AKA Presents: Streetz, Grime & Life

AKA Presents: Streetz, Grime & Life


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Absolute Uk


Disc 1

  1. Young Guns
  2. So Alive
  3. Every Gyal
  4. Amnesia
  5. I Just Want the Paper
  6. Gunners
  7. Play
  8. Underground
  9. Think
  10. Less Talk
  11. Drifting Away
  12. Out of Control
  13. Heartbeat
  14. I Just Wanna Dance
  15. She Wanna Roll
  16. We Know
  17. Enemy Lines
  18. Behind Closed Doors
  19. Fire

Disc 2

  1. Pow 2011
  2. Badman Riddem
  3. Numbers In Action
  4. On a Level
  5. Ima Boss
  6. Hype Hype Ting
  7. Oi What U Looking At
  8. The Sign
  9. I'm Famous
  10. Out the Blue
  11. It’S a Problem
  12. Shadows
  13. Limb By Limb
  14. W.T.F (Electrik)
  15. Who’s Dat
  16. Str8 From LC
  17. First Date
  18. Snapback
  19. The Return of the Saint
  20. Things Ain't the Same
  21. Hard Work
  22. Whole World

Disc 3

  1. How We Roll
  2. Cold Shoulder
  3. Hangover
  4. Addicted To Love
  5. Over
  6. Not Too Late
  7. If You Were Mine
  8. Sensible
  9. Fallen Out of Love
  10. Blow You Away
  11. Why You Do That
  12. Pretending
  13. Make Up, Break Up
  14. Best of Me
  15. Worlds Apart

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Duane West   Composer
Joseph Ellis   Composer
Ash Howes   Producer
Preeya Kalidas   Composer
Agent   Producer
Sincere   Composer
Jason Black   Composer
Tanya Lacey   Composer
Adam Deacon   Composer
Wiley   Producer
Richard Dawson   Composer
David Hindley   Composer
Durrty Goodz   Composer
Fireworkz   Producer
Skepta   Composer,Producer
Meleka   Composer
All Stars   Composer
Dexplicit   Composer,Producer
Gappy Ranks   Composer
Bennie Banks   Composer
Dan Smith   Composer,Producer
Isaac Everett   Composer
Joe Black   Composer
Saint   Composer
Celetia Martin   Composer
Dot Rotten   Producer
Wretch 32   Composer
Marger   Composer
G-Tek   Composer
Leon Price   Composer
Dorothy Charles   Composer
Ghetts   Composer
Adam Midgley   Composer
Peter McNulty   Composer
O.D. Hunte   Composer,Producer
J Pitts   Composer,Producer
Propane   Composer
Kaution   Composer
Taylor Jones   Composer
Coombs   Composer
Jake Gosling   Composer
Richard Rawson   Composer
Costadinos Contostavlos   Composer
Jahmaal Fyffe   Composer
Wizzy Wow   Producer
Dino Contostavlos   Composer
Anthony Evolko   Composer
Tulisa Contostavlos   Composer
Ian Greenidge   Composer
Cleopatra Humphrey   Composer
Jordan Reid   Composer
Jamie Adenuga   Composer
Griminal   Composer
Maxwell Ansah   Composer
Casso Blax   Composer
Kayne   Composer
Olly B   Composer
Lewi White   Composer,Producer
Kozzie   Composer
Justin "Ghetts" Clarke-Samuel   Composer
Justin Edwards   Composer
Greg Bonnick   Composer
Darren Martyn   Composer,Producer
Harry Shotta   Composer
Don Strapzy   Composer
Teddy Music   Composer,Producer
Björn Franken   Composer,Producer
Ed Sheeran   Composer
Ramsay Mintah   Composer
Amoakhoh   Composer
Ted Awuah   Producer
Nathan Fagan Gayle   Composer
Ollie Green   Composer,Producer
Faze Miyake   Composer,Producer
Squeeks   Composer
Kwamz   Composer
Amina Bryant   Composer
Smartz   Composer
Paul E Paul   Producer
Lights   Composer,Producer
Kenzie May   Composer
Kay 2   Producer
Karl Daniel   Composer
Bigz   Producer
Ayo Oyewole   Composer,Producer
Ramzi Sleiman   Composer,Producer
Tommy Baxter   Composer
Intact   Composer,Producer
Tzar   Producer
Luke Jackson   Composer,Producer
Luke Bingham   Composer
Louie St Louis   Composer
Leo Richardson   Composer
Kurtis Williams   Composer
Justin Stennett   Composer
Joseph Adenuga Jr. AKA Skepta   Composer
Jordan Willocks   Composer
Jonathan Hoskins   Composer
Jazz Brantfor Dennis   Composer
James "J-Reel" Grant   Producer
Isabell Fender   Composer
Henry "Reks" Nwasokwa   Composer
Hazel Milena Sanchez   Composer
Gavin Marshall   Producer
Derek "Wunda" Cyrus   Composer
David Constantine Brooks   Composer
David "Blaks" Blake   Composer,Producer
Daniel Bradley Thomas   Composer
Courtney Hutchinson   Composer
Conrad Ingham   Composer
Casyo Johnson   Composer
Bobbi Chandler   Composer
Bellia Cruize   Producer
Ashley Marie   Composer
Andrew McHugh   Composer
Andre James McClean   Composer
Amary Lorenzo   Composer
Alex Phelps   Composer
Akheim Allen   Composer
Adam Williams   Composer
Abiola Adenekan   Composer
Abdullah Hunter   Producer
Abdilahi Abdalla   Producer
Tonino Speciale   Composer,Producer
Toks Oriola   Composer,Producer
Thomas Stogdon   Composer
Theo Ramsey   Composer
Souhail Marane   Composer
Sonil Seth   Producer
Simon Tait   Composer
Sheridian Kamara   Composer
Sean Hickland   Composer
Salarm Remi   Composer,Producer
Roy Anan   Composer
Rezz G.   Composer
Rachel Prager   Composer
Patrick Jordan   Producer
Nikhil "Nika D" Nagarkar   Composer
Nahfiz Ahmed   Producer
Michael Prager   Composer
Michael Dowley   Composer
Melesha O'Garro   Composer
Marvin "Goldfinger" McKenzie   Composer
Marcus Mbye   Composer
Mani Bgz   Producer
Karl Wilson   Composer

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