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All Her Secrets

All Her Secrets

3.8 6
by Kate Avery Ellison

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Nothing is as it seems in this psychological YA thriller set in a not-too-distant future sure to appeal to fans of The Girl on the Train, Luckiest Girl Alive, and We Were Liars.


Eighteen-year-old Victoria, the daughter of inventor and visionary-genius Bill Faraday, was almost murdered by a stranger four years ago. She's been


Nothing is as it seems in this psychological YA thriller set in a not-too-distant future sure to appeal to fans of The Girl on the Train, Luckiest Girl Alive, and We Were Liars.


Eighteen-year-old Victoria, the daughter of inventor and visionary-genius Bill Faraday, was almost murdered by a stranger four years ago. She's been trying to forget the incident ever since.

When Victoria discovers something that might explain why she was brutally attacked, she heads home from college to uncover the truth. Then, she's kidnapped.


Sam's just a poor kid from Toivo, a failed utopian experiment, but he knows who Victoria is as soon as his cousin Craig drags her from the trees. He doesn't want anything to do with what appears to be a revenge kidnapping, but Craig has a gun and needs someone to take the fall if things go wrong.


Craig and his buddies imprison Sam and Victoria in an abandoned mountain cabin to await ransom. Putting aside mistrust for tentative friendship, Victoria and Sam conspire to escape together, and the close quarters ignite a startling attraction between them. Then they discover strange tunnels beneath the cabin. And what they find inside the tunnels proves more bizarre.

With a plan in place to escape, freedom seems within reach. But Sam and Victoria are both keeping secrets about their past.

And secrets can be deadly.

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Kate Avery Ellison
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Meet the Author

Kate Avery Ellison decided she wanted to be an author when she was five years old, and with hard work, determination, and the support of loved ones along the way, her dreams of telling stories for a living came true in 2011 with her first novel, The Curse Girl, and continued with her Amazon bestselling series The Frost Chronicles and numerous other fantasy and science fiction novels. She loves putting a dash of mystery in everything she writes, an ode to her childhood spent reading Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, and Sherlock Holmes, and she can’t resist adding a good twist in the story wherever she can.

