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Alessandro Safina

Alessandro Safina

4.8 9
by Alessandro Safina
Tenor Alessandro Safina has an operatic background, but don't be misled: Much like hit albums from Russell Watson and Andrea Bocelli, this self-tilted debut is a pop affair through and through. But Safina's operatic talents are nevertheless evident right from the start.


Tenor Alessandro Safina has an operatic background, but don't be misled: Much like hit albums from Russell Watson and Andrea Bocelli, this self-tilted debut is a pop affair through and through. But Safina's operatic talents are nevertheless evident right from the start. A native of Siena, Safina has a full and resonant voice, and a when he sings out opera-style with his impeccable Tuscan Italian, the effect can be impressive indeed. But evidently Safina's calling is elsewhere -- in the sensuous realm of classical-flavored pop that Italian singers pull off so well. And that's exactly what we get here: impassioned Italian ballads ("La sete da vivere," "Insieme a te") and quasi-operatic Latin pop (like "Il mirto & la rosa," which would almost be at home on one of the Gypsy Kings' more atmospheric albums), all abundantly supported by a contingent of studio musicians, including a string orchestra and chorus. Safina's debut may stretch the bounds of "classical crossover" to a new limit and represent the next entry in the parade of pop-crooning tenors, but it is a solid achievement. A separate release of the album sung in Spanish is also available.

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All Music Guide - Jonathan Widran
The charismatic opera singer relies on a sweeping collection of amazingly passionate tunes to bring out his emotional depth, which is convincing and exciting even if you must know Italian to understand (thankfully the liner notes feature translations!). Unlike a lot of genre performers who seem removed from the general audience, Safina tries to find a happy medium between that and pop. The opening track "Only You (Luna)" features a cool, methodical drum groove and sweeping orchestral atmospheres, plus a haunting female vocal echoing in English in certain spots. As the tune builds in intensity, the groove kicks up, creating a little R&B flavor. "Insieme A Te (Together With You)" is a gentle ballad featuring a slower groove but still a bit of a pop sheen. Most of the tunes follow this pattern, his powerful voice caressed by the dramatic David Foster-like production of Romano Musammara. All good since it makes him more palatable to pop fans who would probably just assume he's singing about love. The disc also features two bonus instrumental tracks, "Ehyeh" (which blends atmosphere with a loping flamenco guitar riff) and "Diva Mea," whose new agey piano musings are accompanied by the occasional vocal touches of the same voice which haunts the opening track.

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Interscope Records


  1. Only You (Luna)
  2. Insieme A Te (Together With You)
  3. Arrivederci America
  4. La Sete Di Vivere (Thirst for Life)
  5. Il Mirto and La Rosa (Myrtle and Roses)
  6. 'Stu Bbene (Feeling Fine)
  7. Aria E Memoria (Breath and Memory)
  8. Siena
  9. Sarò con Te (I Will Be With You)
  10. Il Profumo del Cielo (Blue Heaven)
  11. Ehyeh
  12. Diva Mea

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Alessandro Safina 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was first introduced this style of Opera singing with Andrea Bocelli, and then Russell Watson. Very fortuitously, I found out about Alessadro Safina on a trans-Pacific flight and was mesmorized by him when I heard him singing ''Luna'' during one of the in-flight commercials. Right then, I knew that I had to buy his CD. Even more unexpectedly, the country that I traveled to already had his CD on sell, several months before it will go on sell in the states! The CD that I bought has a different cover/package and has 13 songs that are in different order than the one that I previewed here on BN. Alessandro Safina has an extremely rich voice and his mastery of singing easily comes through. My favorite songs in the CD includes Luna, La Sete di Vivere, Aria e Memoria, Il Mirto E La Rosa... I have listened to everyone one of those songs many times and just can't get tired of them. I also keep on checking his website to see if he will go on tours any time soon! Its a great CD that I think anyone that has at least a budding interest in Opera singing will enjoy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
You won't be disappoint his voice and tired. His voice is so diffrernt than other well known tenors, so it is so refreshing. I have been listening his song over and over again, even I record in my MP3. You will love his voice.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I listen to Alessandro,I hear the footsteps of a glorious Roman civilization.Alessandro Safina amazingly cement the warmness of Mediterranean sea with the power of western civilization.Being an armenian,I have the special opportunity to feel Alessandro's rhythm of soul.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This artist is wonderful. I have listened to each song so many times and never tire of hearing this amazing voice. The songs are even more poignant if you are in love! I would love to be able to obtain all the words to the tracks.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I "discovered" Safina in watching him perform with Sarah Brightman. She really knows how to pick her tenors. I'm a real fan of hers and truly love buying recordings of the tenors who perform with her. This is one of the best.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This cd stands out from the other tenor "popera" offerings. Safina has a rich earthy and dark voice. No vocal pyrotechnics needed here to blow you away.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I didn't see the PBS special, so I had no idea who this guy was or what he souned like. I got SAFINA as a Christmas gift - WOW!!!! The voice is rich and dark and soars on top - perfectly in tune with no vocal tricks - just solid singing. And this guy has PERFECT Italian diction (and no. all Italians don't have good diction.)This musical style is new to me (operatic pop)with the heavy strings and orchestra, but with a jazzy beat, but I like it very much. All the cuts are great, in particular: Luna Tu, Insieme a Te, because the music ''sweeps'' and is lush, with passion (like his singing). The last cut (instrumental) Diva Mea is awsome!!! I liked it because it had mixed styles: pop voice (only you can save my soul)+ classical chrous (staccato singing) with a Mozart appagiatura in the strings over that - a very different sound! In the same vain as early Enigma with the chant and a great beat. Safina not singing opera is a lost - what a loss to the opera world!!! I can't tell if the vocie has size and/or can carry; but the passion in the voice is impressive....and that can't be taught!