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Alight Decision

Alight Decision

by Cinique Scott
A tribute to the 9/11 victims - Word Count: 1229


A tribute to the 9/11 victims - Word Count: 1229

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Cinique Scott
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Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author

Cinique has taken the world by storm with his uncanny wisdom and calculated wordplay. He considers himself a wordsmith and by reading his work, I can see why. His unusual way with words is a site you must see and experience for yourself. He boasts that everything you read of his will help you in some way and frankly, it does. Cinique is a motivator - a bona fide established guru and he'll inspire you to bring out the best in yourself; he is the Aesop of our time. He is a self published author writing several short stories, articles, essays and books. He is a spiritual man who volunteers his time with youth, charitable organizations and several other areas. He is well loved and respected in the international community as well. Cinique is an expert on love and relationships and gives valuable advice on the website: Advice.LoveDetour.com. He served in the armed forces and became a disabled veteran over 12 years ago; an abled husband over 13. He has a Business Degree and is an entrepreneur at heart. Cinique’s enchanting words are as goads and nails, assembled by a master of assemblies; a workman worthy of his reward.

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