Air Controllers' Controversy: Lessons from PATCO's Strike

Air Controllers' Controversy: Lessons from PATCO's Strike

by Arthur B. Shostak, David Skocik

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The 1981 Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organizaton (PATCO) strike, the union's decertification, and the termination of 12,000 controllers were critical events in U.S industrial relations. Shostak has written a history and analysis of PATCO and of the terminated controllers. Skocic, a former controller, contributes ``what it was like'' chapters, and appendixes include analysis by other academics and detailed leader and member interviews. Most of the book is written in a jaunty and loosely organized style that impairs its analytical bite, but the later chapters and the appendixes are sharply focused. Written from a union perspective, though representing divergent views within the union, the book serves as a complement to the more common analyses from the management perspective. Frieda Shoenberg Rozen, Labor Studies Dept., Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park

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