Albert Ketèlbey: Tangled Tunes

Albert Ketèlbey: Tangled Tunes

by Albert W. Ketèlbey

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  1. Men of England, a short patriotic ode for chorus & organ
  2. In Holiday Mood, suite for orchestra, Nos 1-3, complete
  3. Tangled Tunes, for orchestra: Part 1
  4. Tangled Tunes, for orchestra: Part 2
  5. The Phantom Melody
  6. My Heart Still Clings To You, song
  7. Silver-Cloud, an Indian maiden's song, for orchestra
  8. Wildhawk, for orchestra
  9. A Sunday Afternoon Reverie, for orchestra
  10. Canzonetta, for orchestra
  11. Wonga, an oriental intermezzo for orchestra
  12. Christmas, medley foxtrot for orchestra
  13. The Vision of Fuji-San, prelude to a Japanese play for orchestra
  14. Tangled Tunes, for orchestra: Part 3
  15. Tangled Tunes, for orchestra: Part 4
  16. Knights of the King for chorus & orchestra
  17. In a Monastery Garden for chorus & orchestra

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