All I Want for Christmas Is a Tax Increase

All I Want for Christmas Is a Tax Increase

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by Capitol Steps

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Capitol Steps


  1. It's Time for Killin' Barney  -  Capitol Steps
  2. Dumber Boy  -  Capitol Steps
  3. Let Perot  -  Capitol Steps
  4. We Need a Little Christophe  -  Capitol Steps
  5. Check My Calls from Wood of Holly  -  Capitol Steps
  6. All We Got for Christmas Is a Tax Increase  -  Capitol Steps
  7. O Fax Machine (O This P.C.)  -  Capitol Steps
  8. Doctor Bills  -  Capitol Steps
  9. It's Beginning to Look Like Warren Christopher  -  Capitol Steps
  10. Gun Nuts Boasting They Can Open Fire  -  Capitol Steps
  11. Why's Madonna Kissing Santa Claus?  -  Capitol Steps
  12. Don't Ask, Don't Tell  -  Capitol Steps
  13. The Twelve Days of Clinton  -  Capitol Steps
  14. Jingo All the Way  -  Capitol Steps
  15. Santa Claus's Budget Is Down  -  Capitol Steps
  16. Here Come Democrats  -  Capitol Steps
  17. Do You Feel What I Feel?  -  Capitol Steps
  18. Puh-Leeze, Navy Dad  -  Capitol Steps
  19. Ozone Has a Hole on High  -  Capitol Steps
  20. Golly, Stephanopoulos  -  Capitol Steps
  21. Mommy's Spoiled Child  -  Capitol Steps
  22. George Is Home This Christmas  -  Capitol Steps
  23. Clinton Blunderland  -  Capitol Steps
  24. Over the River, They Cut the Woods  -  Capitol Steps
  25. Now CBS Has Letterman  -  Capitol Steps
  26. Rosty, the Chairman  -  Capitol Steps
  27. Whose Child Was This?  -  Capitol Steps
  28. Here We Go A-Lobbying  -  Capitol Steps
  29. Good Thing Princess Di  -  Capitol Steps
  30. Have Yourself a Verry Little Christmas  -  Capitol Steps
  31. O Little Rock of Arkansas (O Come Bilibobum)  -  Capitol Steps
  32. Can't Wish You a Merry Christmas  -  Capitol Steps

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Capitol Steps   Primary Artist,Band
Richard Paul   Vocals
Dave Gencarelli   Vocals
Jim Aidala   Vocals
Bo Ayars   Vocals
Bill Strauss   Vocals
Elaina Newport   Vocals
Mike Loomis   Vocals
Mike Tilford   Vocals
Ann Schmitt   Vocals
Dave Werner   Vocals
Brian Ash   Vocals
Bari Biern   Vocals
Mike Carruthers   Vocals
Mark Eaton   Vocals
Brad Van Grack   Vocals
Amy Felices Young   Vocals
Ann Johnson   Vocals
Anne Willis Hill   Vocals
Janet Davidson Gordon   Vocals

Technical Credits

Gene Autry   Composer
Mel Tormé   Composer
Tom Clancy   Quotes Researched & Compiled
Jerry Herman   Composer
J. Fred Coots   Composer
Ray Evans   Composer
Dave Goodermuth   Engineer
Hugh Martin   Composer
E.H. Morris   Composer
Henry Onorati   Composer
Bernard Shaw   Quotes Researched & Compiled
S. Nelson   Composer
R. Wells   Composer
Ron Larson   Technical Staff
R.J. Matson   Illustrations,Cover Art,Caricatures
Bo Ayars   Arranger
Bill Strauss   Director,Lyricist
Elaina Newport   Lyricist,Producer,Audio Production
George H.W. Bush   Quotes Researched & Compiled
Ralph Blane   Composer
Harry Simone   Composer
Jester Hairston   Composer
Larry King   Quotes Researched & Compiled
Traditional   Composer
Oakley Haldeman   Composer
Gore   Quotes Researched & Compiled

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