ALA Guide to Information Access

ALA Guide to Information Access

by Sandy Whitely, American Library Association Staff

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Library Journal
In this ambitious book, the editors try to cover sources of information, the electronic revolution in information dissemination, and 36 topics-ranging from genealogy to multiculturalism-chosen to reflect the questions librarians are most frequently asked. Unlike the New York Public Library Desk Reference and books of its type, this Guide does not offer answers to typical reference questions but serves as a point of departure for best investigating them. Whiteley and her impressive list of contributors have done a good job; this handbook could evolve into an extremely useful tool, though some problems still need to be worked out. For instance, the chapters on the electronic revolution are short and, like the beast itself, already out of date; no mention is made of Dialog's SourceOne delivery service, and NTIS's free bulletin board, FedWorld, is not listed even though it provides a single point of access to all other government Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). Sorely lacking from the topical chapters is any information on foreign countries (besides travel books) and international affairs in general. Overall, however, this is a good source of information if the reference librarian is otherwise engaged. It would be nice to see the next edition enlarged and enriched. Recommended for school and public libraries.-C. Christopher Pavek, Putnam, Hayes & Bartlett, Inc. Information Ctr., Washington, D.C.
John Mort
(It is "Booklist" policy that a book written or edited by a staff member receive a brief descriptive announcement rather than a recommending review. Whiteley has assembled a comprehensive, timely guide to retrieving information from traditional libraries and archives as well as electronic sources, such as the Internet and stand-alone CD-ROM databases. (See also News & Views, p.1898.)

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