Alcohol and the Brain: Chronic Effects / Edition 1

Alcohol and the Brain: Chronic Effects / Edition 1

by R.E. Tarter

ISBN-10: 030641998X

ISBN-13: 9780306419980

Pub. Date: 08/31/1985

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
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Table of Contents

I. Basic Research.- 1. Neuropathology of Alcohol Abuse.- 2. Ethanol’s Action on Brain Biochemistry.- 3. Endocrine Effects of Chronic Alcohol Abuse: Hypothalamic—Pituitary—Gonadal Axis.- 4. Nutrition and Alcoholism.- 5. Hepaerebral Interactions.- 6. Human Brain Electrophysiology and Alcoholism.- 7. Neuroradiologic Investigations of Alcoholism.- 8. Neuropsychology of Alcoholism.- II. Clinical Issues.- 9. Biologic and Psychosocial Determinants in the Etiology of Alcoholism.- 10. Ethanol: Effect on Fetal Brain Growth and Development.- 11. Dementia Associated with Alcoholism.- 12. Wernicke—Korsakoff Syndrome.- 13. Biologic Properties of Ethanol and the Biphasic Nature of Ethanol Withdrawal Syndrome.

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