Alexander the Great: Master of the Ancient World

Alexander the Great: Master of the Ancient World

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by Doug Wilhelm

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VOYA - Dawn Talbot
Was Alexander the Great a brilliant, mercurial leader or a villainous tyrant driven mad by his own ambition? Readers can decide for themselves by reading Alexander the Great: Master of the Ancient World. The tumultuousness of Alexander's violent, active life is compellingly recounted from formative conflicts with his father, Philip of Macedonia, to military conflicts on the battlefields of the ancient world with catapults, siege engines, and armored elephants. This concise, engaging biography concludes with a chapter entitled "Wicked?"—an assessment of Alexander's contribution to history. Scholastic's A Wicked History includes such subjects such as Torquemada, Vlad the Impaler, Julius Caesar, Mary Tudor, and other figures with notorious pasts and illustrious impacts on history. Author Doug Wilhelm does a stellar job of taking a complex life and simplifying it to 128 quickly paced pages. This book follows the format of previous series titles—a small, comfortable shape and great graphic appeal combined with high readability, an intriguing point of view, and an appealing price make this title (and the entire series) a good purchase. Each volume includes maps, illustrations, a "Timeline of Terror," a glossary, and a bibliography. This book will appeal to tween readers, be a big hit with boys, and provide an excellent starting place for middle grade and early high school research. Reviewer: Dawn Talbot
Children's Literature - James Rutkowski
A wonderful and easy to read book for the middle or junior high student interested in ancient history. Starting with the wicked web of friends and enemies that surrounded Alexander the Great, the author introduces us to a snapshot of the emperor of Macedonia and his desire for world conquest and tells the rest of the story in three main parts. Part one: "A Bloodstained Crown," tells of his early childhood, his destiny for greatness, the rise of Macedonia as a world power, and his aggressive and ruthless actions to become the leader of the known world. The second part follows the expansion of his empire as he leads his army into the lands of his most dreaded enemy, Persia. Using historical accounts, the author provides the reader with examples of his battlefield tactics, his methods of handling the conquered, and the brutal treatment of those that opposed his rule. Never satisfied, part three describes the plight of Alexander and his army as they travel farther and farther from home as he tries to stretch his kingdom and rule the entire civilized world. This obsession leads to his downfall, leaving a bloodstained trail across thousands of miles. Throughout the book, illustrations and photos from museums and historical collections give the reader a look into the world as it was over 2,300 years ago. A time line, glossary, and additional resources provide extra information and document the rise and fall of the Macedonian empire. Reviewer: James Rutkowski

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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Wicked History Series
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5.20(w) x 6.90(h) x 0.40(d)
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12 - 17 Years

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Alexander the Great: Master of the Ancient World 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was required reading for my son. He hates reading and this book really engaged him 100%. Great read, would recommend it.