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Alexei (Her Russian Protector #8)

Alexei (Her Russian Protector #8)

4.4 21
by Roxie Rivera
Shay Sandoval has big dreams and works hard to achieve them. But her older sister likes that fast, easy money and finds herself in a hot mess of trouble when she helps her boyfriend scam Houston's underworld. Terrified for her sister and herself, Shay turns to the only man powerful enough to save them--former prize fighter and Russian mob enforcer Alexei


Shay Sandoval has big dreams and works hard to achieve them. But her older sister likes that fast, easy money and finds herself in a hot mess of trouble when she helps her boyfriend scam Houston's underworld. Terrified for her sister and herself, Shay turns to the only man powerful enough to save them--former prize fighter and Russian mob enforcer Alexei Sarnov.

Just as ruthless in business as he was on the streets, Alexei has built a new life as a respected, wealthy businessman. When he learns Shay's troubled sister has invoked the wrath of Houston's criminal elite, Alexei rushes to intercept Shay before the city's worst men can get their hands on her.

But now that she's under his protection--and under his hands--Alexei realizes that he wants and needs more than he's ever dared to hope for in his harsh life. He wants Shay in his home and in his bed--but not as merely his mistress.

Earning Shay's love and trust just might be the hardest deal he's ever sealed...

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Her Russian Protector Series , #8
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Alexei (Her Russian Protector #8) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
But still a good story. Slow in come parts. Would have liked to check in with previous couples.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No hard feelings Roxie cause Alexei's story was definitely worth the wait! Became a fan last year with Vivian & Nickoli's story, now I'm hooked on the series. Alexei was a action packed, emotion rendering, MUST READ plot twisting story. I agree, there were a few typos but very infrequent (like I can count them on one hand). Hopefully there'll be an Alexei II...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Alexei is fun, fast paste, and the characters are believable.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Definitely worth the wait. Roxie went above and beyond my expectations for Alexies story. There were a few spelling errors but not so many to make it annoying. It's easy enough to figure out what she meant in the error. Recommended
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This whole series is an amazing read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Roxie doesn't disappoint. I buy them as soon as I see a new one online. Love me some Alexie!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
True to form, Roxie's latest installment in the Russian Protector series was an excellent read and I enjoyed it tremendously! I can't wait for the next book! The twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't put the book down. I am a huge fan of this series and all of Roxie's other series. If you read this or any of her other books you will not be dissapointed!
edcsdc More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this newest installment in the series. Alexei has intrigued me in previous books and it was wonderful to finally get to know him better. He starts off so jaded and once he lets Shay into his life in the smallest of ways he becomes a changed man. She makes him a better man, reaching for a life that he never thought possible. Shay has survived so much in her life and I loved that she isn't ruined by the horrors of her past. She's still sweet and gentle. She's not naive, but she's open and giving. There are plenty of new faces and old friends make appearances. I'm looking forward to the next book. Highly recommended series and author Adult read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Waiting in kostya
TSRBR More than 1 year ago
Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆ Roxie Rivera once again gives her fans an awe-inspiring Russian experience! She uses another reformed Russian mob enforcer to submerge her readers into the underworld of Houston's crime world. In Alexei, Her Russian Protector, Ms. Rivera brings together an innocent trapped by circumstances into a world she knows nothing about and wants nothing to do with! In the eighth book in this series, Shay Sandoval and Alexei Sarnov's tread carefully through the pitfalls of treachery, danger and betrayals to find a way for them to be together. He drug himself out of the life as a mob enforcer and has established a life of stability and respectability. But are you ever out? Does the mob ever really let anyone escape? For over a year he has watched Shay Sandoval as she worked for him cleaning his businesses and never acted on the desire he feels for her. She is a hard worker, building her own business and finishing college. Shay deserves a better man than he is, but he is not willing to let her go. Especially now that she needs his help! Whatever it takes, whatever he has to do, he will protect her. She owes so much to her older sister, but when is enough, enough? Shay has built a good life through hard work and determination, however while she was working hard her sister's life has taken a different path. Now Shay finds herself running for her life, scared and afraid with only one man that she can turn to for help, Alexei Sarnov! From the beginning she felt a sense of safety and security that she had never felt before whenever she is with him. Will he help her and her sister? Can she ask him to once again dirty his hands to help her? This is an action packed, fast moving narrative that will keep you turning the pages. At times the situations are brutal and horrific, but all good things come to those that persevere and Ms. Rivera's characters are not going to be stopped. Fantastic read and great addition to my library.