All Music: Essays on the Hermeneutics of Music

All Music: Essays on the Hermeneutics of Music

by Fabio B. Dasilva

ISBN-10: 1859723608

ISBN-13: 9781859723609

Pub. Date: 11/28/1996

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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Avebury Series in Philosophy
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Table of Contents

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1Introduction: On the hermeneutics of music1
2Music, communication and the "world": An orchestration of Georg Simmel's The Ruin41
3The social process of opera: Reflections occasioned by the centenary of Falstaff81
4Alexander Scriabin and the question of being101
5Typification, transcendence, and critique: On the social construction of New Age music117
6Rock and roll, religion and the deconstruction of American values133
7Art versus evangelism: The tensions of contemporary Christian music149
8War at 33 1/3: Exploring hip-hop (rap) music167
9The hermeneutics of popular song: Popular music as text of culture and intergroup politics191
10When the music plays you: Cultural revolt and expression in Santana231

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