Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application VIII / Edition 1

Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application VIII / Edition 1

by H. Van Dop

ISBN-10: 0306438283

ISBN-13: 9780306438288

Pub. Date: 07/31/1991

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
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Nato Challenges of Modern Society (closed) Series, #15
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7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.07(d)

Table of Contents

Air Quality Modeling in Complex Terrains3
UK Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System15
An Improved Dispersion Model for Regulatory Use - The OML Model29
The CAR Model: Calculation of Air Pollution from Road Traffic, A Calculation Method for the Determination of Air Quality in City Streets in The Netherlands39
A Conceptual Framework for Evaluating the Performance of Grid-Based Photochemical Air Quality Simulation Models49
Regional Analysis of S Emission-Deposition Trends in North America from 1979 Through 198857
Estimation of the Sulfur Emissions Trends in Europe Based on Measurements and Source-Receptor Matrices65
Weather Conditions during Air Pollution Episodes in Athens, Greece: An Overview of the Problem77
Photochemical Grid Modeling in Coastal Regions Using a Space-Time Varying Vertical Mesh105
Modelling of Photosmog Formation in Athens113
High Resolution Simulations of the Sea/Land Breeze in Athens, Greece, Using the Non-Hydrostatic Mesoscale Model MEMO123
Nonstationary 3-D Simulation of Air Flow and Pollutant Transport in the Coastal Region of Northern Germany and the Oresund133
Numerical Study on the Detailed Structure and Dynamics of Land/Sea Breezes as a Gravity Current143
Description and Sensitivity Analysis of the Shoreline Dispersion Model (SDM)153
Effect of Land Surface Representation on Simulated Mesoscale Pollution Dispersion163
Receptor-Oriented Dispersion Modeling: Extension to Nonlinear Pollution Chemistry171
Impact of Local Sources During Stagnant Conditions in Shenandoah National Park179
Modelisation of Pollutants Dispersion in the Alpine Region187
Wind Field and Pollutant Dispersion Analysis in Greater Athens Area Using the Euridice Code System195
Modelling Dry Deposition of Particles to the Ocean205
Multiscale Horizontal Transport for Urban and Regional Air Quality Modeling211
Dispersion Simulations of NO[subscript x] in Athens, Greece, Using a Lagrangian Dispersion Model221
Investigation of the Temporal and Spatial Variations of PBL Height over Israel231
Results of Modelling Sulphur and Nitrogen Depositions onto the Seas Adjoining Europe241
Estimating Atmospheric Inputs of Trace Constituents to the North Sea: Methods and Results249
Comparison of Measured and Simulated SO[subscript 2], NO, NO[subscript 2] and Ozone Concentrations for an Episode of the TULLA Experiment259
Overview on ATMES: An Intercomparison Study of Results from Long-Range Transport Models After Chernobyl269
Simulation of Transport and Dispersion of Tracer Releases285
The Estimation of the Optimal Number of Particles Required for a Regional Multi-Particle Long Range Transport and Dispersion Model295
The Influence of Deep Convection Phenomena on Trajectories Computed by Long-Range Transport Models307
Sensitivity of an Operational Puff Dispersion Model to Alternative Estimates of Mixed-Layer Depth315
Modelling of Atmospheric Dispersion Following Accidental Releases from Nuclear Power Plants - An Intercomparison of Revised French and German Model Concepts323
One-Level and Two-Dimensional Mesoscale Models for Emergency Management Applications333
An Advanced Box Model to Address Some Outstanding Problems in Dense Gas Dispersion341
Real-Time Forecasting of Atmospheric Debris Transport351
The Effects of Different Atmospheric Dispersion Models on the Results of Accident Consequence Assessments357
On the Application of Four Dimensional Data Assimilation of Air Pollution Data Using the Adjoint Technique365
Review of Numerical Approaches for Modeling Global Transport377
Three-Dimensional Modeling of the Concentration and Deposition of Lead-210 and Beryllium-7 Aerosols395
Emissions of NMHCs and NOx and Global Ozone Production405
A 3 Dimensional Global Study of the Photochemistry of Ethane and Propane in the Troposphere: Production and Transport of Organic Nitrogen Compounds415
The Effect of Zonal Averaging in Global Modelling of Tropospheric Ozone Distributions427
Tropospheric Ozone in Tenerife Measured at Izana BAPMoN Observatory and La Laguna University Station437
Simulated Semi-Global Scale Transport of SO[subscript 2] and [actual symbol not reproducible] from East Asia to the Northern Pacific in Spring Season: The Role of Low and High Pressure Systems445
Modelling of Long-Range, Long-Term Photochemical Oxidant Formation455
The EMEP MSC-W Long Period Photo-Oxidant Model465
Estimation of Emission Data from Greece as Input for Long Range Transport Calculations475
Characteristics of Tropospheric Ozone Production and Transport in East Asia485
A Wintertime Comparison of Modelled and Observed Dry Deposition Velocity of O[subscript 3] Over a Deciduous Forest495
Results from a Climatological Model of Heavy Metals in Europe's Atmosphere503
The Role of Cloud Processes in Non-Precipitating Clouds in Producing Ambient Sulfate: Sensitivity Studies with a Comprehensive Model513
Transport of Trace Gas Species by Convective Cloud Systems525
Characterising Cloud Processes and Wet Deposition in Long-Range Transport Models535
A Simple Cloud Chemistry Model: It's Performance Compared to Observations543
Influence of Mesoscale Circulations on Long-Range Transport in the Grand Canyon Area553
An Operational Meteorological Diagnostic System for Regional Air Pollution Analysis and Long Term Modeling565
Large-Eddy Simulation of Atmospheric Dispersion575
Simulation of the Convective Boundary Layer in Comparison to Aircraft-Measurements

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