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All Keyed Up

All Keyed Up

4.1 10
by Mary Stella

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When dreams collide and passion storms, it's no wonder everybody's All Keyed Up. In this humorous, sassy, contemporary romance, undercover agent Jack Benton is on a mission to save his beloved aunt's failing dolphin facility in the Florida Keys. He's positive he can close a big land development deal, but Aunt Ruby accepts the research proposal of world-renowned


When dreams collide and passion storms, it's no wonder everybody's All Keyed Up. In this humorous, sassy, contemporary romance, undercover agent Jack Benton is on a mission to save his beloved aunt's failing dolphin facility in the Florida Keys. He's positive he can close a big land development deal, but Aunt Ruby accepts the research proposal of world-renowned marine mammal scientist Dr. Vic Sheffield. Against his better judgment, Jack must cooperate with the project or break Ruby's heart.
More than the temperature heats up when Dr. Victoria Sheffield finesses her way into Dolphin Land under the guise of her famous father's name, hoping to finally establish herself as a top notch researcher. A lifetime of behavioral observation hasn't prepared her for a suspicious, sexy homo-sapien like Jack. She'll need every point of her elevated I.Q. to out-wit this wily alpha male. He knows she's hiding something and not only his suspicions are aroused by the beautiful brainiac.

Editorial Reviews

Sara Sawyer
Four and a half Hearts! "This is an excellent story. It is filled with emotion, poignancy, interesting dolphin facts and humor... and even a little bit of intrique. Definitely a recommended read!"
Ashley Stout
"With light humor, sexy romance, witty dialogue, and a clever plot, Mary Stella has certainly created a one-of-a-kind, fantastic book. ALL KEYED UP is a story I most definitely recommend to everyone. If her next books are anything like this one, this is sure to be an author to watch."

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Mary Stella
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Meet the Author

A fan of romance novels since her college years, Mary Stella achieved a lifelong dream when her debut novel, All Keyed Up, was published by an independent publisher. She loves exploring the twists and turns that two people encounter as they're falling in love. If she can make her readers laugh along the way, so much the better! She sets her books in the Florida Keys, where the people are fun and fascinating, and the islands are inspiring in their beauty.

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All Keyed Up 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I hate reading books that can't even capture my imagination long enough to finish the book....and this is one of those books. The characters lack depth and development. Very stereotypical and boring. Disappointing.
meghanbartram More than 1 year ago
Went a little slow for my taste but a cute story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NanLeigh More than 1 year ago
Mary Stella's All Keyed Up kept me up a good bit of the night reading! What a treat! She brought the Florida Keys to life, obviously has done her research about dolphins and marine research, and has created a fun world in Dolphin Land. Characters Jack, a DEA agent recovering from injuries sustained in a drug bust, Dr. Victoria, a marine biologist running away from an overbearing father and a broken engagement, and Ruby, the owner of a falling-apart dolphin facility in Key West are all engaging. You root for everyone, even the dolphins, as Victoria and Jack fight, fall in love, then work together to save Dolphin Land. Enjoy! Enjoy!
Guest More than 1 year ago
All Keyed Up is a book that is set in the Florida Keys. Jack Benton is an DEA undercover agent who is on medical leave for an injury. Where better to recuperate than to go home to his Aunt Ruby Maguire who raised him and Dolphin Land which she owns. Jack intends tosell the dilapidated facility to a land developer, but his Aunt has other ideas. The arrival of Dr. Vic (Victoria) Sheffield, who his Aunt has agreed to let conduct a research, derails all his plans. In order not to hurt his Aunt, Jack must co-operate with Victoria, who has falsely presented herself as her famous father, as far as Jack is concerned and he is sure that she has alterative motives and harbouring a secret. Who better to get to the bottom of it all than an undercover agent. It is fun to see these two, who are attracted to one another fall in love and how Jack does his best for her in exposing her ex-fiancée for what he is. In the end love changes Jack and Victoria's thoughts about what is really important. Something Aunt Ruby has known all along. This books characters, storyline and setting all work to make this a delightful read and shows that Mary Stellar is an talented writer, who leaves you looking forward to hearing more from her.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ms. Stella has penned a fun and light hearted read, which was a pure pleasure to read. Fun characters, and storyline made this a quick 'Perfect for Anytime' read. Dr. Victoria Sheffield is ready to put the past behind her and put her own mark of the study of bottle-nosed dolphins after her ex steals her last project. She decides her best bet will be an unkown dolphin facility located in the Florida Keys. Armed with her strength and conviction, not to mention her own personal trust fund she sets out to prove her dreams. What she doesn't count on is her very real and human reaction to Aunt Ruby's nephew Jack. He's the cause of more heat then the hot Florida sun and perhaps more trouble then Victoria can handle. Jack is recovering from a very serious injury he received while working undercover for the DEA. He can't believe that his sweet Aunt Ruby has excepted a proposal of a marine mammal scientist as a way of fixing their dolphin facility. He promises that he's going to keep a close eye on Victoria the doctor. He can tell that the pretty Victoria is hiding something and he plans on finding out what exactly. What he dosen't count on is how the pretty little doctor makes him feel. It's not long before Jack finds out what Victoria is hiding and in turns finds himself working hard to foil the person that is hard at work trying to de-rail her project. Togther they find that what they thought was important may not be so important after all. Perhaps love can change the way they look at things. This was a fun read. The setting, topic, and characters all worked well together. The secondary characters such as Aunt Ruby, and lets not forget the dolphin 'gang' are just as important to the storyline as Jack and Victoria. Ms. Stella is a very talented author and one that I look forward to reading again soon. I highly recommend this read!
Guest More than 1 year ago
All Keyed Up is a book you can't put down! I started it on the beach and had to finish it when I got home. The characters had grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go until I finished the book in the wee hours of the morning!!! I can't believe this is a debut book!!! I hope Mary Stella's next book will be out soon and that we'll get to visit Aunt Ruby and the dolphins again!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Severely injured on the job, DEA Undercover Agent Jack Benton is on medical leave recuperating at Dolphin Land in the Florida Keys. His beloved Aunt Ruby Maguire, a widow of six months, owns the dilapidated facility that Jack wants to sell to developers so the woman who raised him could live a pampered life. Ruby refuses to sell because the six dolphins who reside in the lagoon are family to her. Instead she agrees to allow Delphind Prize winner Dr. Vic Sheffield to conduct research here....................................... Vic is actually Victoria as she uses her ailing father¿s name to research the cooperative communication between Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Victoria and Jack are attracted to one another, but he remains suspicious of her motives though he finds her energy quite exhilarating. As her research takes focus and she falls in love with Jack, his aunt, and the sextet of dolphins, Victoria has money problems and worse her ex is trying to blackmail his way onto her study; he stole her work on their so-called collaborative efforts. Jack will do anything including give up undercover work and stop a sleazy rat when it comes to his Vic................................ Though the ex has no redeeming qualities and one must wonder about academic ethics with what he got away with, fans will feel ALL KEYED UP for more works by this author after reading this stellar tale. The contemporary romantic story line contains a fine lead couple and his nice aunt (think Mayberry¿s Bee), but the audience will treasure the moments when Scarlett, Rhett, Melly, Ashley, Robin Hood, and Marian co-star with the human trio............................... Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
All Keyed Up is not only a romance but a book that actually tells it like it is in the Florida Keys. For those of you who have been to the Keys, it'll feel like old home week - with a heartthrob thrown in for good measure. Dialogue is crisp and characters are warm. Minor characters - especially the aunt - are right on and you'll wish you had one as understanding as her.