Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carriers

by Matt Doeden

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Text and photographs introduce aircraft carriers, their parts, and their crew who fix and fly aircraft.


Text and photographs introduce aircraft carriers, their parts, and their crew who fix and fly aircraft.

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Children's Literature
In this book, the author has placed within the chatty text some gently probing questions, each leading the reader to the next page. The question, "How do airplanes take off from aircraft carriers?" leads into a description of a flight deck. "How do airplanes on aircraft carriers get going so fast?" leads into the use of catapults. The text is set in a large, clean, sans serif font with a maximum of two sentences per page. Throughout the book, words highlighted in bold are defined in the glossary at the back. The book explores what aircraft carriers are, why they are used, who works on them, how the fighters are launched, how they stop quickly, the different aircraft personnel, and the different parts of the ship. The colorful photos include many with people as they work on board an aircraft carrier. The back matter contains an index, a glossary, a list of quick facts about these ships, a labeled diagram of an aircraft carrier, and information about the author. This book is part of the "Pull Ahead Books—Might Movers" series, which includes the titles Aircraft Carriers, Ambulances, Big Rigs, Buses, Dump Trucks, Earthmovers, Farm Tractors, Fighter Planes, Fire Trucks, Formula On Race Cars, Garbage Trucks, Motorcycles, Pickup Trucks, Police Cars, Powerboats, Stock Cars, Submarines, Tanks, Trains, and Warships. 2006, Lerner Publications, Ages 4 to 7.
—Sally J. K. Davies

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Pull Ahead Bks.
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Matt Doeden is a freelance author and editor from Minnesota. He’s written numerous children’s books on sports, music, current events, the military, extreme survival, and much more. His books Sandy Koufax (Twenty-First Century Books, 2006) and Tom Brady: Unlikely Champion (Twenty-First Century Books, 2011) were Junior Library Guild selections. Doeden began his career as a sports writer before turning to publishing. He lives in Minnesota with his wife and two children.

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