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All Her Secrets 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
KittyKat4 7 months ago
*This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review* *Actual rating 3.5/5* I enjoyed the start of this book and the surprising ending. Parts of the book were a bit confusing due o the need for more world building or more detailed explanation. While I think the author withheld some details to make the ending more surprising and unexpected, some parts of the book weer really confusing and this made the book less enjoyable. I liked both of the main characters Victoria and Sam but didn't like Craig's girlfriend as her personality seemed to be all over the place especially towards the end of the book. Her character also didn't seem to be distinct from Victoria's and didn't resonate with me. Overall, this was an enjoyable read with a great plot twist however it did lack some world and character building or depth.
fallxnrobin 9 months ago
This book has quite a few surprises in store. I had initially thought that it was a contemporary romance (maybe with some drama or suspense), so the sci-fi elements were a pleasant surprise to me. Plus, that ending was one huge plot twist. It’s like “so you think you know everything by now? WELL YOU’RE WRONG.” I’m honestly giving one star to the ending alone. Speaking of sci-fi elements, who doesn’t love a morbid vision of the future? ALL HER SECRETS features a city called Toivo, which was supposed to be a symbol of hope for the working population, but has now been completely ruined by a corrupt leader and the introduction of robots. It was created to test a utopian idea for community and growth where residents would have everything they needed to live a simple healthy, happy life. But there was a new leader, who slashed the city’s budget and now it’s residents live on barely enough money to survive. This is hauntingly reflective of the world we live. How many times have you heard about projects that started with good intentions but went downhill due to corrupt leaders? However, this book focused more on the robots. I guess it’s easier to hate on something that isn’t human. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Victoria and Sam were, well, okay characters. They aren’t annoying or dislikeable but I didn’t really care much for them either. The moment one reads the summary, it’s pretty obvious they would fall in love with each other, but their relationship was smooth sailing. Sam, despite living in Toivo and experiencing the effects of the robots’ introduction daily, does not hold any anonymity towards Victoria’s father and all who hold his last name. Basically, he doesn’t hate Victoria at all, and so he was willing to help Victoria escape when they were both trapped in the cabin. While it is important that they depend on each other during their time in the cabin, I would rather that there be some conflict between them at the start but they manage to work it out with time. Instead, we got bland scenes where they simply exchanged stories with each other. I never knew that the length of chapters in a book could ruin my enjoyment of it. Well, now I do. “SAM When I get off work, I discover my bike has been vandalized. Tires slashed, handles hacked, spokes bent. I can’t ride it, so I walk the three miles home. I have a pretty good idea who did this.” This, guys, is a legit chapter from the book. A full chapter. While reading this, I just felt really disjointed. It’s like “I really want to stick to this alternating POV thing but there’s nothing interesting going on with this character right now so here’s a short peek of what he/she’s currently doing.” I wouldn’t mind this as much if both POVs were two distinct voices, but I could barely tell the difference between Victoria’s POV and Sam’s POV. Overall, this was a decent quick read that had enough mystery to keep my interest but could do better with longer chapters, more insight into the issues mentioned in it (i.e. corrupt leaders), and more conflict between Victoria and Sam.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Thank you to NetGalley, Barclay Publicity, and Kate Avery Ellison for the free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I feel a bit conflicted about this book. On the one hand, I enjoyed the concept of this book and fell it had a great outlying plot. I liked the world building, I liked the characters, and I liked the mystery. On the other, the book is so short that the story ends right when it gets going. Throw in a forced love story that's just there for the sake of being a love story and you've got a good, but not great, book. The world building and plot were great. Dystopian future with robots everywhere? Awesome. A main character whose father is the Steve Jobs of robots? Great! A kidnapping scheme? Cool, makes sense! A boy from the wrong side of the tracks getting sucked into the mix? Yeah, I dig it. Then things get kind of...sloppy. I liked the first 60% of the book (although the alternating points of view almost lost me at the beginning--the viewpoints were switching too frequently; what was 10 chapters could easily have been 5 if condensed properly; something that continued throughout the book, but not so egregiously as in the first 25%). The suspense and mystery were there and on point. Then things started to drag; the kidnappers didn't seem to know where they were going with their scheme, the main characters were stuck with no way out...until suddenly and miraculously they found a way out. And then the love story happened. I found it very contrived and cliched, although shoutout to the Sam, the main male character, for suggesting that Victoria, the main female character, had Stockholm Syndrome--that explanation would've made perfect sense! I wish that this book had been longer. Just when things were getting nice and meaty, it just kind of...ended. I would've loved to have seen more of the "after," as the short epilogue we got wasn't enough for me. This wasn't a bad book by any means, but it isn't wasn't one that I'll be aching to re-read or likely recommend to friends. Kate Ellison should be proud of the world she built, because it was wicked cool--if a sequel comes out expanding upon the world, I'd definitely consider picking it up, but other than that, I doubt this book will garner anything other than a passing thought of "oh yeah, I read that," from me in the future.
KourtniReads 9 months ago
I received an ARC as part of my participation in Barclay Publicity's blog tour. The review was originally posted on my blog (kourtnireads.wordpress.com). Every once in awhile I get really in the mood for a particular genre, usually one that I haven’t really read or at least haven’t read in a long time. Recently I’ve been going through this with thrillers. So when Barclay Publicity announced that they’d be doing a blog tour for a new YA psychological thriller, I jumped at the chance to join. There are many things that I liked about All Her Secrets. All of the characters in this story are complex, intriguing, and have you constantly guessing about what to expect from them. Some characters you’re not sure whether you can trust them or what their motives are. Other characters have you thinking that you know about them, but they end up having some secrets and throwing you off. This is typical of thrillers, yes, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less entertaining to read about. All Her Secrets is told in dual POV, alternating between Sam and Victoria. I really liked both of their perspectives and I think both brought something to the story that was meaningful and interesting and would have been nearly impossible to see without the inclusion of both points of view. I also really enjoyed seeing Sam and Victoria struggling to decide whether or not it was okay to let their guard down around each other and find a support system with each other or whether they needed to keep to themselves. Seeing them sort through the complexities of their situation was incredibly fascinating. There are some sci-fi elements to this story which, although not the main focus, are a big driving factor behind the plot and quite interesting to read about. Victoria’s dad has invented these incredibly complex and impressive robots and while many people love the inventions, they’ve also caused a lot of controversy and resentment as they become very human-like and begin to replace people in their jobs, leaving many people in the area unemployed. This book is incredibly suspenseful as well. Obviously, this is what you’d expect from a thriller but hey, just because you’d expect it doesn’t necessarily mean you’d get it.
Alliesopinions 11 months ago
“All Her Secrets” begins with the memory of a rather horrible event in Victoria’s life. Her paranoia from this near death experience sets the tone for the rest of the novel. Things are tense from front cover to back. Victoria may appear to have it all with her high profile family and luxurious life but, her father is well hated by the populace. His inventions have destroyed a town and the lives of many within it. Everything that happens next is one twist after another until finally all is revealed. Some of the twists are a bit predictable but others will completely blow you away. Most I never saw coming. I was thoroughly entertained. The world this book illustrates is the fruition of what many scientists and civilians have speculated on for decades. When factories become automated there was public outcry for the prospective loss of jobs. This story is in many ways that fear brought to life in vivid detail. It was interesting to see the world through those eyes. Victoria is a very likable character. Though she is rich and well connected her life is far from carefree and I feel like this brought the reader closer to her as the main character. Her humility and depth added yards of realism to the story. People are layered and I enjoy when authors understand an implement that philosophy. This was one heck of a Scifi book. I hope to see more from this author in the future. To see my full review for this title and many others, check out my blog AlliesOpinions on Wordpress!
Liberty_Ann_Ireland 11 months ago
All Her Secrets is a YA psychological thriller set for release in late October. While Thrillers and Dystopian are not usually my thing, the beautiful cover art and the blurb drew me in and made me want to read it. I anticipated some suspense, some danger and a little romance on the side. What I got was a whole different kettle of fish! This was a seriously thought provoking book mainly having to do with the ethics and reasoning related to various social topics for their time. And as it was the ‘not-so-distant’ future, it was like a suit that you could step into but you never get to fit just right. There was always that smidgen of discomfort… and maybe that is a good thing. I don’t know. I do know that Ms. Ellison did fill All Her Secrets with plenty of twists so I was kept on the edge of my seat the entire time. She wrote characters who were polar – you either loved them or you hated them without much in between. Victoria and Sam were the loveable kind. Sam could see where he’d gone wrong early on and worked toward helping Victoria. Victoria was pretty much an open book and easy to love. Sadly I cannot say as much for Craig. I was a little frustrated that it seemed Ms. Ellison wrote the characters behavior as if a lot of time passed but as though the characters themselves did not. Victoria and Sam apparently fell in love but we really do not know that much about Victoria and even less about Sam himself. All in all, this was a good book that made me think. It was a quick and easy read and as a stand-alone novel, there are no worries about trying to connect the missing links. I think if you like reading about issues in society, as well as reading books that are in the shallow end of the dystopian pond, you will enjoy reading Kate Avery Ellison’s All Her Secrets. ****4 Stars**** Thank you to NetGalley, Barclay Publicity, and Kate Avery Ellison for the free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.