Air Pollution

Air Pollution

by Matthew Chapman, Rob Bowden

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As the people of the world advance technologically, their impact upon the global environment exponentially increases. The problem of air pollution is but one of the manifold ecological effects of human evolution. In an era when developing nations are attempting to enhance their industrial base while richer nations continue to utilize a disproportionate amount of global resources, the planet is suffering. Acid rain caused by fossil fuel emissions, ozone depletion, increases in particulate matter in the atmosphere, and global warming all create a world where breathing is more challenging. Due to air pollution, the worldwide incidence of respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis have shown marked increases. As we move into an age when population increases tax all resources, what affect will we, as a species, exert upon the very air we breathe? This entry in the "21st Century Debates" series taps into the concerns associated with air pollution. The authors present not only current concerns but also scientific thoughts related to future solutions. This evenhanded and thoughtful book will help readers better understand an issue that affects all living creatures on a daily basis. 2002, Raintree Steck Vaughn, $27.12. Ages 10 to 14. Reviewer: Greg M. Romaneck

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Raintree Publishers
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Twenty First Century Debates Series
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6.70(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.40(d)
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11 - 13 Years

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