He would take me shopping for clothes. Making sure my kids were fed.

This man was too good to be true. I would say to myself, I don't ever want a young man. young men don't know how to treat a woman. In fact, they don't even compare. All my sexual partners I had was a rap. I ended all that little boy shit. I was with a real man. The man of my dreams. One cool thing about the old man was that he appeared to be very popular. Not only in our town where we lived, but in other towns as well.

Every time we would walk in a store, or at a stop light, it would be men, women, and children waving at him. Everyone knew this man. I couldn't take him anywhere without someone running up to him. He was like a movie star. I would admit, I was a little jealous. At the same time, it was a honor being with this so called celebrity. He was not a real celebrity. but I gave him that name. He was my little celebrity because he was so popular. He was so cool with the policemen in our town. The old man could get away with lots of stuff because of who he was.

One day I asked several people about the old man. They would tell me that he is the neighborhood snitch. He use to own two night clubs. that explained why he was so popular.

Chapter Four

Young dummy, Will you take an old fool like me to be your husband?

February 5, 2002. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to introduce to you, two damn fools. Yes, today is our special wedding day. After we have been married for awhile, we kept the marriage on the down low. We got married at his home, with only two witnesses. We didn't tell our families until 6 months later. Later on, the secret was out. My kids were upset. His kids were upset. I became step mommy to my husband children. The thing about this situation was that, my step kids were older than me. What the hell.

My kids father felt like I left him for an old man. So, he would come over to my husband house and try to fight him. Even though I have no regrets, I felt like oh shit, what have I done. Being married to an old man was sometimes embarrassing. Even for him. In the public eye we looked like two ass holes. People would say, hello, is that your daughter? I heard that so much. I begin to laugh at the people. One damn thing for sure. I took care of my husband. All of a sudden, My husband told me after the marriage that he was a sick man. He had diabetes and high blood pressure. I made sure he took all his medicine. It would be times when I would actually feed him his medicine. I repeat, he told me after the marriage.

I was so in love with my husband. Or at least, I thought I was in love. I treated my husband like a baby. We walk in the store, I am holding his hands. I did that stupid shit for years. My husband family was not around. Nor his kids. Everybody lived out of town. So, when my husband get really sick with fluid around his heart. I am the one taking him to the hospital. On one hospital stay. I spent the night with my husband. I wanted to make sure the doctors were taking care of him. And oh yes, we had sex in that mother fucker too. We just didn't give a fuck. I treated my husband like royalty. I was a damn fool.

Chapter Five

Hey dummy, Leave your house and come live in my house

Shit changed after we got married, people around the world would always say that. That's because the man feels he got you now, he own your ass. So why should he continue to open the car door for you? For me, all the sweet little words had stopped. I had no more roses given to me, no more holding my hands. I thought this shit was not normal. I stopped traveling; I was to remain at home at all times. I thought this was the right thing to do, because I was married to an old man, I needed to change my appearance for him. I was a damn fool.

People would come to me and say, why are you with him? Did you marry him for the money? His pension? I would be like; hell to the no. I got my own money. Little did I know, my husband was broke anyway? I was too embarrassed to tell people the real reason why I married him. This was the sex, which was my weakness. Sex was my worst enemy. I had a big house, but I let all that go, just to be with my husband. To this day, I wish I would have kept that house. For some reason, you just get along better that way. You see, when you move in a man's house, they act funny about their shit.

Yeah, this was my house before we got married. See, you got to hear all that punk shit. Stay in your own shit, they will respect you more, I was a damn fool. Ladies, think before you act. Don't get yourself all caught up in the motion. I'm telling you from experience, he is setting you up. Sure, everything sounds good, from what he is telling you. That's his job to make everything seem to be all good. Don't be a damn fool. You worked hard for that big or small house you live in.

I don't give a damn if it's a section eight house, it's your shit. How you will end up, is finding yourself, by yourself. Don't believe the hype he is giving you. Ladies, once you move in his home, things will change. He will notice that you have redecorated. You have redecorated his nasty ass house. You just were trying to be nice to his unappreciative ass. And don't let him see your bad ass kids, wasting shit on the floor. Running in the house, his house. I'm just trying to make this shit plain. I'm just keeping it real. Ladies this is no joke, all this crap has happened to me. I have to be honest, it's been a many of occasions, of me throwing my kids father out of my section eight house.

For one reason, he was a damn fool. the other reason, I just didn't like his ass. I'm sorry beau. One time I call myself spending the weekend with one of my zeros. While he was at work, I wanted to surprise him. I cleaned up his nasty ass house. I was a damn fool. He came home and approached me with these exact words; he didn't even have a smile on his face. He looked at me and said, so what the hell are you trying to prove? I'm looking real stupid, like I can't believe he just said this to me. I mean, I'm still in shock.

That ass hole never said thank you. Hell, I even had dinner cooked for him. Getting off that, why do some men talk about transforming a woman? You need to quit talking shit. You not going to change shit. I tell you what, why don't you look in the mirror and change yourself first. The only damn thing you will transform on a woman, is giving her a black eye. Making her feel like shit, because you keep talking shit. Just making her sick and miserable.

Chapter Six

What you mean your house not paid off?

I may be a little young, but not too dumb, I had a little common sense. Someone damn near seventy years old, I would think that they would have their finances together. What the hell, why do you still have a mortgage? You been living here for over 27 years, you mean to tell me, you still owe one hundred and nine thousand dollars? Get the fuck out of here, so you in debt ha? we in debt ha? When people retire from working, they should be living the life. Traveling, wine and dining, shit should be paid for, and you married to a young thang. How are you going to support me? My husband doesn't own shit, as old as he is. Now that's a damn fool.

I'm tired of going to the finance company, trying to see about your high ass interest rate. I'm too young for all this confusion. Ladies, don't get caught up in this line of business with your man. Do some research on the property? find out what's taking so damn long to pay off the house. I'm sorry, I just don't get it. When I reach old age, I want to have my shit together. I mean, here it is, and my husband is retired, still making a mortgage payment. Some people may not think nothing is wrong with that. Them damn fools got issues too.

How in the hell can you enjoy life with your retirement money, if you constantly have a thousand dollar payment every month? During my research, come to find out, my husband house was paid off years ago. What happened was, his house went up under foreclosure. Somehow his attorney bided on the property, and paid it off. Well, my husband was naïve to the situation, not knowing all this time, his house was paid off. So, my husband goes and purchases all kinds of shit and borrows against the property, which is why the property is one hundred and nine thousand dollars.

My husband started all over again. So ladies, please check everything out.


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