Al-Qur'an: A Contemporary Translation

Al-Qur'an: A Contemporary Translation

3.5 4
by Ahmed Ali

ISBN-10: 0691074992

ISBN-13: 9780691074993

Pub. Date: 07/02/2001

Publisher: Princeton University Press

This bilingual edition of the Qur'an, the Holy Book of Islam, was first published in the United States in 1988. Ahmed Ali, the distinguished Pakistani novelist, poet, critic, and diplomat, presents this elegant and poetic translation in a contemporary and living voice. On each page, the original Arabic and the translated English sit side by side, encouraging

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This bilingual edition of the Qur'an, the Holy Book of Islam, was first published in the United States in 1988. Ahmed Ali, the distinguished Pakistani novelist, poet, critic, and diplomat, presents this elegant and poetic translation in a contemporary and living voice. On each page, the original Arabic and the translated English sit side by side, encouraging the reader to draw from both texts. Professor Ali also includes notes where necessary, providing the full meaning of each word and phrase. This accessible volume is truly essential for both scholars and followers of Islam.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 6

By Way of Preface 7

1 The Prologue 11

2. The Cow 12

3. The Family of Imran 51

4. The Women 73

5. The Feast 97

6. The Cattle 114

7. Wall Between Heaven and Hell 133

8. Spoils of War 54

9. Repentance 162

10. Jonah 177

11. Hud 188

12. Joseph 200

13. Thunder 211

14. Abraham 217

15. AI-Hijr 223

16. The Bees 228

17. The Children of Israel 240

18. The Cave 250

19. Mary 260

20. Ta Ha 266

21. The Prophets 275

22. The Pilgrimage 283

23. The True Believers 291

24. The Light 298

25. The Criterion 306

26. The Poets 312

27. An-Naml 321

28. The History 329

29. The Spider 337

30. The Romans 343

31. Luqman 348

32. As-Sajdah 352

33. The Allied Troops 355

34. Sheba 363

35. The Originator 368

36. Ya Sin 373

37. Who Stand Arrayed in Rows 378

38. Sad 385

39. The Small Groups 391

40. The Believer 399

41. Adoration 407

42. Consultation 412

43. Ornaments of Gold 418

44. Smoke 424

45. Kneeling 427

46. Al-Ahgaf 431

47. Muhammad 435

48. Victory 439

49. Apartments 443

50. Qaf 446

51. The Dispersing 449

52. The Mount 452

53. The Star 455

54. The Moon 458

55. Ar-Rahman 461

56. The Inevitable 465

57. Iron 469

58. The Disputant 473

59. Confrontation 476

60. The Woman Tried 479

61. Formations 482

62. The Congregation 484

63. The Hypocrites 486

64. Exposition 488

65. Divorce 490

66. Prohibition 492

67. The Kingdom 494

68. The Pen 497

69. The Concrete Reality 500

70. The Steps 502

71. Noah 504

72. Thejinns 506

73. The Enwrapped 508

74. The Enfolded 510

75. The Resurrection 512

76. Time 514

77. The Emissaries 516

78. The Announcement 518

79. Those Who Pull and Withdraw 520

80. He Made a Wry Face 522

81. The Folding up 524

82. The Splitting 526

83. The Defrauders 527

84. The Cleaving 529

85. Signs of the Zodiac 530

86. The Night Star 531

87. The Most High 532

88. The Overpowering 533

89. The Dawn 535

90. The Earth 537

91. The Sun 538

92. The Night 539

93. Early Hours of Morning 540

94. The Opening Up 541

95. The Fig 542

96. The Embryo 543

97. Determination 544

98. The Clear Proof 545

99. The Earthquake 546

100. The Chargers 547

101. The Calamity 548

102. Plenitude 549

103. Time and Age 550

104. The Slanderer 551

105. The Elephants 552

106. The Quraish 553

107. Things of Common Use 554

108. Pre-eminence 555

109. The Unbelievers 556

110. Help 557

111. Abu Lahab 558

112. Pure Faith 559

113. The Rising Day 560

114. Men 561

Index 563

Index of Names 571

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Al-Qur'an: A Contemporary Translation 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
AllahSWT More than 1 year ago
This Quran isn't translated accurately, for example Quran 8:7 [Your God used to inspire with the Words, Wipe all the infidels out to the last.] However a correct translation is "uproot the infidels", however, not all is lost, it is a smooth read through, and is a very good translation when it comes to Dawah (Islamic Propaganda Techiques). I would further recommend these transltions over this one. (Sunni's, this translation is a SHIA translation, just a note of pre-caution.)
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I compare this translation with others it seems to be very different. Even the verse numbers do not compare exactly. I was disappointed that it was sold to me as a good copy of the Quran.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ali's translation is yet another step in the long, continual process of making the Qur'an available in the form of the English language that is most widely current in our day. Except for the small bold type, which I wish were larger and in a wider column, I deeply enjoyed this translation, for it is so unlike most others in that it foregoes all the ornamentality of the language consistently found in virtually every English translation since the 17th century. Instead, through its clarity and modern English style, Ahmed Ali's text gives the reader an interpretation that is first and foremost readable, and thus enlightening. More often than not, when reading English translations of the Qur'an, one gets the sense of reading a foreign language translated literally, and thus sentences come across in English in strange contortions, leading the reader to scratch his head and reread the surah over and over in frustration. Meanwhile, in his introduction Ahmed Ali straightforwardly admits that he does not seek literal translation, but rather to translate the text's "meaning." Thus Ali does not lower, or "dumb-down" the text, but rather seeks readability. When it is evident that the text has suffered in the transmission to English, Ali includes notes with alternative words and meanings, seeking to explain the original Arabic, thereby informing the reader of alternative meanings. Ahmed Ali resisted the temptation to introduce terms and phrases that merely reflect current moods, and has tried to put the message of the Quran in simple, enduring words and elegant expressions that are worthy to stand in the great tradition of the original Arabic. I can only write this as an English reader, ignorant of the Arabic language. I will always defer to their greater understanding of this scripture, though given the many attempts to translate the Qur'an over the past 400 years, it shows just how difficult it is to render these scriptures in translation, especially English. Therefore, if you are English, I recommend reading this volume first for understanding, alongside Yusuf Ali's classic translation, which can be found at ISBN: 0940368323.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This translation of the Noble Qur'an is clear and readable and retains some of the poetic rhythm of the original Arabic. This translation is reader friendly yet still shows the different shades of meaning present in the Arabic text. Although some people criticize the translator because the translation is 'not literal enough,' it must be remembered that in a translation, showing what the text means should take precedence over showing what it says. If one were to make a truly 'literal' translation of the Noble Qur'an, no one would be able to understand it. Always keep in mind that all translations of the Noble Qur'an are flawed and that only through reading the original Arabic can we ascertain its true meaning.