Albatross: Their World, Their Ways

Albatross: Their World, Their Ways

by Tui De Roy, Mark Jones, Julian Fritter

The magic and misfortune of the world's greatest migrating bird.

Albatross are best known for their enormous wingspan and global migrations. They are also the subject of intense scientific scrutiny. Recent DNA studies have revealed that there may not be just 13, but 21 to 25 albatross species. With all but two of them endangered, the albatross may


The magic and misfortune of the world's greatest migrating bird.

Albatross are best known for their enormous wingspan and global migrations. They are also the subject of intense scientific scrutiny. Recent DNA studies have revealed that there may not be just 13, but 21 to 25 albatross species. With all but two of them endangered, the albatross may disappear just as we are discovering more about it.

Tui De Roy and Mark Jones set out in a 43-foot sailboat to cross the world's oceans in search of the albatross. They weathered storms, finally arriving to camp on barren landfalls, where they studied and photographed these fascinating birds. Albatross features the very best writing and research on these extraordinary creatures. The book includes a breathtaking photographic portfolio, a series of essays by leading experts, and a natural history section with detailed information on each species.

Along with commentary on the authors' adventures, topics include:

  • Size and population distribution
  • Biology and recent DNA discoveries
  • Food and reproduction
  • Breeding sites and courtship behavior
  • Albatross in exploration, exploitation, myth and legend
  • Migratory routes and the mysteries of migration
  • Conservation threats and status.

Albatross is an impassioned, authoritative and richly illustrated study of a magnificent creature.

Editorial Reviews

Journal of the British Ornithologists' Union - Richard A. Phillips
By De Roy and others is [this] visually stunning, exemplifying a "coffee table" book of the highest print quality and including over 400 exceptional photographs of albatrosses and their habitats.... The passion of De Roy for albatrosses and her commitment to promoting their conservation is emphasized literally from start to finish, from the Foreword by HRH Prince Charles, a well-known champion of the cause, to the exhortation on the back cover to give support at the RSPB/BirdLife International Save the Albatross website.... The style throughout reflects the unreserved and undiminishing delight of De Roy in her many encounters with wildlife and wild places.... This book is a visual feast, and so absolutely packed full of spectacular images that it deserves a place on the shelf of anyone with even a passing interest in these spectacular birds and their habitats. - Grant McCreary
Large, beautifully produced [and] has fantastic photography... enjoyable and comprehensive... Particularly exemplary and...the best book of its type that I have come across.
Essays and photos galore on a bird that can live more than 60 years and journey 9,000 miles to find food for its young.
Booklist - Nancy Bent
[starred review] All 22 species of albatross are in trouble to one degree or another, losing their lives to longline fishing hooks or from eating ocean-borne trash. To bring [the albatrosses'] plight to the attention of the public, wildlife photographer De Roy authored this magnificent volume. With commentary from scientists, local residents, and even a former poacher, all aspects of albatross biology and conservation are touched upon. A profile of each species is included, and a list of the best places to view albatrosses is appended. The only popular book on these birds—highly recommended.
One thing is certain; no one who reads this book can fail to regard this family as special.... Consistently beautiful and awe-inspiring, I found myself amazed anew with every page turned. The book's large size and unique layout allows the pictures to be reproduced in the size and quality that they deserve.... The species accounts in family books such as this are usually sparse, have tiny pictures, and are of limited value. Not so here. These are full of good information and add greatly to this book.... I would say that this is the best book of its type that I have seen. It favorably compares to the albatross account in the Handbook of the Birds of the World, and even surpasses it in some aspects (which is about the highest praise that I can give). It is a highly recommended addition to anyone's birding library.
[A] magnificent book about a magnificent bird.
Marine Ornithology Journal 38: 13-1397 - Robert M. Suryan
A reader's first impression of Albatross: Their World, Their Ways comes from the stunning photographs of these magnificent ocean wanderers gracing the cover and throughout the book. Obviously taken with an eye only a seasoned professional photographer would have, the photos not only portray each species of albatross and its environment, but often do so under the most enhancing of background light, producing strikingly brilliant images. Beyond the photographs, the authors and expert contributors describe the natural history, ecology and conservation of albatrosses along with the scientific investigations and adventure behind obtaining much of this knowledge.... For those who have not yet been so fortunate to see albatrosses in the wild, this book will provide as close of an encounter as possible without finding them on a remote island — or, better yet, on the high seas where albatrosses are best observed in their element.
Emu, Journal of the Roayl Australiasian Ornitholog - Roger Kirkwood
First, I should introduce this book as a 'must have' on the coffee table of any seabird enthusiast. Its spectacular cover photo and manageable...size will draw passing glances from beverage-sipping guests and, on return from your first comfort break, it will have been nosed through and gasped at. Another languishing mind will be converted to the bright side: albatross are magnificent and this book shows it. Primarily, the book is a collection of stunning photographs. But there is more. There is a great attention to detail in this successful effort to produce 'the albatross bible'..... A dazzling introduction to albatrosses.

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Meet the Author

Tui De Roy is recognized internationally as one of the world's great wildlife photographers. She has written and illustrated numerous highly acclaimed books on subjects that include the Andes, the Galápagos, Antarctica and New Zealand.

Mark Jones is a writer and photographer. His most recent collaboration with Tui De Roy was New Zealand: A Natural History.

Julian Fitter is a writer and conservationist, and the co-author of Wildlife of the Galapagos.

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