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would've gve 5 stars but I really hate typos. Great story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not as good as the other books in the series but still worth reading. Wish Alexei was more of a tuff guy like the others in the series and not so removed from his roots. He's so determined to be on the right side of the law that he doesn't even pack and gets shot in he's own home. Whaattt! I waited so long for a new book in the series hope the others are better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love all her books this one was awesome can't wait for more
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok I've already bought basic lyrics all the books in this series. 320 pages is a great read. Only reason why this isn't a 5 star is the editing was bad. Never had this problem in her other books. But despite that, I will continue to buy these books. Love them!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story was engaging and entertaining. I liked the characters, especially Alexei.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This storyline was really great. Love this author and this series. I've read almost everything written by her. Can't wait for the next book of the series. mjw
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love it. Its riveting. Worth waiting for.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story is just ok i like her other books better
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars---ALEXEI is the eighth full length installment in Roxie Rivera’s contemporary, adult HER RUSSIAN PROTECTOR romance series. This is former Russian enforcer/businessman Alexei Sarnov, and leather designer/cleaning lady Shay Sandoval’s storyline. ALEXEI falls somewhere in the timeline between Nikolai Vol 2 and the novella Lion’s First Roar, and has been released prior to book number 7-Kostya. Told from first person point of view (Shay), and third person (Alexei) ALEXEI follows two paths: the building relationship between Alexei and Shay, and Shay’s sister Shannon’s spiral out of control dragging Alexei and Shay into a scam of deadly proportions. Shay, along with her sister Shannon work for CleanRite cleaning company that contracts out to high end businesses and firms. A recent string of IT thefts and questionable business practices finds Shannon on the run, and Shay left behind trying to clean up a mess she knows nothing about. Enter Alexei Sarnov, a wealthy Russian businessman who has been attracted to Shay for a number of months, and the latest target of Shannon’s IT business scam. What ensues is Alexei’s awkward attempts towards Shay –that of an over protective male- and the investigation into the illegal wrongdoings of Shannon and her gang-banger thug. Shay and Alexei’s relationship is one of friendship that leads to something more when Shay is targeted by several gang members, and the people hunting for her missing sister. Alexei is a man who believes he is unworthy of love and affection but he is drawn to Shay like a moth to a flame. Alexei’s attempts to romance and woo Shay leave our heroine perplexed at some of Alexei’s actions and comments. Shay’s continuous need to save her sister finds our heroine placing herself, and her Russian lover in a dangerous situation-one too many times-at times Shay was a little TSTL (too stupid to live) and her actions were dangerous and not very well thought out. The $ex scenes are intimate, romantic and seductive …but…saying that I did not feel the connection between our leading couple. Alexei had his hands full trying to clean up the messes that Shay created with her constant need to rescue her older sister; and Shay’s role in Alexei’s life felt more like a mistress than a promise for the future. ALEXEI revisits some of the previous story line characters including Nikolai and Viv, Detective Eric Santos, Russian enforcer Boychenko, Albanian mobster Besian, and several others -byway of mention only. We are introduced to Russian newcomer and bodyguard Stas, and Shay’s BFF Kylee-whose past is mired in betrayal and loss. Many familiar names and characters are woven throughout the story. ALEXEI is an entertaining story line with colorful characters but I felt less than invested in Shay’s happily ever after. Perhaps it was the heroine’s constant disregard for her own safety, and the safety of the man with whom she had fallen in love that left me questioning any hope for their future. I had so much hope for ALEXEI’s story but sadly this will not rank as one of my favorite Russian Protector story lines.