by David Shirley, Joyce Hart

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Children's Literature
The first inhabitants of Alabama were Indians. My stepfather, part Cherokee Indian, was born and raised in Alabama, so this book has a special significance for me. The northern portion of the state is at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. Farms and marshland grace the southern portion and along the gulf coast lay beautiful white sandy beaches. As a state that has experienced racial conflict, poverty and illiteracy it has shown the ability to mend itself. The Civil War, the Depression and boll weevil destroyed the economy of the state. Under the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) a measure of stability and growth returned to the state. The Civil Rights Movement was another period of crisis. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., George Wallace to name a few had a role in the Civil Rights Movement. Many state stars are listed, Hank Aaron, Tullulah Bankhead, W.C. Handy, Truman Capote, Nat King Cole, Helen Keller, Joe Louis, Satchel Paige and a host of others. I find this to be a thorough, balanced celebration of a state that has had a checked history. There's even a great grits recipe included. Part of the "Celebrate the States" series. 2000, Benchmark Books, Ages 9 to 12, $35.64. Reviewer: Leila Toledo
Children's Literature - Amalia Selle
Alabama has a landscape and history full of variety. Beginning with a general summary of the landscape and noteworthy geographic features of Northern and Southern Alabama; this "Celebrate the States" title then moves on to the state's climate, wildlife, and vegetation. A detailed history of the state, from the Mississippian Indians, the infamous Spanish explorer De Soto, the French and Indian War, statehood in 1819, cotton plantations worked by slaves, military rule after the Civil War, to Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement and on to the present day is then related. A chapter is devoted to the ethnic makeup of Alabama including a discussion about the racial difficulties of "white flight." The religious background of the region, sports, the economy, and other important aspects of Alabama are covered. This treasure trove of all things Alabama concludes with quick facts about Alabama, a timeline, a calendar of celebrations, famous Alabamians, must-see tourist destinations, and a section for additional information. Gold colored pages throughout the book give information about additional topics such as hurricanes; jubilees; Tuskegee; the traditional sausage, cheese, and grits casserole; and the Trail of Tears. A relatively simple writing style makes this book an accessible and useful source. Reviewer: Amalia Selle

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Celebrate the States Series
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9 - 12 Years

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