All in! 10 Years of Poker Flat

All in! 10 Years of Poker Flat


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Poker Flat


Disc 1

  1. My Chihuahua Bites  - Steve Bug
  2. A Beautiful Place  -  Märtini Brös
  3. Dancing to the Dark  - David Durango
  4. Float  - Patrick Chardronnet
  5. Species  -  Burnski
  6. Moon 15  -  Clé
  7. The Highlander  - Gamal Kabar
  8. Telling  - Sycophant Slags
  9. Nadel und Zwirn  - Florian Schirmacher
  10. M Track 5  -  John Tejada & Arian Leviste

Disc 2

  1. Move with Me  - David Durango
  2. Down the Sky  - Ryo Murakami
  3. After Dark  - DJ T.
  4. The Phantom Image  -  Vincenzo
  5. House of God  -  D.H.S.
  6. Christmas Tree  -  Raudive
  7. In the Mist  - Sydenham Argy
  8. Nomads  -  Clé
  9. Phosphenes  - Simon Flower
  10. Hello, I Must Be Going  - Donnacha Costello

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Richard West   Composer,Producer
Ian Pooley   Composer,Producer
Steve Bug   Composer,Producer
Ben Stokes   Composer,Producer
Jerome Sydenham   Composer,Producer
Donnacha Costello   Composer,Producer
Oliver Ho   Composer,Producer
Guido Schneider   Composer,Producer
John Tejada   Composer,Producer
Michael Cleveland   Producer
Arian Leviste   Composer,Producer
Matthias Tanzmann   Producer
Florian Schirmacher   Composer,Producer
Vincenzo Ragone   Composer,Producer
Mike Vamp   Composer,Producer
Thomas Koch   Composer,Producer
Patrick Chardronnet   Composer,Producer
Simon Flower   Composer,Producer
Ryo Murakami   Composer,Producer
James Burnham   Composer,Producer
David Durango   Composer,Producer
Argyris Theofilis   Composer,Producer

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