Algorithms for Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery III

Algorithms for Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery III

by A. Evan Iverson, Sylvia S. Shen

ISBN-10: 0819424862

ISBN-13: 9780819424860

Pub. Date: 08/28/1997

Publisher: SPIE Press

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SPIE Press
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Proceedings of SPIE Series

Table of Contents

Spectrally sensitive wavelet analysis of multispectral imagery for object detection2
Subclutter target detection using sequences of thermal infrared multispectral imagery12
Soccer player recognition by pixel classification in a hybrid color space23
Bounds on component spectra of multispectral images36
Application of stochastic mixing models to hyperspectral detection problems47
Subpixel object detection and fraction estimation in hyperspectral imagery61
Advanced band sharpening study73
TM/LANDSAT thermal image unmixing85
Multispectral change detection97
Combining linear and nonlinear processes for multispectral material detection/identification106
Combined hyperspectral and thermal imaging for improved land surface flux estimation120
Methodology for hyperspectral image classification using novel neural network128
Clutter characterization algorithms for Fourier transform hyperspectral imagers138
Mineral reflectances extracted from SFSI imagery in Nevada147
Remote trace gas quantification using thermal IR spectroscopy and digital filtering based on principal components of background scene clutter158
HSI mapping of marine and coastal environments using the advanced airborne hyperspectral imaging system (AAHIS)169
Real-time onboard hyperspectral-image compression system for a parallel push broom sensor182
Efficient algorithm for multipectral data coding using approximate trigonometric expansions191
Coding of hyperspectral imagery using adaptive classification and trellis-coded quantization203
Correction of atmospheric and topographic effects for high-spatial-resolution satellite imagery216
Laboratory calibration and inflight validation of the Digital Airborne Imaging Spectrometer DAIS 7915225
Wavelet transform as a preprocessing step for classifying AVIRIS scenes238
Evaluation of the IRS-1B inflight calibration campaign (1995)247
Comparison of helicopter-based spectral radiance measurements and theoretical calculations with MODTRAN253

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